Wireless Cell Phone Charging in Cars

In the era of Smartphones, most of the users prefer to choose the safe and mostly usable device that is wireless chargers that you can get in your cars. The best thing is you don’t have to create chaos with the wires all around as you only need to place your cell phones to charge them quickly. Most people prefer to charge their cell phones with wireless chargers as they save their time and money as well as their cell phone batteries.

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Mobile Charging Technology

Purpose of wireless charging

The most essential purpose of wireless charging is to connect them with the object to charge or recharge the batteries of the devices and that are mainly Smartphones, and the electric current of the magnetic field then works to charge the devices but make sure the chargers and devices that you are using should be compatible. The wireless charger in the car is gaining high popularity as they make things easier and worthwhile as you do not need any physical wire connection and the wireless mobile charging technology is taking over the traditional cable chargers.

Why You Should Consider The Cars With The Wireless Cell Phone Charging?

Wireless charging is around for a few years as it allows the users to charge their cell phones when they are heading up in a hurry and make them stress-free with the hope that they have an option to charge their cell phones while going out. The wireless charging has created various positive changes for the users and provides the following benefits to the users:

  • Cable burden

Traditionally, people carry various cables along with them to charge their Smartphones anywhere they get the opportunity as these are the only ways to prolong the online use and their day-to-day activities. However, they purchase different cables for their cars, homes, or workplace as they forget to carry the wires everywhere, but with the wireless mobile charging technology, things work better than before. When the user’s head out in a hurry they have the wireless phone charging stations in their cars where they only have to place their cell phones to get their cell phones fully charged.

  • Damages and security issues when you plug them into the outlets

Plugging the smartphone into the electrical outlet means they are directly exposed to electrical connectors which create spikes in the electricity and harms the connection as well as emits the electrical shocks that can hurt the individuals. On the contrary, if you are using the wireless phone charging stations in your cars it means you don’t have to worry about the data losses or unnecessary accidents that occur due to the charging stations.

Benefits of wireless charging

Wireless technology solves various problems that are mainly associated with cable charging and the most essential benefit of using a wireless charger is that it is used with multiple devices such as tablets or Smartphones. Furthermore, the wireless charging makes the charging process less complicated as it does not carry various chargers at the same time due to the wireless charging capabilities that are commonly available in today’s era. These also eliminate your burden to carry data cables or finding the outlets on the way for charging cell phones and you do not need to carry different chargers for the different cell phones as it makes you relieved to travel by having your cell phone fully charged and working throughout the journey. The wireless charging station in your cars eliminated the use of cables which means you can charge your batteries by placing the appliances closer to the wireless power transmitter or car charging stations. The wireless battery charging can be used for:

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Wireless Mobile Charging Stations

  • Smart Phones, portable media players, digital cameras, tablets, and wearable – With the wireless mobile charging technology, consumers can charge their cell phones anytime and anywhere while traveling or going out in a hurry and the best feature is they can charge the portable media players, digital cameras, tablets, and wearable. These are the best suitable for the consumers who need easy-to-use solutions, increased freedom of positioning, and shorter charging time.
  • Accessories – With the wireless chargers you can charge your headsets, wireless speakers, mice, keyboards, and many other applications that you need in your day-to-day activities. With the wires, you need to search for the outlets or plugs everywhere you go as you need to plug them in for charging your cell phones.
  • Public Charging terminal – The deployment of charging pads in the public domain needs systems to be safe and secure but the smart charging systems can go well beyond the charging solutions. These wireless phone charging stations enable quick network-connectivity and create billable charging stations and most of the coffee shops, airport kiosks, and hotels support these scenarios.

Charging Stations of InCharged

Flex – These charging stations are everyone’s favorite due to their features of easy to set up, easy to brand, and easy to experience as they come with the 20″ digital screen that incorporated images or videos to enhance the engagement of the customers. The easiest and the only free-standing charging station that takes only a few minutes to set up and assemble is Flex and these are the perfect choice for those who require last-minute charge that also has a hidden USB port for the effective charging.

PowerMethod – If you are looking for a better trade show or event engagement then PowerMethod is the most preferable choice that you can choose for your event. These lightweight and free-standing chargers can charge various devices at the same time with their 10 built-in charging cables that are suitable for various charging stations and can charge various devices at the same time. The most essential advantage of these charging stations is that with its ability to charge multiple devices from Apple to Android, these charging stations can charge up to 18 cell phones or devices with their 10 USB ports and the outlets.

PowerMethod Plus – These charging stations are redesigned to make them sturdier and easier than ever for the event organizers due to their lightweight and free-standing features. The PowerMethod Plus charging stations are built for the fast and easy installation so that the event organizers can handle everything within a few minutes. These charging stations have dynamic designs and you can choose the one that fits your needs and requirements. They have 8 built-in cables which mean it can charge various cell phones simultaneously from Apple to Android. These charging stations are lightweight, studier, and easy to set up that can charge up to eight devices through its 8 charging ports that include pre-configured cables built into the units.

InBox – These charging stations can turn any surface into the cell phone charging stations as they are easy to set up and have the most efficient cell phone charging capabilities. You can place them on the table, below the table, or any other space that you want to convert into the cell phone charging stations. The best thing is you can use these charging stations for branding by incorporating your logos or colors so that every time the customers will visit the charging kiosks they can leave an impression on their minds.

PowerBox – These charging stations are the perfect option for the multi-day event as these charging stations have the wireless battery powered charger station that fully charges your cell phones and last longer. These are available with 8 USB ports can be placed on any of the surface and are the most effective way to turn any of the display or location into the branded charging station. The PowerBox charging stations are battery-powered wireless charging stations that you can place in your cars as well or at your homes during the events.

6 Chamber locker – When the audiences get the opportunity to charge their cell phones securely, it is the perfect way to charge the cell phones as and these come with the 14″ digital screen that has loop images or videos that enhance the engagement of the users. These charging stations have 3 cables in each chamber that securely charges various devices simultaneously and makes it convenient for the users to leave their cell phones behind while in the event.

8 chamber locker – These branded charging stations come with the smart lockers that provide safe places to the attendees to charge their cell phones and the peace of mind to leave their cell phones behind when they don’t have the time to monitor the phone charge. These charging stations have the personal pin code which creates less chaos to charge your cell phones safely and without worrying about anything. This charging station comes with the 3 cables in each chamber that supports various devices from Apple to Android to charge the cell phones efficiently.

Glass Power Table – These charging tables are fully brandable that gathers attendees around you and make them to stay for a longer period while charging their cell phones. These charging stations come with the ready to go as you just need to plug them in and they are much simpler and you have to worry less about your cell phones. No doubt events need tables to make the place convenient for the attendees and the attendees need chargers to charge their cell phones efficiently so if you are looking for an effective way to enhance the engagement of the attendees then these are the perfect option that you can prefer.

Charging table – These are the perfect way to catch the attention of the attendees when they are charging their cell phones as these are the perfect way to convert any space into the charging tables. These come equipped with the 12 charging ports and have the features of durability and strength that can charge up to 18 devices simultaneously. You only need to plug the charging tables into the standard outlets and they are ready to charge your cell phones conveniently leaving you out of the low battery anxiety.

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Wireless Charging Stations

Cadillac has announced the wireless cell phone charging pads in their 2015 ATS sedan and coupe and they also want to include the mobile charging technology in their CTS sedan and Escalade. The wireless charging pads will be in a bin behind the center console and most of the models of 2015 will also include the features of the AT & T’s 4G LTE high-speed internet connectivity. 

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