Why Choose InCharged Mobile Charging Stations?

Since the invention of cell phones, the acquisition of the latest tech is becoming a lifestyle due to which the Smartphone, in particular, has become an essential part of our lives. The Smartphone market has also shown a huge improvement in recent years, and currently, almost 1 in 5 people have their cell phones. Cell phones are also considered as innovative technology and all of its features have its limits as people treat their cell phones as microcomputers and the average cell phones last about 7 to 10 hours.

You cannot avoid the problems of low batteries due to the running apps, regular phone calls, Wi-Fi usage, and a quick processor that needs support from a powerful battery. As smartphone users, everyone suffers from the problems when your cell phone gets switched off when you are using your cell phones for important purposes. Due to these issues, phone charging industries are emerging and meeting the needs of all the users who only need to charge their cell phones. Cell phone charging companies have developed portable chargers for personal use as well as public phone charging stations to effectively meet the needs of the people so that they do not face any issues while charging their cell phones.

Public Phone Charging Stations

Public Phone Charging Stations

If you want to establish a successful business, you need to focus on keeping your customers satisfied so you need to consider how they are currently working to solve the problems of your customers so you need to think about the conditions when your customers can suffer. If you will ignore the problems of the customers, it means you are making your business or event easily forgettable so you can also think about the cell phone charging stations ideas that can help you to solve the issues of the customers. Here are some of the benefits that your business can gain –

Increases the dwelling time or the customer engagement

A dead cell phone can end your customer’s day as when they cannot check their emails, access the web to review the business, or make an important call, then it can make the customers leave your venue on the spot to look for the charging stations when they run out of their batteries. On the contrary, if you are offering the cell phone charging stations at your venue, it makes the customers to handle their personal responsibilities with better strategies which also help to enhance the dwelling time and make them stay longer. The most essential benefit is that you get the opportunity to grab their attention completely when they are charging their cell phones on the charging kiosks.

Boost in sales

If you want to boost your sales you can increase the time of your customers they spend at your location, customer retention, as well as engagement that can also improve the likelihood that these customers spend more. If they have to leave prematurely to look for the place to charge their cell phones then it means you are already lacking behind and missing out on lost dollars. Mainly, customers spend more of their time in the spaces with cell phone charging kiosks as these let them charge their cell phones due to which you also get the opportunity to grab their attention, so it is beneficial to go with the cell phone charging station ideas.

You become a go-to location

When people become aware that they can charge their cell phones at your location, they will rely on you for it and you can get the benefits when you become a go-to location. Local restaurants can become a place where people go to charge their cell phones on lunch breaks, and restaurants can attract people who are running out of their cell phone batteries and want to charge their cell phones before continuing. If you have incorporated the charging stations in your eating spaces then these are the great ways to attract more visitors in your areas where they will surely order something to eat.

Enhances the experience as well as loyalty of the customers

Not every business prefers to go with the cell phone charging station ideas as they think that charging stations are just a waste of money and they cannot deliver the positive results as well as the reliable ROI. Furthermore, they don’t see the benefits in them but instead of focusing on the tactics to enhance the revenue, you need to focus on making your customers appreciate. If you are offering the cell phone charging stations then it can help to improve the overall experience of the customers because they are more engaged, and if you will improve their experience then you can turn them into the more loyal customers.

Enhances the foot traffic

Whether you are buying or renting a cell phone charging kiosk these are the great way to attract new and fresh customers to your venue and if the people find themselves with low or dead cell phone batteries then they will search for the nearby chargers. Once your charging station at your will get the buzz then you will see a huge rise in the attendees or guests regardless of whether they have planned to use your product or services. Furthermore, you will see the customers running towards your venue, which also creates the opportunity for you to retain their interest completely and sometimes it happens they make purchases while looking around.

It creates a brand as well as a sponsorship opportunity

Whether it is an event or your location, you can buy the custom cell phone charging stations that not only enhance your brand awareness but also improves the recognition. These are also a great way to accomplish the goals as you can design the charging stations that represent your brand efficiently. Furthermore, if you are looking for ways to gain profits then the cell phone charging station ideas are the most preferred choice for building sponsorship opportunities. If you are not interested in branding your custom cell phone charging station then you can use them as the selling points to accomplish your branding goals at your venue.

Custom Cell Phone Charging Stations

Custom Cell Phone Charging Stations

They are known as the charging solutions for a reason

Charging stations are a great way to solve the critical issues of the customers as these are the perfect solutions for the low or dead cell phone batteries. Furthermore, today most people suffer from low battery anxiety as they merely rely on their cell phones to handle their regular activities and in case their cell phone dies they prefer to leave the place on the spot to search for the charging point. If you are not providing a way to the customers for charging their cell phones then they may leave the place immediately to look for the place where they can get the opportunity to charge their cell phones.

It provides you a competitive advantage

No doubt, the charging stations only results in gaining profits and have all the positive benefits, due to which it is necessary to incorporate the cell phone charging stations. All these benefits help businesses to establish a competitive advantage, and it can help the business with positive results.

