Cell Phone Charging Stations at Comic Con

The mobile phone charging stations at events can provide great help in creating additional advertising revenue for your event or trade shows. Mobile phone charging stations are the most essential tools for marketers across the country. If you want to attract more customers or want to enhance your visibility, mobile charging stations are a great way with which you can do so. Whether you are organizing an event or hosting the trade show, a mobile charging station can help to boost the leads of any event.

Comic-Con is an amazing event where the primary focus is on comic books and the culture of comic books, and during such an event, you get a chance to meet your favorite creators and experts. InCharged is going to incorporate mobile phone charging stations at events of Comic Con, here is why:

It draws customers to your space

A well-organized festivals, trade shows, and conferences are busy places, with lots of sponsors seeking the attention of the customers. A charging station at your comic cons can draw attention to your area by providing something that your customer needs, and by incorporating a charging station into your event setup can provide true value to your target market.

lots of people crowded at trade show booths

Increase the permanence and engagement of the client

If you are still wondering how to make your event successful, then you must be making strategies to improve the engagement of your customers, and having phone charging stations at events can provide a great help. If your attendees need to send an important email or want to make an urgent call, but having a low battery can make them leave the event immediately. However, if there is a mobile charging station, it will allow your visitors to do anything without leaving the event.

It is an opportunity to advertise your event to the greater audiences

The attendees attending your comic con show will surely share their photos and experiences with their social media accounts, resulting in enhancing the awareness of your events. With the more number of shares, the more people will attend the event, and there will be more interactions and sales. So, it is essential to incorporate a mobile phone charging station to keep the phones of attendees fully charged, and increasing their engagement in the events.

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Types of Mobile phone charging stations that can be used for Comic Cons

InCharged glass-topped cell phone charging table is just the right help, which most of your attendees must need. All our cell phone charging tables comes in ready to go – you only have to plug them in and it is the simple way with which you can charge your phone.

With InCharged glass power charging table you can recharge various devices at once, including your laptops, and mobile devices. It is available with 9 Smartphone charging cables, 6 open USB ports, and 3 A/C outlets making it convenient for the huge audiences to charge at once. You only need to plug the charging table into the standard outlet, and your phone gets ready to charge. Our charging tables are also a great way with which you can maximize branding with your artwork, logos, or colors. With these tables, you can deliver the exact message to your audiences to get the relevant attention you need.

No doubt, during events like Comic Cons, everyone looks for a place to stand, and nothing can be compared with the tables having charging stations. Our square charging tables can charge 18 devices at once, as it has 12 Smartphone charging cables, and 2 A/c outlets. A glass top has enough room for everyone to keep the devices safely, and you can also customize the tables with your brand style to enhance your visibility.

InCharged provides a locker charging station, that has eight chambers, and comes with 3 cables, and provide support for Apple iPhone, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Sony, Android, and much more with dedicated lighting, and USB cables. These lockers play an important role to maximize branding, and are available with custom back graphic panel where you can show your artwork, logos, or colors. Among all an efficient feature of InCharged locker is that it keeps your devices safe and secure from theft, and you don’t have to worry about losing phone.

InBox charging station is the secret weapon of your event and can turn any space into a mobile charging station. It is a portable and powerful charging station that is the perfect option for those who require the fastest and most efficient cell phone charging points. These have the accurate mobile phone charging capabilities that cover up only a small space and can be mounted on a tabletop or the bottom of the table. It is small and lightweight that can be moved easily and are the perfect stations that you can use in your events, or shows.

What do you need to know about having a phone charging station at events?

Smartphones have now become an essential part of everyday life as they are used to handle various day to day functions and operations. However, it turns your easiness into a worry when you get a warning of a low battery on your screens. You must have searched for the options to get a few more minutes through the battery saver or other options, as you don’t want to leave your phone dead. Despite the poor battery life complaint, people forget to carry the charger with them due to which it would help if you will incorporate a charging station at your event.

