Are You Bringing a Robot To Your Next Trade Show?

Trade shows are organized for the companies with the motive to showcase their latest innovations, know about the competitors’ strategy, and examine the current trend of the markets and the available opportunities. These are the great ways with which companies can learn about their competitors and products while showcasing their products as it helps you to realize whether you are on the right track or have to catch up with the competitors. With the growth of technology, inventors are finding ways to use robots and various other devices(trade show booth ideas) that need human touch and here are some of the ways depicting how robots are being used at the events.

Robot outside trade show event for promo/advertising purposes

Robots for Events

Trade Show Booth Ideas

Delivering beverages

Nowadays, event organizers are using robots to deliver beverages to the guests when there is a possibility of having maximum attendees. Guests need to order for the drinks on their cell phones through the app and after receiving the message; the staff loads the serving on the drone to deliver them to the guests. When it is in the air, it uses the GPS to navigate the destination for delivering the drink to the waiting recipient. It makes things easier for the staff as well to deliver the drinks effectively to the attendees without any inconvenience and to enhance their experience.

Booth attendant

You can also make use of 3M that already has surprised guests with a holographic virtual presenter as it can see the people passing by and provide them the information regarding the panels. It is a great way to amaze the guests and inviting them to interact in the activities to enhance their overall experience in the event.

Mobile Telepresence

Nowadays, the new systems allow users to participate in the meetings and events even if they are afar with the mobile Telepresence. There is a device, MantaroBots Teleme that uses Apple or Android devices and allows users to connect to it with Skype or another video conferencing application, and you can control the movements from the desktop. With these robots, anyone who is off-site can engage in the event to explore the show floor effectively as the systems are equipped with sensors and laser-pointer devices.

Trade show entertainment

In spite of serving and engaging visitors, you can use robots for entertainment purposes to keep the audience engaged and interested. You can use these robots to greet the attendees and interact with them to know about their view-points regarding the trade shows.

Busy PATH station at World Trade Center

Trade Show Ideas

How to Create an Effective Trade Show Presence?

  • Give yourself some time to succeed

You should not think about the trade shows as only two or three days of exhibition, but you should fully maximize your efforts and time you spend on trade shows to reach your goal. You should effectively set your goals, select events, pre-show marketing, and after that you should evaluate everything to get positive results from your efforts. 

  • Don’t think about the growing use of technology

Most people think that social media, video conferencing and various other technologies will fade away the trade shows, as maybe people want to meet on these platforms instead of face to face interaction. However, trade shows are the most effective way to enhance the engagement of the audience and gain their trust as it is the live show that makes people more satisfied.

  • Take your audiences as your priority

You should not pressurize your contacts to visit your booth, only provide them a notice that you are participating in the trade show and use your pre-show marketing time more accurately. You should try to know about your audience, help them to understand that in what manner you are better, and use the strategies to enhance their experience.

  • Provide training to your team members

You should make your booth staff aware of your event, the purpose of participation, and how they can contribute towards the success. You should make specific strategies for the progress of the sales process so that you can achieve your goals effectively and accurately.

  • Embrace diversity in your trade show team

Trade show ideas include every aspect of the businesses, no matter what your passion is, so instead of including only the sales and marketing team members, you should invite professionals from various parts of your business to contribute to your trade show. The main motive of doing this is to match the on-site responsibilities with reliable strength and interests, as well as to provide the necessary training to fill the gaps.

  • Keep the audiences in mind while designing your booth

Your design elements help two audiences – the specific target audience and the team members as you should arrange everything in order to make it easier for the audience to know where they have to go while on the booth. The accurate design makes the customers satisfied and leaves them with a positive thought regarding your arrangements.

  • Follow the things promptly

After a trade show, various professionals wait for the response from the booth visitors but you are forgetting that if you do not utilize the time properly, then you are missing the opportunities to gain more visitors. The interested leads will wait for your response eagerly, while others will ignore your message till they find it convenient, so if you are giving priority to those who ignore your messages, by keeping the interested one waiting then there are chances that you will lose them as well.

  • Find the purpose in every networking opportunity

When you need someone at the trade shows, you can squeeze the value of the interaction as in the early morning you get the time to reflect on your career and to shape your legacy. You need to find the purpose of every networking opportunity to enhance your interaction with the guests present in your booth.

  • You need to approach each trade show differently

It is not easy to interact at various trade shows and it is even harder to contact the person as if they get frustrated they will surely block your number. You need to add the right event-specific strategies as various exhibitors try to compress their long-term trade shows into a few days, but it is essential to keep it favorable.

How Robots are the Next Big Thing in Marketing and Events

When people interact with the robots, it raises their curiosity and they find it interesting that makes the event original, fun, and engaging as it shows that your company is on the top of the new technology. Robots are a great way that can attract the attention of large audiences by enhancing your brand visibility and makes your event more innovative for visitors. With these trade show ideas, will never be the same as these effectively educates the audience and helps businesses with brand recognition, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

Girl holding hand of interactive robot

Robots – The next big thing in Events

  • Having robots at the trade show is the most effective strategy to enhance the engagement of the customers and attendees who are in your events as the robots boost up the interest of the attendees to interact with them, with which you can know about the needs of your audience.
  • Robots also help you with the marketing of brands and are a great way to leave a positive impact on the people as well as they can fit according to the culture of your company if programmed correctly.
  • Robots are also the most efficient ways to host the events as they are available with the autonomous display that has the Bluetooth speakers and can follow your instructions while going around the venue.
  • It helps the attendees to search for the presentation of the events and also becomes the host that provides directions and guidance with the reliable mapping.
  • They also have the cameras and interactive displays that provide great help to gather the customer information or create a database, as they can speed up the registration process during the conferences and trade shows.

Why should you host the trade show?

Trade shows have various benefits for the companies in the marketing world and here are the reasons why you should invest in the trade shows: 

Cost-effective – Trade shows provide budget friendly solutions to market the brand and sell the products, and you only need a simple booth, some technical accessories, and conventions that are inexpensive ways to get your brand on the market.

Target market – With the trade shows, you can attract the audiences that are highly interested in your products and it provides you with the greater benefits. No doubt, the event goes for a longer period but various interested clients come to your venue to learn about the product and services you offer.

New audiences – The targeted market mainly shows their interest in the new products as they travel to the trade shows to learn about new brands, new products, and new solutions for their lifestyles which is also a great opportunity to launch the recently developed product.

Facetime – Trade shows provide the opportunity to interact with your clients instead of communicating through cell phones and you can engage in real-time conversation that adds more of your company’s personality and enhances your images in a better way.

Builds relationships – When you interact with your clients and communicate with them effectively, it helps you to establish a direct and most effective relationship. It is valuable for the future also as it helps you to maintain the connection and gain the networks with other clients with which you can establish a client base through the business cards.

Sales lead – When you build new relationships and better connections with your clients, it opens up an opportunity for new sales leads as you will find the new market where there is a need for new products.

Small business benefits – Sometimes the smaller businesses in the larger companies face difficulty in establishing themselves in the marketplaces that allows them to enhance their reach and get an opportunity to meet various clients.

Year-round promotions – When you meet at the trade shows for once, it helps you to do year-round marketing as you get the opportunity to hand out the brochures and explain about the products that enhance the awareness of the customer about your company.

Giveaway opportunities – The most effective way to promote your brand is to give away your product or the products that your brand name on them. With this tactic, the customers can get a few of the belongings that can enhance the awareness of your company among the large audiences.

Direct selling – It is the biggest reason that the companies can market their products at the trade shows as it allows you to effectively interact with your product and clients to get reliable sales.

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