Why You Need a Cell Phone Charging Station

Since the invention of cell phones, acquiring the latest tech has become a trend, and Smartphone, in particular, has become an integral part of our lives. In recent years, the Smartphone market is growing significantly and currently, there are billions of people that use smartphones significantly. The smartphone is an innovative technology whose features have its limits and the users of the smartphones treat them like microcomputer which means the average phone lasts for 7 to 10 hours. Usually, the low batteries are unavoidable in smartphones due to the apps, calling, Wi-Fi, and a quick processor that need battery for their working.

The cell phone devices can solve the problem

Phone charging industries are meeting the needs of the users who need a charge, and nowadays there is an availability of both portable chargers and charging stations for the business owners. The portable chargers are the most essential thing that you need for your cell phones that allows you to power various devices simultaneously, and you don’t need different charging plugs, only a small portable charger is enough to charge your cell phones. With such a product, you don’t need to worry about the battery of your cell phone when you go outside, doing business, or simply enjoying yourself. As a business owner, you need a phone charging station that is used as a vending machine or provide free charging for the customers. There are various cell phone charging stations that you can incorporate at public places and InCharged provide:

Cell phone charging stations

Cell phone charging stations

Flex – The Flex cell phone charging station is the choice of all the event organizers due to their easy setup and easy branding which comes with a 20″ digital screen. The images or videos on the display engage the users while they charge their cell phones and have 12 charging tips that are useful for providing the last-minute charge. These charging stations are WiFi-enabled which has a hidden USB port that can charge various devices simultaneously ranging from Apple to Android.

PowerMethod – If you are looking for a solution to enhance the engagement of the attendees and these are the best option that you can choose for your event. When people are charging their cell phones at the charging stations, you can gain their attention by enhancing their engagement in the event. These are light-weight and free-standing that are easy to assemble and strike if you are arranging the affordable events. PowerMethod Charging stations have 10 built-in charging cables that can charge the devices from Apple to Android to their compatibility features.

InBox – These charging stations are portable, and powerful charging stations that can turn any space into the cell phone charging stations due to their compatibility with all the devices from Apple to Android. These charging stations are more reliable and efficient solutions with fast charging capabilities, and take very little space to assemble perfectly and adequately. Moreover, you can place these charging kiosks on any of the existing tabletop or the surface that can turn the displays into the engaging cell phone charging stations.

PowerBox – The PowerBox charging stations are the perfect option for those who are hosting the multi-day events as these last longer, resulting in providing the most reliable results. These charging stations have 8 built-in USB ports that can be placed on any tabletop or surface and can turn any location into the branded charging station. These charging stations are the most suitable choice for multiple devices and you can turn them into the custom cell phone charging station.

PowerBox Charging stations

PowerBox Charging stations

6 Chamber locker – These charging stations provide charge to the audience and a peace of mind to the attendees to charge their cell phones efficiently. Six chamber lockers come ready with 3 cables in each chamber that can charge up to 2.7a and supports various devices from Apple to Android. The greatest feature of these charging stations is its safety as it prevents the chances of losses and thefts as the attendees don’t have to worry about their cell phones being stolen.

8 Charging stations – These charging stations are secure and easy to access as these provide the safest place for the attendees to recharge their cell phones along with the sense of security to keep the mobiles safely. The top priority of these charging stations is that these are available with 20″ digital screen that supports various devices from Apple to Android. These charging stations are a great way with which you can enhance the branding and these are available with a well-equipped graphic panel that has the reliable artwork, branding, and logos.

Glass Power Table – Every event needs tables, and every Smartphone need a charger and to fulfill the requirements, glass power tables make it easier for audiences to enjoy your event. This cell phone charging stations come equipped with 12 charging ports that are an ideal choice for any event due to their durable and strong features. If you want to create the perfect conversation then these charging stations are the most reliable option that you can choose for the events or trade shows.

