Disinfectant Cleaning – Electrostatic Sprayer for Virus

It’s very vital to maintain a high level of cleanliness that provides you the benefits and that can be possible by using professional tool electrostatic disinfectant sprayers cleaning service. There are a number of cleaning services offered by disinfectant cleaning companies but inCharged is the best service provider that uses advanced technology and the right tools to stop the spread of disease with super amazing technology to ensure each surface is treated with attention and care.

To get the 360 degrees complete clean, mold preventatives tools InCharged uses electrostatic disinfectant sprayers tools that apply disinfectants. The electrostatic disinfectant sprayers is used in facilities where mold or bacteria is found and also an effective cleaning tool used in medical and healthcare facilities, schools and universities, corporate offices, research & development facilities, and commercial kitchens and clean rooms.

Incharged brand LuxUVCoffers janitorial cleaning services for all sizes of business with professional types of equipment and cleaning techniques!

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The Benefits you can gain from electrostatic disinfection

To save the costs, time and energy across the board then electrostatic disinfecting is the innovative method. The reason is that it provides you a more effective help as compared to the traditional cleaning techniques along with the cleaning solution applications, which offers you a thorough cleaning. Following are some advantages of using the electrostatic system –

  • Controls the infection, viruses such as COVID-19, influenza, HIV, MRSA and many others.
  • Stops the movements of bacteria from one surface to another, which is generally known as cross-contamination.
  • Removes the financial burdens that are related to contagious healthcare infections.
  • It reduces the time that mainly a cleaning process takes and disinfects all surfaces thoroughly and along with that it is also suitable for hard-to-reach places as compared to other cleaning methods and saves your time as well as efforts.
  • The usage of chemicals is very uniform, efficient and in a controlled manner, which will reduce the danger and eliminate the waste produced.
  • Using limited chemicals saves the costs and has long-term cleaning efforts.
Disinfection Services

Working Process of Electrostatic Disinfection

  • To produce the electrically charged spray that wraps around the surface of even a coat, this method atomizes cleaning solutions.
  • The spray collects the negatively charged unwanted particles, which are further removed in designed apparatus from the environment.
  •  To make the method more extremely efficient, the surface cleaning solutions will repel the spray.
  • If you are looking for disinfectant cleaning companies then InCharged brand LuxUVC offers all janitorial service and commercial cleaning with electrostatic disinfection tools.

Electrostatic spray technology

The electrostatic spray technology is the modern method that helps to disinfect the surfaces by sanitizers, cleaners. It often takes less time and has better coverage. This technology has 60 years of history in various areas including automotive, agriculture, and tanning industries and now entering surface disinfection.

The electrostatic sprayers disinfect with charging liquids such as disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleaners and it passes through the nozzle. The coating is uniform of sanitizers or on the sprayed objects.

Places where you can use electrostatic spray technology

The usage of electrostatic spray can be done anywhere you want to disinfect. It can cover a large amount of area in a few minutes so, School/college/university classrooms, kitchens, offices, equipment rooms, waiting rooms, cafeterias, restrooms and vehicles. Because keeping the surface polished is the best option regular wiping is not necessary.

The electrostatic spray technology is especially meant for the needs of “facilities”. Few facilities consider electrostatic spray technology as a replacement .Whereas; some facilities consider electrostatic spray as an additional step to ensure the standard cleaning and comprehensive coverage of the surface.

Electrostatic spray styles

The market carries a number of electrostatic sprays but you can choose the one which suites facilities requirements. Before you buy the spray make-sure you evaluate the reliability, ease, and safety.

To get the trust responsible manufacturers always test the entire system, the electrostatic spray is paired with specific chemistries with tools like (PPE) proper protective equipment and the safety bystanders. Keep it in mind,buy the spray that is certified from the (NRTL) nationally recognized testing laboratory and the companies will likely test their products and claim that  you can spray on your system.

The sprayer system comes up with various styles i.e handheld sprayers, backpack sprayers, and rolling cart system.0The backpack and handheld spray are flexible but if filled with liquid can be heavy. Some of the sprayers use the cord to draw power from the standard outlets, while others use battery power to impart charge on liquids. But if you use the cord then it will be the best system performance as it comes up with consistent power droplet charging. Batteries can’t generate a reliable charge to electrostatic performance.

Infected Surface Cleaning

Corded systems carry other benefits that help for superior performance. For instance: The corded electrostatic sprayers have a powerful air compressor, the air compressor will reduce the blowback by disinfectant towards the environmental surfaces and apart from the operator. Whereas, battery-powered do not have an air compressor. Electrostatic spray technology captures the large area in less time and saves your hard-core money while providing the surface disinfection to stop the spread of illness.

COVID-19 cleaning services

Incharged is providing you the service along with the guidance of cleaning the rooms or wards where the patients are suspected and confirmed by COVID- 19 cases. It also provides the cleaning service to the institution /hostel room and the hotel room where the COVID-19 patient has stayed and educated the people in every public place.

Primary Hygiene

To mitigate the transmission of infections droplets hand hygiene is essential so, when you start cleaning wear disposable gloves and after removing these items throw it in the dustbin and immediately wash your hands for 20 seconds and dry them thoroughly. If you don’t have soap or water nearby you use the sanitizer which contains 60 percent alcohol, cover all the surfaces and rub it together until they feel dry.

Always remember the two very vital principles:

  • Start cleaning from top to bottom, this method ensures that all the particulates fall on the floor and cleaned at last.
  • Start cleaning with surfaces and objects and they walk to the dirtier items like the toilet.

Steps for cleaning

Under the guidelines of the personal protective equipment (PPE) wear the disposable mask, gloves, and eye protection, and face shield or goggles when you are cleaning.

  • Hand hygiene
  • Mask
  • Gloves ( Household gloves)
  • Gown
  • Protective eyewear

What should be the cleaning order?

  • Unfasten the household stuff (towels, curtains and other fabrics) put it in the washing machine. Wash the stuff with the recommended warmest temperature.
  • Wash all the crockery and cutlery, tabletop appliances, containers as per the instructions. Scrub all the household items, example cups, dishes and others.
  • Clean all the built-in appliances, example refrigerator, oven.
  • If you have a hard floor surface then clean the floor with disinfectant solutions, you can start from the far side of the room and walk to exit.
  • Clean your washrooms with the bleach solution with a separate set of cleaning equipment. Make-sure when you do the cleaning the bathroom should be last.
  • After finishing up the cleaning, remove all the contaminated items such as gown, facemasks, and gloves and put it in general waste and then immediately wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds  till one minute.

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