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Commercial UV-C Light Sanitizer

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2021 UVC Light Sanitizing & Cleaning Technology  available immediately.

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LuxUVC is a sister brand of InCharged. We use safe and powerful UV light germicidal cleaning technology used in surgical rooms for the past 80 years for commercial, residential and medical spaces. Clean spaces in a little as 10 minutes removing 99.9% of all germs.

UV Disinfection Lights.
Why it works.

According to the National Health Commission and the CDC, viruses are sensitive to light and heat. A combination of a traditional cleaning material and a UV-C sanitizer offers the maximum amount of coverage and peace at mind. Although its direct effect on COVID-19 is still being confirmed, UV disinfection lights are proven* to kill other coronaviruses like SARS.

LuxUVC (manufactures by InCharged) offers full room ultraviolet light cleaning by placing multiple sanitizing tripod-like units in a designated room to completely disinfect hard to reach areas that are not caught my traditional cleaning methods. This technology, typically used to sterilize hospital rooms, is now available commercially for faster sanitizing times thanks to LuxUVC. These units do not produce ozone when in the process of sterilization.

What does the CDC say about UV-C? Learn More

*Columbia University, 2018

Introducing LuxUVC. The Master of UV-C.

Disinfecting and Cleaning Solutions.

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Medical Grade

Lux UVC ultraviolet germicidal brings the protection of surgical grade UVC Light technology used in hospitals and patient rooms to your business or organization for surface disinfection. This model is convenient and the ability to be easily moved around for easy installing.

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Liquid Free

Chemical cleaners reach the surface but aren't best for sensitive equipment. With UV-C technology, you effectively treat and sanitize all your space, no matter the environment. Takes the guesswork and expense out of chemicals.

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Fast Clean

Disinfect your location in a fraction of the time traditional cleaners take. The high output UVC Light unit sanitizes rooms and tables within minutes.

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Germicidal UV

Our UV-C lamps use 254 nm Philips® bulbs - certified to disinfect larger areas and kill bacteria, microbes, virus , mold,99.9% of germs and harmful pathogens. Also great when paired with our UVC air purifiers. FDA and CDC approved.

Where can UV-C Disinfecting Lights be used?

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UVC disinfection for every space

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LuxUVC – Slim
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LuxUVC – Ultra
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LuxUVC – Handheld
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What makes our germicidal grade uv c light cleaning method different?

We’ve reengineered UV light disinfecting technology into a compact, 360° design. Unlike traditional models, our lightweight, automatic Lux-19 towers can be set up quickly, across multiple rooms to disinfect large areas within minutes. We a remote control in order to control the units without having direct access to them. It’s as simple as flipping light switches.

Traditional ultraviolet germicidal irradiation methods require a dedicated, attendant to manually move a heavy unit around your building for hours.

The Lux UVC light method cuts hours of labor and costs off of your cleaning expenses with an even deeper clean and surface disinfection.

These units are the most affordable, portable, germicidal UV devices on the market. 

Schedule cleaning as frequently as you need it – weekly, daily, even multiple times a day as it can be run in companies like retail locations, food processing centers, veterinary clinics, meeting rooms, and other locations that have direct exposure to people. This also keeps employees who are concerned about the pandemic and or influenza feeling protected and equiped. Keep your place safe!

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