Reasons to have a cell phone charging station

Nowadays, various industries are using cell phone charging kiosks due to the reasons that these stations:

Increase customer satisfaction – The dead cell phone charging stations are frustrating but can create a complete disaster with the instant solution that can lead to various customers to share their experiences while they are at your place. When you provide them the benefits of cell phone charging stations, it enhances their engagement resulting in enhancing your SEO standings.

Engage the customers – The charging stations are still new to the general public as they frequently draw the attention of the customers adequately. The charging stations can attract potential customers and encourage them to participate which enhance their engagement effectively.

The link between the in-store and online shopping experience – There are about half of the shoppers that use their cell phones while in-store and conduct comparisons of the companies and competitors. The traditional marketing is still important that leaves a positive impact on the in-store experience and changing the shopper’s path for the final purchase. Mobile devices influence various industries to think and integrate online strategies into an effective plan to work accurately.

Show your company as a tech-savvy – The cell phone charging stations is the most reliable solution that shows the customers about the cutting edge of your company that always work to enhance their experience. These are the most effective way to improve the engagement of the customers and their overall experience while at your place.

A tangible tool to promote partnership and allegiances – With the InCharged cell phone charging stations, it is easier for businesses to promote the food establishments down the street. You should not only provide the mobile device charging station for the convenience but also the most effective tool to promote the cuisine that offers discounts with the motive to attract more customers.

How can you get the benefits from a cell phone charging station?

Everyone uses mobile phones to make calls, send texts, and to connect users with the rest of the people through emails, social media, search engines, and various other mobile apps. If the cell phones of the users died, they suffer from the low battery anxiety that makes them panic with the thought of disconnecting from the world.

Increases the dwell time and engagement of the customers

A dead battery of the cell phone can make the customers to suffer from anxiety due to the thought that they cannot send emails, access the web, or their social media accounts to share their experience and connect with the world. On the contrary, if your venue has the cell phone charging stations, it allows your customers to take care of the personal responsibilities on the spot that enhances their staying time at your venue while charging their cell phones.

Boost the sales

If you want to enhance the staying time of the customers at your venues, their retention, and engagement then you can enhance their satisfaction. In case, they are leaving your venues due to their low batteries to find the outlets then you are losing your precious customers as well as missing the opportunities to earn more. Moreover, the customers that charge their cell phones spend more time at the venues while charging their cell phones as they stay engaged.

You become the go-to location

Usually when people become aware that they can charge their cell phones at your place you become a go-to location and they will rely on you for it. However, if you own a restaurant people will visit your place to have lunch, but if there are charging stations it can leave a positive impact on the customers as they can charge their cell phones while having lunch.

Better experience and loyalty of the customers

Mainly, various business owners avoid to incorporate the cell phone charging stations due to the thought that there will be no ROI and benefit that is essential. However, instead of focusing on increasing the revenue, you should consider ways to enhance the customer’s experience and their reliable appreciation. With the cell phone charging station, you can improve the overall experience of the users by enhancing their engagement and overall experience to turn them into loyal customers.

Increase in foot traffic

The charging kiosks attract more customers to your venue as when the cell phone batteries become low, people will surely go to the places where they can find the closest charger. Once they will hear that you are offering the services of cell phone charging stations at your venues, the guests will run to your place not matter they are interested in your event or not. Furthermore, it can enhance their interest in your events while charging their cell phones and make them stay for longer at your venues.

dead battery

Charging station for dead batteries

Branding and sponsorship opportunities

Whether you are organizing the event or you have your location, the custom charging stations are a great way to enhance brand awareness and recognition. The event organizers always look for different ways to enhance the profits with the suitable charging stations to get the better sponsorship opportunities with reliable ROI.

Now you are aware that the charging stations are needed for various reasons and can provide various benefits so you can choose the kiosk for your venue from InCharged to enhance the engagement and interest of the audience resulting in better ROI.

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