Does UVC Light Help To Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus?

What Is UVC Light?

The disease that represents the major public health challenges is tuberculosis and influenza; these are the airborne-mediated microbial diseases. To prevent the approach of inactivation of airborne pathogens such as coronavirus. The usage of UVC wand is prohibited because it includes some standard sources.

 It has been proven the UVC light (207-222 nm) inactivates the bacteria without harming the mammalian skin.

Harmful microorganisms and viruses are small in size. Due to the strong absorbance in biological material the far-UVC light cannot protect the outer layer which is non living of human skin or eye. People prefer the far-UVC safely to reduce the airborne aerosolized viruses. Folks having a low dose of far-UVC light which is denoted as 2mJ/cm2 at 222-nm light!

UVC Light Germicidal

Several engineers and scientists in UV business use unit mJ/cm2( millijoule per square centimeter )or J/m2 ( joule per square meter) for the UV dose. If we talk about J/m2 (Joule per square meter) it is used in the whole world leaving North America. In North America millijoule per square centimeter ( mJ/cm2) is used.

The old term mW/cm2 is quite confusing with the new term mJ/cm2. In units the mW/cm2 is milliwatt second per square centimeter and which is known for UV dose or fluence. Whereas, mJ/cm2  is millijoules per square centimeter known as irradiance. The “UV dose” can be obtained by multiplying the irradiance in units’ mJ/cm2 by the exposure time in seconds. It is very important to note that 1000 microwatt = 1 milliwatt.

Although falling low rates of far-UVC light to stop the spread of airborne-mediated microbial diseases indoor public location is a safe and inexpensive tool.

A couple of years back there was an invention done in New York City on wavelength known as far-UVC light.  The study or research shows that the far-UVC light can’t penetrate the outer layer such as eyes or skin and also remove the bacteria on surfaces and did not harm lab mice. 

This invention proves positive and increases the safety of relatives, patients, and staff and minimizes the risk of bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms. The UVC wand light has a strong, yet safe germicidal effect that eliminates the virtual airborne viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms on the surfaces of a room.

The Process of UVC Light To The Germs.

To inactive the germs and viruses UVC damage the genetic material such as DNA or RNA. The UVC light includes a wavelength range of 200 to 280. To disinfect the coronavirus it takes the right dose of UVC. As discussed above the irradiance measured in milliwatts (mW), millijoules in ( mJ), and per square centimeter (cm2). If we take this term scientific 1mWs/cm2 =1 mJ/cm2.

The sunlight does not contain UVC light. The reason is the UVC light is filtered by the earth’s atmosphere. But the UVC wand is very effective for SARS-COV-2. The DHS has published the guideline to reduce the effect of SARS-COV-2.By pouring the disinfectant on the surface and leaving it for three minutes and then wipe out. If you immediately wipe the surface where you or anyone else sneezes or coughs it won’t work whether you are indoors or outside on a sunny day. 

Up To How Much Extent The UVC Light Kills SARS-COV-2?

The duration of the COVID-19 virus is different on each surface. For instance: The N95 mask and stainless steel have high virus or bacteria concentration of SARS-COV-2 and take 1 hour to undetectable and 12 minutes on steel. It takes an effective dose to undetectable the virus from the N95 mask as the fabric of the mask contains 18mJ/cm2 consistency. Whereas, steel contains 3.6 mJ/cm2.However, other curved surfaces take more time to disinfectant.  

What Is The UVC Light Risk?

The major risk of UVC light is it damages the cell in your skin and eyes the same as it damages the microorganisms of viruses and other harmful microorganisms. So use it without exposing yourself.

UVC Light Risk
  1. Don’t use the UVC wand light devices to attempt to disinfect hands and skin. 
  2. UVC weakens some components of the object such as the rubber straps of the mask.
  3. UVC weakens some components of the object such as the rubber straps of the mask.

Is It Good To Sell The UVC Products To Consumer Work?

The LuxUVC comes up with UVC product devices such as disinfecting and sanitizing. These devices have a wavelength between 200 and 280 nm and closer to 260 nm. It is important to disclose the irradiance in mW/cm2 to calculate the distance to be achieved.

There are many products that state their wavelength but very few products that provide irradiance which is very crucial to determine the dose to kill the coronavirus at a limited time. The UVC wand quickly disinfects the object. Buying a UVC wand with low irradiance that takes an hour to slowly vanish the object.  Higher the irradiance, higher the risk to your eyes and skin.

For home use the LuxUVC comes up with UVC boxes that enhance the wands and open lumps. LuxUVC designed these boxes to disinfect the small solid, phones, and other generally flat objects like watches, keys, or credit cards. The non-flat objects contain the shadowing that prevents the light from reaching the object. The reason is the boxes are safe, enclosed. It doesn’t take the extraordinary efforts you just have to put your in the box and walk.

Beware from the risk of UVC light mentioned as it contains ozone gas, to disinfect or sanitize continuous positive airway pressure devices and accessories. The EPA using ozone generators can prevent COVID-19. The ozone applied to indoor air cannot properly vanish the bacteria, viruses, and other biological pollutants.

Are UVC LEDs Help To Disinfect Pathogens?

The UVC energy has the nucleic acid in DNA and RNA which results in providing the right amount of dose that enables the disinfect pathogens to reproduce and infect. The wavelength in which the DNA absorbs the UVC energy occurs with a peak of 200 to 280 nm. The UVC energy is used as a sterilization technology that helps to inactivate the wide range of pathogens like Pseudomonas, E.Coli, and MRSA. From very long the UV mercury lamps are considered the best choice. 

But The Lamps Have The Number Of Limitations As:

  1. Fragile construction
  2. Low activity
  3. Long warm-up time
  4. Refrigeration temperatures

The UVC LEDs can configure the ideal germicidal wavelengths and offer disinfection without the limitations of hamper mercury lamps.

How To Effectively Protect Effectively From COVID-19?

So many facilities across the country have been shut down to put a stop on the potential spread of COVID-19 in which LuxUVC comes ahead to assist you from this spreading outbreak. Everybody started thinking of a deep cleaning process. So below are the key tips for deep cleaning and disinfecting a facility during the closure.

  1. Be careful and make sure the disinfectant you are using against SARS-COV-2 would be approved. To check whether the manufacturer-approved the disinfectant or not you can search the EPA registration. The EPA created the list that contains the product which meets the criteria against SARS-COV-2.
  2. Disinfect all the touchpoints including the frequent one and other also. To make your process easier you can use the equipment such as foggers, sprayers, and misters. These tools will help you to ensure you did not miss any surfaces.
  1. Your Custodial staff must be properly trained and wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE).
  1. If you see the soil on the surfaces remove it with detergent-based cleaner and then apply the disinfectant. Some disinfectants come as a cleaner, you can use it in both the ways.
  1. Make the surface wet for some time as published on the product label.
Cleaning and Disinfecting

How To Reduce The Process Of Cross-Contamination.

  1. Disinfect the whole surface from dirty to clean areas. For instance: Start from the bedrooms and the highly contaminated area like bathrooms cleaned at last.
  1. Disinfect the empty trash, vacuuming, and visible soil at the end when other activities are completed. The reason is the potentially contaminated dirt did not re-contaminate the area which already disinfects.
  1. The US center of the disease has come up with some recommendations when the coronavirus confirmed your facility. Following are those recommendations:
  1. Close those areas from where the cases have been confirmed for 24 hours. In between that 24 hour disinfect, clean, or sanitize all the areas from the spread of bacteria or virus.
  1. To increase the air circulations in the areas open the windows and doors.

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