HTC Focuses on Improved Battery Life with HTC One M8

You must be satisfied with the features of your phone, but sometimes you want to make some changes to turn it into a better option. However, when it comes to hardware, there is not much that you can do but the software has a different story in which you can make changes to get the most out of the HTC One. In most of the cases, the phones quickly get discharged and these problems arise due to improper settings, and rogue programs. If you want the phones with the longest batteries then HTC One M8 is the reliable option for you and you can improve the battery life with the following tips:

Battery Life

Phones with the longest batteries

The sleep mode

The sleep mode feature on HTC One M8 is the thing that everyone wants to have on their Smartphone, as it saves a lot of battery. It automatically detects whether the phone is used or not for a longer period and automatically activates the sleep mode. With this, you can cut off all the data syncing to save more battery. You can enable this mode by going to settings > Power > Sleep Mode, there will be the present time by default when your phone will go to sleep, but you can configure the time manually according to the suitability.

The power-saving mode

Mostly, everyone knows about the power saving mode but they are not aware that it reduces the speed of CPU, the brightness of the display, and cut off your data services when you switch off the screen. Many of the people think they are not getting the accurate performance that they expect after enabling the power saving mode, but they are not aware of the reality. This mode saves a lot of battery without affecting the performance, and uses the resources accurately as well as put them to rest at the appropriate time.

Even if you are using the HTC One M8 whole day along with the data, and other things, their battery lasts 40% longer and will drain within a day under such situations.

Turn off the unnecessary features

With the unnecessary features, you show off your mobile phones but they are of no use if they are consuming more battery. If you have an M8 mobile, you are already a cool user so get rid of the extra features that are consuming the battery life. When you turn them off you don’t get huge results, but it will save your battery, and these little things can save your phone from dying. Besides, you should switch off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or mobile data when they are not in use.

Google Photos

If you use the Google photos app, you will be asked about the backups, and if you agree the backups will start performing while connected to Wi-Fi. However, if you do not want to upload the photos on the internet right away, you can turn on the “While Charge Only” that will save you a lot of battery. You need to go to the Google photos settings and then Auto backup.

Adjust BlinkFeed settings

HTC includes BlinkFeed that is a nifty way with which you can get the articles in which you are interested, but it can consume your battery and even your data. When you have BlinkFeed on your screen you need to swipe to the right and you will see three vertical dots for the menu – you need to select the settings, Auto-refresh, and then choose “Using Wi-Fi” or “Using Mobile Data.” If you don’t want BlinkFeed on your cell phone, you need to pinch your both fingers on the home screen tap and hold it to drag it to the trash.

Wi-Fi is normal, but Cellular can be Expensive

The cellular radio in your phone consumes more battery than the Wi-Fi radio as it preserves the battery life efficiently so you need to stick to it as often as you can. You need to update the apps only when Wi-Fi is there, so you need to go to the settings menu to select about and choose Updates for the software. Make sure before starting with anything you should check the box for the “Updates over Wi-Fi only” option.

Tips to get better battery life out of your HTC One M8

Nowadays, battery life is the biggest issue that the modern Smartphone users face, as everyone uses their phones for different purposes. You mainly keep your cell phone fully charged or carry a battery pack or the battery case to enhance the battery life. Besides, there are some tips that you can follow to ensure the longevity of your phones –

  • Always keep your location settings off as with these settings, your phones’ GPS always lock your position that can consume a lot of power. The location-sharing is always on automatic mode, and you need to go to the settings menu to turn it off.
  • Lower the brightness of your phone as if the screen will be brighter, it will consume more power resulting in consuming more power. You should make the settings in such a manner that the screen will be visible and is not overly bright.
  • Switch off all the apps that are not in use, as if you open all the apps even if you are not using the apps, it will consume more battery life. All those apps will consume more power and drain the battery life frequently, leaving you with the dead phone.
  • Prefer to use only Wi-Fi network if possible, as it uses less battery as compared to the mobile data. On various phones, it happens automatically, but if it does not happen you can turn on the Wi-Fi network.
  • Use 2G settings by going on the mobile network settings for the phone calls and messages as it will provide you greater benefits. There are more chances of getting performance from the network, as very few people prefer to use a 2G network so there will be less clogged.
  • Always set the sleeping mode of your display to 15 seconds, as sometimes you do not use cell phones more often so this setting will save more battery power.
  • As an HTC One M8 user, you can use the inbuilt software-based battery enhancement modes as these are the phones with the longest batteries. If you will optimize these battery savers in a particular way, you can improve the battery life adequately. Furthermore, if your phone is running out of battery, you can disable some functions of the phones to enhance the longevity of calling and messaging.

HTC One M8 in palm of man's hand

HTC One M8 – Battery Life

The HTC One M8 has a 2,600mAh battery that is 300mAh more than the latest model and has a 40% longer battery life than the HTC One M7. Every day the battery drains due to its regular use as you take some photos, check your phone frequently, and leave the mobile data on that consumes a lot of battery. Without using power saving settings, you mainly drain your phone batteries by the end of the day but now HTC offers power-saving modes that are very effective. It slower the performance of the CPU reduces display intensity, turns off the vibrations, and disconnects the data connection when not in use. If you want your HTC One M8 to last longer then you need to use the mode for long-term to use the phone when needed.

HTC One M8 – Battery Life

It has another mode for the phones that are about to die and this mode provide extra hours to the phone to remain active.  With this mode, you can make calls or check messages as it shuts off the background data and you can set it an automatic mode so that it can perform its duty when the power is low.

Tips to extend battery life of HTC One M8

Portable cell phone battery banks bunched and stacked

HTC has various battery-saving tips –

  • You can monitor the battery usage of each app, and its process on HTC One, after detecting the one using the maximum power; you can turn off the unwanted apps to extend the battery life. You can access these apps by swiping left twice on the sections of the app of the settings screen, as then choose the apps which you want to stop.
  • The wireless connections such as Bluetooth, WI-Fi, and the mobile data mainly affect the battery life, and make it to drain faster. You should turn off these connections when not in use, especially GPS that consumes maximum battery. You can turn on the sleep mode option through the power section of settings that turns off the Smartphone’s data connection after a few minutes if not in use.
  • No doubt, the screens with brightness look good, but these can make the battery drain faster so it is recommended to keep the brightness low as possible or set the timeout of the screen, and avoid the use of live wallpapers that consumes maximum battery.
  • You can access the quick setting screen by swiping the main screen that provides the battery saving options including the setting of brightness or Bluetooth that consumes more power. The users can also turn on the Airplane mode that shuts off the wireless communications for saving the battery life, restricting the calls or messages.
  • The quick settings of the screen also provide access to power saving mode, you can manually set this mode to enhance the battery life. No doubt, it reduces the CPU functions, lowers the brightness of the screen, and turns off the vibration or the data but it improves the functionality of your cell phone.
  • Turning down ringtone and media volume can save a lot of battery, and it would be better if you will disable the vibrations restricting the loss of battery.

Although HTC One M8 has a 40% longer battery life than the others, it still has the power saving mode that works efficiently to save the battery life. Besides, a fully charged One M8 if used adequately will last for a week or two without any need of recharge. The battery of HTC M8 battery life has good improvement from HTC as it has 2600mAh battery which is bigger than the previous one. However, the battery improvement is also significant with the processor and LCD improvements, but it has improved from the previous one.

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