5 Reasons Why Your Event Needs a Phone Charging Kiosk

It’s no secret that smartphones are part of our daily lives. In fact, 72% of Americans own or use a smartphone according to data collected by the Pew Research Center back in February 2016.   Obviously smartphone usage isn’t a new phenomenon, so why should this be significant information for event organizers? 

Event organizers should consider the following: your event attendees are most likely bringing their phones with them. This means that over the course of your event, they’ll be texting, Tweeting, checking email, taking photos, and generally draining their battery. Your attendees will likely need a way to recharge their batteries, especially if they didn’t arrive at 100% power.

If you want your event to be a success, consider the top reasons why providing a phone charging kiosk for your attendees is a great addition to your event.

Promote Brand Presence
All InCharged mobile charging kiosks can be fitted with a custom wrap to create a standout view of your brand. The majority of our phone charging kiosks can also include HD display screens which can be loaded with content of your choosing. Whether you’re simply trying to create buzz or promote a new service or product, a charging station is a great way to grab an attendee’s attention.

Drive Down Cost
If you’re attending a conference or event as a representative for your organization or company but can’t afford a full booth or table, consider renting a phone charging kiosk instead. With plenty of affordable options to choose from, a charging station is a great way to make your brand known without paying the price for premium real estate on the show floor.

Increase Foot Traffic
Make your phone charging kiosk known to increase foot traffic near your location. Whether it’s through social media promotion or leaflets, handouts, or signage at the event itself, you’ll want to get the word out that you’re offering a free, secure way to charge their devices.

Ditch the Handouts
Many events like conventions and trade-shows have multiple organizations present, all of whom are trying to generate the most foot traffic possible. Many of them offer incentives for visiting their booth or stand such as free branded pens, candy, coffee, keychains, etc. Rather than giving away tchotchkes that are destined to end up in a junk drawer, why not offer a memorable experience and wanted commodity instead? Attendees in need of a charge are guaranteed to seek your booth out specifically if they know you’ve got a free way for them to recharge.

Increase Facetime
If an attendee is charging up at your phone charging kiosk, chances are they’ll stay with their phone until its fully or sufficiently charged (the only exception to this may be if you’re using charging lockers). Since they’ll already be at your stand or booth, go ahead and engage them in conversation! Even if the attendee isn’t buying what you’re selling (or if it simply doesn’t pertain to them), you’ll still be creating a positive memory of the event through warm, personable interactions. Who knows, if it’s a multi-day event, you might be known as the “friendly booth with the charging station” by the end of day one!

If you’re ready to start providing a highly coveted amenity at your events while simultaneously promoting your brand and generating foot traffic, contact us today!

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