Things to consider while choosing cell phone charging stations

Sometimes we forget to charge our cell phones when we head out and forget to carry our chargers or power bank as well, in such cases, we prefer to take our cell phones to the charging kiosks. Nowadays, you will find cell phone charging stations everywhere whether those are the malls, parties, or any other corporate event. However, still, you have to choose the trusted cell phone charging kiosks that ensure the safety of your cell phones. Here are some of the important points that you need to consider while choosing a suitable cell phone charging station.

Consider the safety of your cell phones in a docking station for various devices

Charging stations are convenient because it is not necessary to be there near the charging stations while charging your cell phones. Mostly, you put your cell phones in a secure charging locker and you can check back again when these are fully charged or you need to pick them up. It can be a hassle to watch your cell phone for a longer period so you need to keep in mind that you have to choose trusted kiosks such as InCharged charging stations which are always trusted by their clients. With these charging stations, you can keep your cell phones securely, when you leave your cell phones behind for charging.

Make sure the charging stations have genuine chargers

While choosing the suitable USB charging station, you need to be sure that their chargers are reliable as the cheap as well as unstable chargers only harm your cell phones. You need to be sure that the charging stations have an official charger for the particular cell phones as these can charge your cell phones with the accuracy, delivering the desired results. However, you need to be sure that the charging kiosks have a trusted brand charger that can provide peace of mind to the attendees who are charging their cell phones. No doubt phones are becoming a necessity for everyone in today’s world but it is always essential to make your cell phone battery fully charged so that you can enjoy your day without having troubles that arise when your cell phone is not fully charged. However, here are some of the tips that are useful for your cell phones when you leave your home as well as when you are away and do not have a charger with you.

Setup and ease of use

While choosing the suitable charging station you need to look for the period it takes to cable the stations and don’t forget to check the cables it has. You should consider the features that simplify its setup or you can also check for the videos or guidance for the setup of these multi-device charging stations. If you want to work effectively then you need to look for the products that make it simple for the devices to plug in or unplug at the same time. The most essential thing is to look for the space of the charging stations as if the space is reliable then you can choose them for your events as well.

Consider the certified charging stations

Over the year, there are charging stations that are of low quality as well as uncertified and these chargers are not only energy efficient but they can also damage your cell phones easily and sometimes causes dire hazards. If the charging stations will be of low quality then these can leave a negative impact on the people, which mean your business can get negative feedback, so it is better to go with the high-quality as well as certified chargers that can prevent you from such situations.

Number of ports

It is also essential to consider the number of ports while choosing the charging stations as if you are organizing the events or own a large retail store then the attendees will be more which means you need more charging stations so the best thing you can do is to use the charging stations with more ports to keep everyone charged as well as satisfied. It not only keeps your customers engaged but also helps you to enhance your sales as well as the dwelling time of the customers.

Cell Phone Charging Stations Ideas

Cell Phone Charging Stations Ideas

Smart tips for your cell phone before heading out

  • You can carry a spare charger that does not need an outlet for charging your cell phones.
  • You can turn off the Wi-Fi when you are not using your cell phone.
  • You can also turn off the notifications from social media.

Cell phones are important because these are a great way to handle your day to day activities that also leave you free of worries as well as keep you updated for the meetings or any other important task. However, you need to be sure that you always leave your home with a fully charged cell phone or with a portable cell phone charger that can prevent your cell phones from running out of batteries or you can also bring a power bank to keep your cell phone completely charged.

Charging Stations from InCharged

If you want to keep the audience’s stay connected then the cell phone charging stations are the most suitable options as these include a digital screen that you can use to display the images as well as videos that also leaves a lasting impression on the minds of onlookers.

Flex – These charging stations are considered to be the first choice of every event organizer due to their easy setup, branding as well as easy to experience features. These charging stations come with a 20″ digital screen that you can incorporate the images or videos to enhance the engagement of the users.

Charging Kiosks

Charging Kiosks

PowerMethod – If you are looking for a solution that can make the event engagement better and with which you can gain the complete attention of the attendees when they are charging their cell phones then these are considered to be the most reliable option. The lightweight and the free-standing features make them the perfect choice to incorporate during the events as these can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Inbox – These charging stations are also known as the secret weapons of the event as these are the great way to turn any space into the cell phone charging stations due to their portability and the sleek design. These are the most reliable solution that you can use to turn any hectic events into simple things as you only need to plug them in the power outlet and they are ready to go.

6 chamber locker – These are the smartest cell phone charging stations that also provides you a peace of mind to charge your cell phones safely. If you will offer the secure charging locker to the attendees then these are the sure way to build trust as well as the satisfaction of the customers.

Glass power table – These are the perfect combination of the event tables as well as chargers as these can provide the space to the attendees where they can sit as well as the charging station to charge the cell phones. These are available with 12 charging cables which make them an ideal laptop or the tablet charging station and these are the most comfortable choice for sitting as well as standing.

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