How to Prevent Coronavirus by Disinfecting Your Home?

The coronavirus also known as COVID-19 that is spreading through germs that causes cold and flu is becoming more and more of a concern for which experts are taking steps to keep your home free of germs that not only prevents illness but also prevents it from spreading to someone who is already sick. Mainly, the coronavirus gets transmitted from an infected person when he sneezes, coughs, or produces respiratory droplets then it can affect the person who is nearby and within 4-5 feet. However, If you are looking for the ways to eliminate such infections then wash your hands frequently and disinfect all your household accessories, surfaces, and mobiles regularly to prevent its spread. So, there are various steps that you need to follow including practicing basic hygiene for corona clean up and using disinfectants to protect your family from getting sick.

Clean your Hands
Clean your Hands 

Wash your hands

It is recommended to wash your hands effectively with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and for extra precaution you can also use sanitizers that contain 60 percent of alcohol. When you wash your hands or disinfect them frequently then these can help to prevent COVID-19 from surviving and spreading.

Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth

People have the habit to touch their faces more often but they are not aware that viruses and germs get transmitted through your mouth, nose, and eyes so you should avoid touching them. It mainly happens when you touch the surfaces throughout the day and it is not possible to avoid that your hands do not pick up germs and viruses so it is essential to wash them frequently to avoid any transmission. 

Clean and disinfect surfaces more often

For surface cleaning, you can use different approaches or corona clean up solutions to prevent the spread of the virus. You can make your cleaning a most efficient cleaning process or a corona clean up solution that can kill germs and it also works as a disinfectant for the kitchen, bathrooms, and your home surfaces. 

Disinfect the right way

Before disinfecting, it is essential to clean up dirt or grime on the surface to get the reliable protection from your disinfectant so you can follow the guidelines for the disinfectant to eliminate the germs. All disinfectants need some amount of time on surfaces if you want them to work effectively, while some disinfectants take up to 5 – 10 minutes for killing germs and viruses. It means it would help if you will keep the surfaces wet with the disinfectants for a few minutes and even if they get dry you can reuse the disinfectants if you want them to work efficiently as it is the only way that you can use to stay safe from the viruses and germs. Furthermore, it is essential to pay more attention to the areas that are used commonly and these include cell phones, door handles, switches, and toilet flush as everyone uses them more often. Since it is not certain that longevity of the coronavirus is on the surface so you should disinfect the surfaces more often.

Disinfect the Surface
Disinfect the Surface

Use home appliances for Corona clean up

Some washing machines are available with sanitizing or steam settings so you can use these settings along with the detergent, bleach, and any other disinfectant to kill germs. If you are drying laundry on a dryer’s hot cycle for 45 minutes then it is also an effective way to fight against germs or viruses so you should follow the safety instructions to get rid of harmful viruses. Household air purifiers can help you with the cleaning process but you should not replace them with a thorough cleaning and sanitizing as they have different functions and working. Some purifiers use ultraviolet light, which is the most efficient way to kill germs and its effectiveness; can vary according to the models. However, some air purifiers and air filters advertise their effectiveness to kill viruses, bacteria, and common germs, but these do not work effectively as the corona clean up disinfection solutions do.

Use a disinfecting routine to get rid of coronavirus

Daily disinfecting 

It is recommended to use disinfectants daily to prevent coronavirus so you should use the corona clean up solutions that can provide the most relevant help for cleaning and disinfecting your house. 

In the kitchen

  • You need to regularly clean and disinfect the mostly used countertops, sink hardware, cabinet pulls, appliances handles, and cutting boards where there are more chances of having germs or viruses.
  • Use a reliable dishcloth that can help you with the washing on a hot cycle and don’t forget to replace your towels as well as dishcloths regularly. 
  • Mainly, the spills are the main causes of attracting more dirt and bacteria so you should clean them more often for deep cleaning.
  • Empty your wastebaskets and take out the garbage regularly that are also the causes of the spread of viruses or flu so you should disinfect those trash cans regularly. 

In the bathroom

  • You should clean and disinfect the bathroom faucet as well as handles that are the home to the bacteria and germs as well as among the more often touched surfaces. 
  • Regularly empty your baskets and disinfect them more often to prevent any spread of infection. 
  • Use disinfectants or sanitizing sprays or wipes to clean the toilet and flush handles to avoid the unnecessary spread of viruses.
  • Avoid using bath towels or clothes more than once if you want to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs as these can make you fall ill more often. 

Weekly disinfecting 

If you want to stop the growth of viruses or germs in your home you should also follow the weekly corona cleanup plan-

Clean your belongings
Clean your belongings

In the kitchen

  • Regularly wash kitchen sink strainers in the dishwashers that are the spots of bacteria growth. 
  • Don’t avoid washing or removing the oven and range knobs that can also cause severe problems. 
  • Always keep your sinks clean and sanitized.

In the bathroom

  • Remove all your toothbrushes to disinfect them and thoroughly wash the toothbrush holder and if they are dishwasher safe, you can wash them with your dishes. 
  • Always clean and disinfect your bathtub and shower which also include your doors as well as handles and in case your shower curtain is machine washer don’t wait to put it in the washer to clean them frequently. 

Other rooms

  • After every week, wash your bedding in hot water and avoid shaking your blankets as well as sheets before washing them as these are the most reliable ways to spread dust as well as germs. 
  • Thoroughly do mopping on the hard surfaces and vacuum your carpets to remove unnecessary stains or dirt. 
  • Disinfect your computer keyboards and mice, switches, cell phones, and remote controls but make sure that all of your electronics are powered off before cleaning or disinfecting as these can cause severe damages if left turned on.

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