Charging stations are the portable kiosks that are available with multiple charging outlets where you can plug and charge your phone batteries. They are the perfect fit for any event, whether it is a trade show, conference, concerts, or any other event, incorporation of mobile phone charging stations at events can result in the enhancement of the attendees and their engagement.

Why is it essential to have the mobile phone charging stations at events?

If you are going to incorporate mobile phone charging stations at events, here are the things for which you don’t need to worry.

  • Security of your phone – The most essential reason for the convenience of the charging stations is, you don’t have to be present there while your phone is charging. Most of the charger stations are of locker style, with an aluminum chamber that protects your phone from theft or loss.
  • It makes sure that attendees do not trip over charging cables – Charging cables are of no use, if there is not much space available, as it can create chaos. However, if there are charging stations then it can create a space for everyone to charge their phones conveniently.
  • It Compete with others for an outlet – While attending the event, attendees have to take photos or make videos to post them on social sites, and there are more chances that the batteries of the phones get drained. In such situations, attendees prefer to leave the event, but if there are charging stations, then you can keep their interest in your event, and enhance their engagement.

Why event planners should have phone charging stations at events?

An event planner should consider everything while hosting the events whether it is a trade show, large gatherings, or conferences. While making arrangements for the trade shows or conferences, you should consider the additional features that you can add to the venues to add values for attendees to enhance their engagement in the event.

Multiple device charging stations is a great way with which you can attract more people to your event, and provide additional convenience to the attendees. Besides, no one leaves their cell phones at home, but they often forget to carry their chargers, and run out of battery quickly which can create inconvenience for them. If you have a mobile device charging stations ready at your event, it will allow guests to enjoy your event without worrying about the batteries.

Reasons to have mobile phone charging stations at events

  • Enhance the experience of attendees – It would make your attendees surprised and encouraging by providing an opportunity to charge the phone on the go, it can result in gaining positive feedback. Mainly, the people attending the events use social sites to share their experience at the events or make the video to keep them for future use, due to which their mobile batteries drain easily, so having the charging stations can enhance their experience effectively.
  • Advertising – If your event is more interesting, the people will spread positive reviews across their social accounts with interesting photos or videos. In such situations, having mobile phone charging stations can help your attendees to do it more effectively without running out of their batteries.
  • Competitive advantage – If you want to win more audiences, the best thing you can do is to make your event more convenient and enjoyable for them and it severely important if you are competing with the other similar events or companies.

What are the things you should consider while choosing the multi-device charging station?

There are various things that you need to consider while selecting the mobile charging stations for your events, and some of them are:

  • Size – The most essential thing that you need to take into account is the size of your venue and the estimated guests that are going to attend your event while deciding the mobile charging station.
  • Features – Before deciding the charging station, you should think about what you expect from the charger, and with what motive you are going to incorporate the stations.
  • Cost – You must be aware that the most essential part of planning an event is to stick to the budget, as you need to take care of other things also. No doubt, it is essential to choose the quality charging station, but you should consider your means also, and stay within the limits to avoid unnecessary expenses. Do some research, check the reviews, and find the relevant deals to get the most out of your decision.
  • Revenue – No doubt, you will have to spend some cost to place a charging station at your event, but you should keep in mind about the returns on investments that you will get. While choosing a portable charging station, you should think about your spending and the returns you will get for your efforts.
  • Universal support – No one will have the same devices, among the people attending your event, so it is essential to incorporate the charging stations with different cables that can be used for various devices. If you have a mobile phone charging stations at events, it will ensure that everyone can make use of the solutions provided and keep their interest in the event only.

Nowadays, attendees mainly rely on cell phones or other devices, and they even carry along them along, to store or share information, during such events, charging station rentals are an excellent way that helps the attendees to stay engaged. The above discussed mobile phone charging stations at events can help you to power your event – whether big or small – and enhances the engagement opportunities.

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