COVID Disinfection: Tips to Keep Your Surroundings Clean

By this time, you all must be aware of the importance of washing your hands properly but must be less clear regarding the proper way to sanitize the various surfaces in your home. Due to the current ongoing situation, you must be thinking about the areas that need more attention for cleaning and disinfection for which you need to focus on the important aspect. The most essential thing that you need to understand is the importance of staying at home as there will be a real risk of contracting with the disease when you go out in public. However, you cannot get the virus at your homes until and unless somebody enters your home that coughs or sneezes but if it is your own family member then the best thing you can do is to keep them in a separate room and do a thorough cleaning of your home for COVID disinfection. Furthermore, even if you are quarantined at home and on one in your home is infected or showing any symptoms then it would be useful to keep your home in a good hygienic condition. It means you need to clean and use the solution of COVID disinfection in the same areas that you normally tackle but make sure to pay more attention to the surfaces where you prepare food and other surfaces that are highly-touched. Before you start with the cleaning process, make sure to remove any dirt or grime as it can help disinfections to work properly and it would be best if you will leave the disinfectant for 15-30 minutes on the surface that are sufficient enough to kill germs or viruses. If the surface is durable that is chemically resistant such as metals or tiles, you can use any disinfectant that you have with you. If the surface is porous including marble then you can consult with the manufacturers regarding the best ways to clean them if you want to avoid damages. The best thing you can do is to avoid using cleaners that can affect the porous material as these can ruin the surface for which you need to bear the extra cost.

COVID Disinfection
COVID Disinfection

However, you can use the disinfectants and cleaners on the glass as they are chemically inert but you need to be careful with the plastic materials such as polycarbonate and plexiglass. Mainly, the cleaners use harsh chemicals that can damage the surfaces and in such cases, you can use soap and water to kill the viruses. Furthermore, when you bring mail or any delivery box into your house, you should wash your hands thoroughly as they have arrived from the public place which means they can be highly-contaminated with the virus or germs. So, if the bags are reusable then you can use different ways to disinfect them and if they are not, then it would be beneficial to dispose of them frequently. They are much more harmful, so it is essential to wash your hands when you receive the package or wear gloves but make sure to keep them away from your clothes.

How to stay safe at your Workplace?

If you are at your workplace then here are some of the tips that you should follow to avoid the spread of the virus- 

  • Wash your hands regularly

Nowadays, it is essential to wash your hands frequently after eating, touching door handles, or blowing your nose, and many other actions from which you can catch germs and get ill frequently. When washing your hands, you should make sure that you are doing them correctly and spending at least 20-30 seconds till they are properly cleaned. 

  • Use sanitizer when soap is not available

If you are in a long meeting that you cannot leave even for a while then you can use hand sanitizers as a substitute for soap or water. However, even if you are using sanitizers for the COVID disinfection, it is still essential to wash your hands with soap and water when you get free from meetings. 

Hand Washing
Hand Washing
  • Save the handshakes

The novel coronavirus has gained popularity to get transmitted mainly between people so if you want to get rid of such transmission then you can follow social distancing or avoid any physical contact. Nowadays, refusing a handshake is not ill-mannered anymore, but it is recommended as it is the only way that you can use to greet people outside. 

  • Clean your smartphone

Your hand washing and disinfecting are not worth it if your phone is dirty. That is the greater contamination of germs and bacteria that can easily make you ill. However, you are safe if you are using a microfiber cloth to clean the screens and backs of your cell phones but make sure to clean them effectively without damaging them. 

If you want to kill the germs and get rid of the bacteria then you should be aware of the difference between bacteria and viruses as cleaning is the only way that you can use to remove viruses and bacteria from the surface but with COVID disinfection you can wipe them out.

How to disinfect your office?

  • Wiping in the same direction – You can wipe down a surface in one direction but make sure to avoid going back in the opposite direction as your efforts will go waste if you will go back to clean the surface again. The most essential thing is to wipe all the frequently touched surfaces such as workstations, countertops, doorknobs, taps, and much more with UV light sterilizer if you want to clean effectively. 
  • Color-coded cleaning – Make sure to use the different clothes for cleaning for which you can also make the color code for the different codes as these can eliminate the germs in a better way as compared to your regular cleaning methods. 
  • Smart spraying – Various disinfectants talk about their ability to kill 99.99% germs and viruses but these have the chemicals that are harmful to health. So, it is reliable to use a UV light sterilizer that can help you to get rid of such germs and in an efficient way without affecting anyone.
  • Hand-washing warnings – The best way you can make everyone aware of hand washing is by placing a warning notice to wash their hands as a reminder so that they don’t forget. Keep hand-sanitizers near the doors as well, it can make employees clean their hands thoroughly when they visit offices. It is a great way that you can use to keep the employees safe and protected from harmful viruses even at the workplace.
Sterilizing the Workplace
Sterilizing the Workplace 

In the ongoing battle between you and the cleaning of household germs, you must think that germs can gain the advantage as they can be everywhere at a time and leave in a dilemma to choose the place for disinfecting. However, if you are using the right disinfection to get rid of the germs then it can help you to prevent the infectious illness from spreading. Cleaning with soap and hot water can remove the dirt as well as grime and some germs which are enough for various germs but you must be looking for ways to disinfect those areas that are home to various germs. Mainly, during the ongoing coronavirus, it is essential to use the right disinfection to get rid of harmful viruses or germs that can severely affect your health.

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