Should you buy a charging station, or should you lease it?

Smartphones have become essential in everyday life as they play an essential role to handle numerous and tremendous tasks. However, there is one thing that needs to be improved and that is the battery life as we all have experienced the drainage of batteries which also provides the warning when it goes down to 20% which flashes on the screen. You all must have searched for the high as well as an accessible outlet during the short minutes when your important stuff sticks in between. As the only worse thing than a dying battery is a dead one which withdraws the use of mobile phones and leaves you with low battery anxiety. No doubt, the Smartphones have a poor battery life which is also a common complaint but it happens with the attendees as well that they forget to carry a charger with them due to which you need to incorporate the charging stations at your event which is also known as the excellent move for marketing the event.


Charging Stations for Cell phones

Charging Stations for Cell phones

Charging stations are the portable pad, kiosks, or furniture that are available with multiple charging outlets for the people where they can plug their cell phones and recharge their batteries as well. Nowadays, they are mainly considered as the natural fit for any event, whether it is a trade show, conference or any other group outing that includes concerts, sporting events, auctions, and many more activities. If there will be a crowd, there are going to be tons of smartphones which will also have the quickly depleting batteries as well as frustrated attendees who cannot use their dead cell phones.

Why is it essential to incorporate the cell phone charging stations at your venue?

Today, the industries are looking for ways to enhance their sales as well as customers for which they are making strategies to keep the customers satisfied. Here are some of the reasons that show your corporation needs cell phone charging kiosks:

Increase customer satisfaction

The dead cell phones are always frustrating and can be a complete disaster at the same time so if you will provide the instant solutions then these can make customers share or blog their experience while they are at your venue. You can provide your customers with the free service of benefits which is also the ideal time to request for the online review and drive up your SEO standings.

Engage and anchor the customers

The charging stations are still new for the general public, as they can frequently draw the curiosity of the customers and sometimes the free thing demands a closer inspection. The charging stations from InCharged can attract potential customers as well as anchor them exactly where you want them.

A real link between the in-store and online shopping experience

Currently, more than half of the shoppers today are using their cell phone devices while they are at your stores or searching for the comparisons of your company as well as your competitors. Traditional in-store marketing is still important, but mobile technology puts a greater impact on shopping experiences and for changing the paths of shoppers to make purchases as well. Mobile devices are influencing various industries to rethink and integrate their in-store as well as online strategies that can result in gaining profits.

Make your customers know about your tech-savvy company

The usage of the cell phone battery charging stations is merely new amenities but you need to show your customers that your company is cutting edge and always look for ways to improve their experience. The most efficient way is to look for new things that can also deliver the benefits to the customers as well as result in gaining positive results for the company.

A tangible tool for promoting partnership and allegiances

If you are running a food court or restaurant, you can incorporate the cell phone charging stations that can attract more customers towards your establishments. It will not only provide your customers with the convenience they look for to charge their cell phones but these are also an effective tool to promote the cuisine.

Most cost-effective option

The best thing about the incorporation of cell phone battery charging stations is you don’t have to put more effort or spend huge money to buy cell phone charging stations. Furthermore, you also have the option to hire the cell phone kiosks as these are the perfect solutions when it comes to the cost-effectiveness as renting the cell phone charging stations are much cheaper than buying the one. When you rent the cell phone charging kiosks, you don’t have to put stress on its maintenance as the owner of the charging station will ensure its proper working whenever it shows some inconvenience.

Advertising in your shop

When you rent a charging station, these are the great ways to improve your sales and enhance brand awareness as you have the option to use your cell phone kiosks for the custom branding purposes with your graphics or the graphics that the owner of the cell phone charging station rental can provide. When the customers charge their cell phones, they merely talk and learn about your business which means when they are keeping their cell phones to charge you get the opportunity to grab their attention at the same time.

Battery Charging Stations

Portable battery dock charging station

The Benefits You Get From Renting a Cell Phone Charging Stations Rather Than Buying

When it comes to arranging the corporate events, it is essential to make additions that can keep the guests involved, which is also a great way to grab the attention to where it is necessary. The success of your corporate event depends on what you provide your guests and how happy they are with the outcome of the events. If the outcome of their satisfaction will be better, it will become more comfortable to make your event much better. Among the best additions that you can make to any of your corporate events is to add the cell phone charging stations which are also a great way to keep the attendees for longer. The satisfaction of the customers merely depends on the customer services that you provide during the event and the cell phone charging stations are the most reliable options to reach the peak level of customer satisfaction. Here are some benefits of hiring the cell phone charging stations rather than buying as these are the most suitable options to add in any event you are organizing.

Enhances the retention of the guests

One of the major issues that the event organizers can face is that the guests prefer to leave the venue when they get frustrated or run out of batteries. However, the additions you made in the event may not be much effective as you want them to be as the guests don’t come in contact with them. If you are looking for the reliable option to keep your guests at your venue for longer than you can do so by enhancing the exposure of the customers and the features of the event are to provide them the options to charge their cell phones. It will also make them stay for longer at your event, which also enhances the retention of the guests so rather than investing the large sum of your amount on charging centers, it is always better to hire suitable charging stations that can fulfill the needs of your special events.

