Benefits of a Cell Phone Charging Station

Cell phones have evolved from devices used to make a phone call in an emergency to essential utilities serving multiple purposes – like GPS, calculator, flashlight, camera, camcorder, and remote control just to name a few. However, these applications and our increased usage means cell phone batteries often need to be recharged multiple times each day

Cell Phone Charging Stations- Convenient for Everyone

People often have to make an inconvenient stop at home in the middle of the day to charge their cell phone. What if your business offered cell phone charging as a free service so consumers could avoid the hassle of an extra trip home? A cell phone charging station is inexpensive, and is sure to increase foot traffic as well as dwell time. Plus, our multimedia cell phone charging kiosks offer stunning display screens for additional advertising opportunities.

Cell Phone Charging Kiosks Increase Dwell Time

Keeping customers in your space for longer means they have more time to shop, eat, drink, or speak with your salespeople. Cell phone charging stations send the message that you care about your customers and want them to stay awhile.

Increase Foot Traffic with a Custom Cell Phone Charging Station

Once word spreads that you offer complimentary cell phone charging, viral marketing will take control and foot traffic will also increase. Smartphones have notoriously poor batteries, and people are constantly looking to recharge them. Offering a cell phone charging station in your business could be the differentiating factor for a customer choosing between a cup of coffee from your cafe or from the restaurant down the street.

Display Advertising Creates Additional Revenue

The gorgeous HD display screens on our cell phone charging kiosks are perfect for advertising messages- display your own, or sell the space to other businesses. Our cell phone charging stations can pay for themselves if you sell screen time as display advertising! Whether you choose to increase your own brand awareness or create an additional revenue stream, you can’t lose with our cell phone charging kiosks.

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