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2020 Experiential Marketing Strategy for Conferences & Trade Shows Tips

Flat and passive trade shows tips are boring enough to put their own organizers to sleep! If your own crews can’t stay focused throughout the entire presentation, then how can you expect your potential clients to show any interest? Attention-grabbing unique gizmos can keep your customers engaged with the material that you’re trying to present.

Trade Shows Tips

Optimize Your Event Technology

Generating action and loyalty is always the name of the game when planning these events. You want to put together something that can help people genuinely experience new technologies or solutions to their business problems. As a result, you want to take every single chance there is to get your message out there and make things memorable.

Flex charging kiosks from InCharged can help, especially if you’ve taken the time to plan an excellent enhancement event. Putting together a strategy doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

Just consider the following tips:

• Set a clear, measurable goal

Many well-meaning people put together a trade show and then realize that they never were entirely aware of the reasons for doing so. Others are familiar with what they want to accomplish but not how to check if they’ve effectively achieved them. Make sure that you have both of these two concepts worked out before you try to do any further planning.

• Look into your target market

Always be sure that you actually understand the target demographic of people you’re trying to share your message with. Experiential marketing thrives on the ability to connect with others on a level that isn’t deemed silly or phony. You’ll be better prepared to connect with people when you understand their feelings and concerns better.

• Create an exciting and impactful presentation

Trade Shows Tips

Perhaps no other step is more important when developing an experiential marketing strategy. No matter what kind of presentation you planned to put together, you need to make sure that it excites people enough to keep them engaged the whole entire time. It’s doubtful that you’ll have to organize dozens of keynote speakers the way that you’d need to if you were giving a different kind of show. However, you still need to make sure that whatever way you select to get your message across works.

• Find ways to leverage social media channels

Social Media Channels

Perhaps one of the more phony aspects of most marketing campaigns lies in the synthetic way it tries to leverage social media channels. Make sure you do this organically. Engage with people during the trade show both in-person and online. You’ll then be able to organically drive people to comment on your posts. However, you need to focus on the fact that the sheer experience here isn’t the end goal. It’s instead to make people believe in your message.

• Give your potential customers something of real value

Don’t just beat people over the proverbial head with sales pitch after sales pitch while they’re there. You need to share something of real value that people can walk away with even if they don’t buy anything.

Use InCharged To Energize Your Event Planning

Close up of multiple phone charging station

InCharged focuses on the ability to turn any piece of furniture or any object into an unobtrusive charging station for your client’s mobile devices. Think about how many clients going to your trade shows tips are bringing all their favorite tech with them. They’re certainly going to grab their phones and they’ll probably also drag a tablet, 2-in-1 or other devices too. Since they’re going to use a ton of power in the process, this is an excellent opportunity to share your message with them by incorporating it into your charging stations.

Contact us online today for more information on how we can turn almost anything imaginable into a mobile device charging station that works with almost any model.

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