Cell Phone Charging Stations: A Unique Trade Show Booth Idea

Keeping the attendees at your booth for a longer period is not less than a challenging task as it is not easier to make an impression. Even the most eye-catching display that you use at your event has to compete with hundreds of other attendees who are also making efforts to enhance their brand visibility. No doubt, it is expensive to attend a trade show so you should not let your investment go waste and make sure to have a unique idea to catch the attention of your potential customers that is relevant to keep them around you and have an effective conversation to leave a long-lasting impression. The most successful trade show booths have more foot traffic, keep the attendees for longer, and make a lasting impression, which is again the easiest way to do it. Furthermore, if you are offering a convenient cell phone charging station kiosk rental to the people for charging their cell phone is an affordable and most efficient way to boost your trade show ROI, which also enhances the staying time of the attendees. Having a cell phone charging station at your booth is surely a unique trade show booth idea that leaves a lasting impression on the attendees, making them engaged throughout the event.

.Cell phone charging station kiosk rental

Cell phone charging station kiosk rental

Mainly, people depend on their cell phone to stay connected with others and while heading out, the most essential thing about which they forget is charging their cell phones. When they run out of their cell phone batteries, they suffer from low battery anxiety as they can’t access to their emails, make important calls, and their works start suffering. Attendees need to keep their devices fully charged throughout the conferences and a cell phone charging station provides attendees the resources and backup power to ensure that they don’t run out of the batteries that can restrict them from handling their essential tasks. Here are some of the ways that a cell phone charging station kiosk rental can help your booth –

Keep attendees at your booth for longer

While hosting a trade show, companies’ struggle to keep their attendees at their booth and situation mainly arises when the attendees are not provided with the suitable incentives they need to enhance their staying in the venue. Furthermore, cell phone charging stations can keep your attendees at your event for longer and while they are charging their cell phones you can talk to them about your business or product. It makes your attendees stay engaged throughout the event, which also creates an opportunity for you to gain their complete attention by providing them the service they really need.

Build brand awareness

If you are trying to stand out among the various other trade shows organized then it is not less than a challenge as there is always one or two companies that go above and beyond anything with their booth. However, mainly those are among the companies with a huge budget and for you, a portable charging station is a budget-friendly which generates buzz among the trade show crowd that makes attendees aware about the charging stations and if their cell phones are dying, they will surely attend your event and stay there for longer. It will not only make the crowd aware of the charging station at your booth, but you get an opportunity to enhance the visibility of your brand. You can customize your charging stations with advertisements, QR codes, or just put your brand logo to enhance your brand awareness. If you want to gather emails of your attendees for giveaway promotions then you can incorporate a QR code on your charging stations that enable the users to sign up online. It also provides them an opportunity to use your cell phone charging station kiosk rental which can collect their contact information plus you can keep the attendees satisfied.

Easy way to start conversations

Most people hesitate while interacting with the stranger that also takes some effort to get into an ongoing conversation and if you have cell phone charging stations at your booth it makes everything easier. A cell phone charging station is a great way to begin a conversation because everyone has experienced the pain of going around with a dead cell phone when they really need them to make important calls or to handle essential tasks.

Power up your cell phones efficiently

If you are looking for new ideas to improve your trade show presentation that can also bring your potential clients at your booth, then the portable charging stations for cell phones are the great options that you can choose. They are mainly designed to attract the attention of the customers and make them stay longer at your booth. Nowadays, everyone needs their cell phones to answer work calls or handle the needs of the clients, which is especially essential when they are away from their workplace. Furthermore, in the situation when you are at the marketing event but running out of the batteries it withdraws your interest and makes you leave the venue on the spot to charge your cell phones. However, when you get an option to charge your cell phones at the event then it leaves you free of low battery anxiety and makes you stay longer.

Why should you invest in the charging stations while organizing the trade show?

While at the trade show venue, you have to face severe competitions as you do everything possible to attract potential customers and enhance their staying time at your booth to promote your business. Having a charging station can make your display visible to everyone present in the venue, which can demonstrate that your company cares for their potential clients by investing their time as well as money to leave a positive impression. No doubt, your visitors get the opportunity to recharge their cell phone devices and this gratitude can deliver the most efficient help to the attendees who are looking for the partners to continue their business. 

Let your visitors recharge their cell phone batteries

The attendees use their cell phones to make important calls, check their emails, take photos or make videos, due to which they run out of their cell phone batteries. If you want to keep your attendees satisfied throughout the event then a cell phone charging station kiosk rental is the most reliable option that you can choose. It not only keeps the cell phone of the attendees fully charged but also provides you an opportunity to gain their attention while they are charging their cell phones. Furthermore, a cell phone charging station is a great way to promote your brand in a relaxed atmosphere as the images or videos on the charging kiosks can gain their attention completely.

Portable Charging Stations

Portable Charging Stations

Variety of design and exterior

Cell phone charging kiosks are available in different designs and each has its different exterior, so you can choose the one that is suitable for your customers and perfectly suits your needs as well as requirements. Most of the charging stations are compact which also includes portable battery-powered cell phone charging stations that you can place on any of the surfaces.

