Disinfection of the Work Environment

Creating and maintaining a work environment that is clean, safe, and healthy is the most essential thing and the trending topic due to the coronavirus outbreak. The two essential elements in maintaining a clean, safe as well as healthy work environment are cleaning and disinfecting where cleaning is the most essential for removing dust, dirt, and debris, and along with these it also removes pathogens while washing, resulting in reducing the presence of pathogens. However, cleaning is not the only way you can use to disinfect the surface but you also need to use the COVID-19 disinfectant that is capable to kill or inactivate around 99.99% of the pathogens or germs present on the surfaces. Furthermore, you can use the disinfectants to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination that can occur while continuing with the cleaning process.

Disinfection of office desk

How frequently you should disinfect your work environment?

When it comes to the frequency, the disinfection occurs depending on its usage and the surfaces that are highly touched should be disinfected with the COVID-19 disinfectant regularly. The high-touch surfaces mainly include the switches of the lights, handles of the doors, countertops, desks, and many more things, and the cleaning of these surfaces mainly depends on how frequently the surfaces are being touched.

It is also essential that you should remember the purpose of disinfecting the highly-touched surfaces with the COVID-19 disinfectant is efficient for breaking the chain of infection by eliminating the germs or bacteria from the environment. If you are disinfecting the highly-touched surface for breaking the chain of infection then it simply means you are restricting the pathogens from getting multiplied and reducing the risk of transmission through touch.

Guidelines for following for the use of disinfectant in the work environments

  • When it comes to the disinfecting the highly-touched surfaces with the COVID-19 disinfectant, it is recommended to clean the highly-touched surfaces at first and then use disinfectants. The areas that are not touched frequently may be disinfected at the lower frequency with lower contamination of the viruses or germs and while following this targeted approach you can prevent the misuse of the disinfectant and also reduce the cost for maintaining a workplace that is clean, safe, and healthy for the employees.
Cleaning of highly-touched surfaces
  • While applying the disinfectant, you should not only consider the areas that come in contact buy you should also essential to use to the disinfectant in a relevant way. When disinfecting areas where you prepare or consume food, you should also follow the product label accurately as various disinfectants are relevant for the food contact surfaces, and among them, most need a portable water rinse once you achieve the dwelling time. Furthermore, it is also essential to consider the overall amount of the disinfectant that is applied in the work environment and its efficiency as well as effectiveness to disinfect the areas such as walls, ceilings, and many other surfaces.
  • Not all disinfectants are created equally and their application also differs depending on the areas so just because it can kill the pathogens does not mean that these can kill anything, Mainly, the harsher disinfectants such as bleach can cause damage to the human body as well as the surfaces where these are applied. Therefore, you must know the right disinfectant that you can use as well as the hazards that are related to it. The application of the disinfectants also carries various health risks so it is essential to consider their effects and how it can create problems when used inefficiently before using them on the surfaces.
  • Lastly, it is extremely essential to keep the environment clean and healthy if you want to ensure the health as well as the safety of the employees. You need to understand how and when you can disinfect the surfaces so that they can provide a clean, safe, and healthy work environment without causing the health hazard.

How do disinfection cleaning companies help in Bacteria cleaning and Virus Disinfection?

In order to ensure the bacteria cleaning and virus disinfection, the disinfection cleaning companies use scientifically proven COVID-19 disinfectant to remove the harmful germs as well as bacteria. Here are some of the points that you need to consider after applying COVID-19 disinfectant – 

  • You should not rinse the surfaces on the spot.
  • The disinfectants kill about 99.99% of the germs. 
  • The process can take up to hours or less for disinfecting the workplace depending on the property. 
  • The products have the capability to reach the surfaces that are not accessible to other products.
  • There is less risk of cross-contamination.

Routine cleaning of the workplace

It is essential to clean the workplaces regularly and at least daily for which you should give special attention to the surfaces that are frequently touched such as tabletops, door handles, keyboards, mouse, and much more things and you should ensure that these surfaces should be disinfected regularly and you should use the right COVID-19 disinfectant for such purposes. You should also ensure the cleaning of the surfaces as well as fittings when – 

  • These are visibly dirty
  • Used by more people and repeatedly
  • After any spillage

If you want to focus on the routine cleaning then make sure to use the disinfectants only if they are necessary and it mainly needed when the surfaces are highly contaminated with the infectious germs and bacteria. Due to these reasons, routine cleaning mainly depends on the likelihood of the contaminated material that is present at the workplace and you can also make an estimate regarding how and when you need to disinfect the surfaces.

How can you clean the surface?

Here are some of the tips that you should follow while cleaning an environment – 

  • You should always wear gloves while cleaning and ensure to clean the discard the gloves when you are done with the cleaning. If you are using the reusable gloves then it is essential to use them for the purpose of COVID-19 cleaning and should be disinfected after every cleaning process. You can use the detergent and water for washing them and then leave them to get dried so that the germs and bacteria can get eliminated. Furthermore, it is also essential to clean the hands immediately when you remove the gloves with the soap and water or the hand sanitizer that can kill the germs. 
  Use sanitizers to clean hands
  • Clean the surface effectively and thoroughly with the disinfectant and water as it is the most effective way to clean the dirtiest surface and it can remove the transformation of the germs to the cleaner surface as well allowing you to remove the bacteria in a large possible amount. 
  • Also, you should leave the disinfectant on the surface for some time that is specified by the manufacturer, and if not then you can leave it for at least 10-30 minutes.
  • If you are using a disinfectant then it is essential to clean the surface at first with the detergent and then apply the disinfectant or use the detergent combined with the disinfectant as it will not only kill the germs but also leaves the surface cleaner. You can apply the disinfectant with the paper towel or any other disposable cloth but make sure to clean them frequently after their usage to avoid the spread of the disease.

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