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From shoes that charge your phone to solar chargers, mobile charging manufacturers have been looking for an alternative to the standard charging cable for years. Though some methods are still stuck in the development stage, the market is full of unique chargers that can be used in multiple types of situations. Take a look at some of the most innovative cell phone charging technology we’ve found.

Kinetic Smartphone Charging

If you commute to work on a bike or cycle frequently, the Tigra BikeCharge is the answer to your dead battery. Letting you charge your device with the power of your pedals, this portable battery can charge your phone completely after 2 or 3 hours of cycling.

We featured Ampy in a previous blog post, but it deserves another nod as its one of the leading devices in Kinetic Charging. Simply put, Ampy translates your movements into power for your mobile devices. Simply strap it on while you work out or wear it throughout your day to generate power. According to their website, just a single hour of exercise can produce up to 5 hours of standby battery life and up to 25 hours of smartwatch battery life.

PediPower stores the energy you create with every step you take (but not necessarily every move you make).   This shoe mounted generator converts the kinetic energy created from pushing off of your heel into electric energy that is stored in a belt-mounted battery pack. For now, this device remains a prototype as it’s much too large for everyday use. Still, this type of charging device could have a major advantage in the medical field where the average employee spends most of their time walking or standing.

Solar Powered Phone Chargers

Solar powered chargers have been on the market for years now, but the Voltaic Amp charger has been gaining popularity due to its combination of portability, function, and charging capacity. With strong solar panels with thick, urethane coating and the ability to change the output from 6 volt to 12 volt, the Voltaic Amp has been rated as one of the best solar powered chargers on the market today.

The Voltaic Fuse 6W is another solar powered charger from Voltaic that’s meant to compliment an active lifestyle. The Fuse 6W is designed to attach to any bag and can be fitted to any location for long-term use. Whether it’s clipped to your backpack or mounted in your campsite, the Fuse 6W promises to fully charge your smartphone with just 3 hours of sunlight.

Other Smartphone Charging Tech

Although the JunoJumpr doesn’t boast a radically innovative way to harness power, this portable battery charger can power much more than your cell phone. In fact, with 6,000 mAh of power and the capability of producing 12-volts, the JunoJumpr packs enough punch to jump start your car. Wouldn’t you rather be able to jump start your car and go about your business than charge your phone just to call AAA?

This alternative to a cooking pot is sure to excite any camping fanatics, cooking hobbyists, and fans of bizarre charging technology alike. The PowerPot 5 combines the benefits of a lightweight cooking pot and a portable USB charger by affixing a thermoelectric generator to the bottom of the pot. Simply fill the pot with any liquid, place over any heat source, and you’ll have 2 hours of talk time in about 20 minutes. Who would’ve thought a pot of boiling water could be the next big thing in mobile charging?

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