Enhancing the Retail Experience to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

With the continuing boom of e-commerce, increasing popularity of same-day delivery, and ongoing growth of imported goods, it’s tough for brick-and-mortar retailers to compete with their online counterparts. You can’t undercut prices from companies without the overhead of a storefront or who are offering cheaper products – and since delivery is getting faster and faster, it’s getting harder to capture impulse shoppers as well. What’s the solution? Improve the purchasing experience to increase customer lifetime value.

Improving the Retail Experience

In recent years, the term “showrooming” has been coined. “Showrooming” is the practice of comparison shopping at retail locations to decide which product is most suitable – and then purchasing it online at a cheaper price, sometimes even from a smartphone while still in the store! Obviously, this is a really big problem for retailers because they are paying the overhead for a storefront and then losing the sale to a cheaper retailer. How can you combat this? Provide value-added services. Improve your return policy and consider offering layaway. And more importantly, make your store as appealing as possible. Position your location as a shopping experience, rather than just an outlet to buy a necessary object. Design displays to encourage browsing, perhaps even provide seating. Offer complimentary coffee or samples of new products. Of course, these are the oldest tricks in the book and have proven effective long before the internet became a threat – but now there’s a cutting-edge new option. Consider a cell phone charging station to encourage customers to linger, and serve some additional advertising. Cell phone charging stations provide an opportunity for you to increase customer dwell time while offering a service they will perceive as valuable – no one wants to have to rush home to recharge a cell phone while in the middle of running errands. And InCharged cell phone charging kiosks also offer premium advertising space, which you can use for yourself or sell to vendors to cover the cost of leasing a cell phone charging station.

Lease a Cell Phone Charging Station

Our charging stations arrive ready to plug in and use immediately. They provide multiple devices with the fastest, safest charge on the market while only using one standard wall socket. Our cell phone charging kiosks are made in the USA of the highest quality materials, including an HD display and charging tips that accommodate over 90% of smartphones. Contact us today to learn how you can increase foot traffic and consumer dwell time while strengthening your brand’s impression.

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