Engage customers in a meaningful way

When you go beyond the expectations of your customers with the portable charging stations, you get reliable results for the engagement of the customers. The charging stations provide you the true value to your customers that help you to grow your brand loyalty while you are with your customers. You can keep your customers in your space for long as they are charging their cell phones and that constructs an opportunity for your business as well as organization to enhance their engagement, improving the conversions, and generating more leads. 

Increase brand awareness for your business

Your brand faces constant competition and if you want it to stand out from the various other competitors, then you can use the charging kiosks for branding purposes that provide customers with a valuable and memorable brand experience. Furthermore, when the attendees are beside your charging stations looking at the images or videos on the display then it will leave a lasting impression on them and they will always remember your brand.

Generate revenue

These tabletop phone charging stations are perfect for the sponsorship opportunities that can result in gaining reliable revenue for the business. Furthermore, when you are keeping the attendees free of anxiety as well as satisfied then it can result in gaining their trust as well as their loyalty towards your brand. A tabletop phone charging station allows you to deliver the value to your customers in the form of battery that allows them to stay connected with the outside world and with the reliable furniture that provides them the space to sit or wait while charging their cell phones.

How does a charging station pop your trade show booth?

Mainly, people panic when their cell phone batteries get drained or are closer to dead which can make them leave the place on the spot. People need their cell phones from making calls and messaging to post their experience on the social media platform. The mobile devices need to be powered up to handle the day to day activities that takes place only on cell phones, so here are some of the benefits that charging station provides:

Higher dwelling time

When you provide charging stations to attract new customers, regardless of whether they want to attend your event or not, it builds their trust in your services. Furthermore, the charging stations are a great way to enhance the dwelling time of the customers even if they are not interested in your conference or event. Most importantly, the charging stations convey that your brand cares for your customers and if you want to address the smallest needs then these are the most relevant way to keep the attendees engaged throughout the event. Today, it is not less than a challenge to keep the attendees at your venue so if you want to enhance their engagement, the incorporation of portable charging stations for cell phones can show your care for the attendees.  

Richer customer experience

A cell phone with low-battery can affect your essential activities as these are used to make important calls, access the web to read about your business or send important emails but the low batteries can make you leave everything. However, a charging station can prevent these actions of the customers as the customers spend more productive hours with you while charging their cell phones as these are a great way to drive their attention towards you. However, it is essential to be aware of the benefits that you get from the cell phone charging station that also enhances the engagement of the customers and helps you to gain a better appreciation from the customers, ultimately leading to gain loyal customers for life.  

Increased branding and sponsorship opportunities

The charging stations are also a great way to represent the particular brand that also helps you to increase the brand awareness and accomplish the branding goals that is also a great way to boost profits as you can use them as sponsorship opportunities. Furthermore, if you are not investing in the cell phone charging stations then you can use the displays for incorporating the images or videos that enhance the brand visibility.  

Charging Stations from InCharged

Flex – Most events attendees prefer to use these charging stations as these are the easier to set up and brand that is available with 20″ digital screen. You can use these charging stations to loop images or videos which are again the most relevant ways to gain their attention towards your brand. The best feature about these charging stations is that it takes only a few minutes to set-up, which makes them the most relevant options for the event organizers as they save their time so that they can focus on other important things.

PowerMethod – You can use these charging stations to make the engagement better as when the attendees are charging their cell phones you get an opportunity to grab their attention. These portable charging stations are lightweight and free-standing that can charge multiple devices simultaneously, which makes them the relevant option for the events. These charging stations are available in different designs and reliable fits to your needs so you can choose the one that meets your needs efficiently.

 InBox – These charging stations are used as a weapon to make the event better and engaging as these are the great way that you can use to turn any space into a charging station. No doubt, events are hectic and you have to take care of various things but if you want to keep them simple then these are the most relevant options that you can choose. You only need to plug them in the power outlet and they are ready to charge your cell phones efficiently as well as keep the attendees engaged throughout the event. These charging stations can charge up to 8 devices from Apple to Android and everything in between which do not let any device go uncharged.

PowerBox – Events move fast so when your cell phone becomes dead or you run out of battery during that time then it makes you leave the event. The PowerBox charging stations are battery-powered that lets you charge the cell phones whenever you need them and takes very time to charge to set up and assemble completely. You just need to take them out of the box and they are ready to deliver the relevant results so there are very few things for which you need to worry. If you got a multi-day event then the compact tabletop wireless battery-powered charging stations are the most relevant options that you can choose for the event to run them successfully.

Tabletop charging stations

Tabletop charging stations

Glass power stations – If you want to provide the best to your audiences as well as events then these are the most suitable solution that can keep your audiences around you. Furthermore, these charging stations always come ready to go, you just need to plug them in the power outlet and they can charge your cell phones from Apple to Android and everything in between so it is much simpler and you don’t have to worry about the charging stations. These are available with 12 charging ports that make them an ideal choice for laptops and tablets, which make them relevant for the events, perfect for enhancing their engagements.

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