Helps in brand marketing

With the cell phone charging stations you can also advertise your brand and the companies which rent the cell phone battery charging stations also customize them to include promotional information. The cell phone charging stations are the center that gains the attention of the guests in a better way that is going to your event. Furthermore, when they will get to know about the incorporation of the cell phone charging stations, they will not miss the opportunity to avoid attending the corporate events.

Hassle-free maintenance

If you have ever thought about buying a cell phone battery charging station, even if it is much used, you still have to focus on its maintenance, which can be costly. Another benefit of hiring these cell phone charging stations is that you do not need to maintain and take care of everything, and it will all be done by the cell phone charging station providers.

Enhances ROI for the shows

The cell phone charging stations are a great way to delight, engage, and entertain the attendees, so if you are giving them the portable battery dock charging stations then the attendees will prefer to stay at your venue for longer rather than leaving their cell phones for charging. The charging stations are also the perfect marketing tool for the sponsors as they can use the charging stations to generate brand awareness, enhancing brand awareness, improving booth traffic, and consumer data capture.

There are various portable battery dock charging station rental companies that provide the charging stations on rent at reasonable rates, which is also a great option for the companies to test the result of these offerings at the events or for those who want to use it for their functions. You can rent the charging stations to those who need assistance, as rentals also include the support for the whole days of the week for any issues that can arise. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay enough when you are hiring the cell phone battery charging stations and you have to pay fees based on various items such as the type of charging stations, length of the rental, and branding options.

On contrary, if you need charging stations regularly then it is best to buy new charging stations as if you will have your charging stations then it can save the hassle of arranging pick-up and drop-off of the equipment. The cost of the charging stations also vary greatly so you can choose the charging stations that are branded and can deliver the safe charge to the attendees that keep them satisfied throughout the event.

What style of charging station should you prefer for the venues?

Before choosing any product type, you need to consider the things regarding whether your attendees have to stay with their devices to charge their cell phones, or whether they are secured, and left for some time while charging. These are the things that you need to consider which also depend on your goals for hosting the cell phone charging stations. If you are looking to engage with your attendees then you can do so if you have cell phone battery charging stations at your venue as when they are putting their cell phones for charging you get the option to gain their complete attention. Here are some of the charging stations you can choose for your venue:

Flex – These battery charging stations are easier to set up and brand which makes them everyone’s favorite and first choice for the event. These are available with the digital screen that you can use for advertising purposes as you can incorporate the images or videos that can leave a lasting impression on the mind of the on-lookers. These are mainly designed for easy event transportation due to their 35 pounds weight which takes only a few minutes to assemble and strike. The best thing is these are available with 12 charging tips that can charge various devices from Apple to Android and keep the attendees satisfied throughout the event with the fully charged batteries. Furthermore, you can also use them for branding as you can incorporate the logos, pictures, or colors to enhance your brand awareness which also makes the attendees aware of your brand and with the strategies you can also encourage them to use your product.

PowerMethod – If you are looking for ways to enhance the event engagement or make the trade show better then these charging stations are the most reliable options. These are lightweight and free-standing that takes only a few minutes to assemble which makes them the great option to show off your brand style. Events can get expensive as you have to spend a huge cost on them and if you are providing the cell phone charging stations then you don’t have to worry about focusing on attendees’ engagement. Furthermore, these are available in various designs and you can choose the perfect that fits your style as well as keep the attendees satisfied and involved.

InBox – These are also known as the secret weapon of the events as you can use them to turn any space into the cell phone charging station due to their portable and powerful features. Events can be hectic, if you want to keep them simple you just need to plug these charging stations and they are all ready to charge your cell phones. These are also available with different built-in-cords and the charging ports that charge various cell phones from Apple to Android and everything in between that also keeps the attendees satisfied throughout the on-going event. InBox is also a great option to turn any space into a cell phone charging station as when you are at the trade shows, conferences, or conversions; you have to compete with hundreds of vendors who are also fighting to gain more attendees.

PowerBox – If you are looking for better event engagement then cell phones are a great way to gain the complete attention of the audiences. No doubt, events move fast and if you want to stand out of the competitions then the PowerBox charging stations are the great options that you can choose for the events. Furthermore, these are also a great way to show your brand in a style as you just need to take it out of the box and you are all ready to go and that is the less thing to worry about. If you got a multi-day event then you don’t have to worry about your attendees as these are the wireless battery-powered charging stations that charge overnight and last longer which also keeps your attendees satisfied. These charging stations are available with 8 USB ports that you can place on any of the existing tabletop or surface and these are also a great way to turn any display or location into the branded charging stations.

Portable battery dock charging station

Portable battery dock charging station

Whenever batteries go down, the event attendees stop connecting and prefer to leave the venue at the same time. If you want to show your care for the audiences then you can use these free phone chargers to gain their complete attention as well to keep them satisfied. As with the dead batteries, they suffer from low battery anxieties, which also make them hurry to the places with access to the charging ports. Make your event stand out in the competition with the reliable battery charging station that also keeps your attendees satisfied.

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