How to Disinfect Schools with Electrostatic Spray?

As the kids are the number one concern when it ones to sanitization. When it’s the flu and cold season or COVID-19 pandemic outbreak school administrators looking for disinfecting companies to reduce the germs or bacteria to eliminate the cause of illness. By analyzing the concern of kids LuxUVC comes up with the electrostatic cleaning technology. 

A whole world is suffering from the worst flu; the school management is searching out several ways to keep students and staff healthy. Because if a student misses the school due to illness revenue is lost from attendance based reimbursements and the student will also fall in academics. Whereas, if the staff got infected by any flu the substitutes are needed which leads to high cost.

Electrostatic Spray
Electrostatic Spray

Most of you have a question what is electrostatic cleaning or electrostatic sprayer? The electrostatic sprayer which commonly known as E-Spray is the best effort that comes into disinfecting the areas that are affected by COVID-19 or other viruses, that lead to eliminating the contagious illnesses from the schools. There are some harboring germs present on the surfaces which usually get missed because of the complex in shape or maybe hard-to-reach. The same applies to the students it’s easy to spray the disinfectant and clean the desk or top surface but difficult to clean the underside, seat, arms, legs, rails of the desk. These are the places where pathogens can accumulate.

Cleaning staff widely use the electrostatic sprayer to envelop the large area. Where traditional methods take a substantial amount of time.  The E-Spray is a spray system that contains disinfectant spray droplets. Ones these droplets spray out on the surface they attracted similar to opposite poles of a magnet attached to the metal. The battery-powered electrostatic sprayer can uniformly cover the most contiguous areas in less time.

How To Keep Your Space Hygiene With Thorough Cleaning?

The electrostatic cleaning or electrostatic sprayer is majorly used to control the spread of infection. But following the basic hygiene routine can help the infection control so that school kids can fight against the critical components for further life:

1) Put the hand sanitizers at the place where the water and soap are not available.

2) Stimulate flu vaccinations.

3) Boost good hygiene and hand wash habits in students, especially when they use the bathroom.

4) Gives leaves to sick students and teachers. Until they properly get well.

5) Hire the disinfectant company during the flu and cold season to eliminate the germs.

6) Provide the cleaning staff appropriate cleaning products and inform them to clean and disinfect the surfaces regularly.

7) Use the electrostatic spray to clean the whole school because of this COVID-19.

Disinfecting The School
Disinfecting The School

The Beneficial Areas, Where Electrostatic Spray Effects

Locker Room: The electrostatic spray disinfects the metal locker inside and outside as well as behind the toilets.

Gym: The gym is the area that has more bacteria due to sweating. The electrostatic spray inactive the germs on wrestling mats- prevent cases of MRSA and ringworm.

School Buses: So many students with different viruses sit in the school bus, spraying the droplets of electrostatic spray on seats and rails disinfect the viruses.

Weight Room: Electrostatic spray also very helpful in inactive weight machines, fitness equipment, and barbells.

For Instance: The electrostatic spray is very useful to farmers. The farmers use this spray to protect their crops from disease and insects. The electrostatic spray act as pesticides, it also repair the underside of the leaves which is not treated well by other ordinary sprays along with this the E-Spray have wide coverage area which allows less use of pesticides. Typically, the electrostatic spray uses less liquid ( 40-70%) to cover per square foot, which implies the spray has wide coverage with minimum overspray. 

Working Of Electrostatic Spray

May that be a homeowner or school administrator everybody has the question of how does an electrostatic sprayer work, so the answer of the widely asked question is presented in steps: 

1) The electrostatic spray is an electrically charged battery device.

2) It is used to appropriate sanitize, mold, preventatives, and inactive the surfaces with finely coated droplets for more complete cleaning.

3) The electrostatic spray has chemicals that give a positive electrical charge.

4) The electrostatic droplets attract towards the negative surfaces, and our LuxUVC agent covers the underside and backside, visible area. 

5) The surfaces which have fewer germs a few droplets drizzle on that surface are extremely efficient.

What Are The Benefits And Power Source Of Electrostatic Spray?

The areas of benefits where the electrostatic spray can be used to disinfect are as follows:

1) Senior Living

2) Fitness Centres

3) Health Care

4) Early Childhood Education ( kindergarten)

5) Universities

6) Food Service

7) K-12 Education

Taking power sources into consideration the electrostatic spray requires the power to charge liquid particles and targets the contaminated objects. Some people use electrostatic spray which requires 120V wall outlets and some use rechargeable lithiumion batteries. 

The LuxUVC sold electrostatic spray by authorized distributors. To learn more you can visit the LuxUVC website. 

How Electrostatic Spray Helps?

The electrostatic spray shut down the germs before it happens. As the schools or universities have more footfall of students who are future of the nation and these places have more germs on their surfaces which can only be eliminated by electrostatic spray. Because it is an ideal tool to cover large areas such as hospital rooms, buses, offices, school rooms, gyms, and institutional kitchens. The E-spray reduce the germs that cause MRSA, common cold and flu, E coil from school and community areas.

The advantages of electrostatic spray are discussed below

1)  Stop the infection as well as the viruses.

2) As the COVID-19 disease outbreaks the electrostatics spray removes the financial burden and reduces the product costs as it covers a large portion within less time.

3) It also eliminates the danger of overuse of pesticides.

4) Very effective to the most contaminated areas which can’t be properly treated by the traditional methods.

5) Comparing with traditional methods it eliminates the cost, time, and labor.

The Features Of Electrostatic Cleaning To Reduce The Impact Of COVID-19.

The electrostatic spray or electrostatic cleaning is very effective on COVID-19 then traditional methods.

1) The electrostatic spray drizzles the droplets of chemicals in the most controlled manner, efficient, and reduces the danger of overuse.

2) It improves the infection and stops the spread of HIV, MRSA, influenza, and many others.

3) The E-Spray is 50 percent more effective to disinfect the spray and hard-to-reach places compare to conventional methods. 

4) Reduce the cost burden from the contagious healthcare infections.

If you want absolutely spotless floors, desktops and walls then electrostatic spray is the best option to go with. And exactly the same options for the places which are hard-to-reach and equipment is highly trafficked then electrostatic spray r electrostatic cleaning is the inclusive way to vanish the dirt, bacteria, germs, viruses and other microorganisms.

Conclusion: As the pre-schools/schools/universities have the notorious breeding grounds of the bacteria that prove harmful for the students and staff. A low level of cleaning in these places contributes to increase the illness and cause infectious diseases.

Electrostatic Cleaning
Electrostatic Cleaning

LuxUVC comes up with electrostatic spray for proper cleaning and disinfection techniques and open to provide services to schools and other communities. 

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