Utilizing the Google Event Listing Feature for Your Events

An overwhelming amount of people use Google over any other search engine when looking for events. Traditionally, when people search for events, Google displays any relevant websites relating to the event. This could include the event organizer’s Facebook page, website, and the website for the ticketing or registration platform being used.

Google has taken it one step further by displaying a clear summary of events directly in the search results.  Customers will be able to see a brief overview of the details for multiple events in their area without ever needing to leave the search results page.  They can also tap any event listing to be brought right to the page to purchase their tickets. With this new feature, customers will have a much easier time finding events in their area, even if they’re not searching for a specific event or venue.

Popular registration sites such as Eventbrite, TicketWeb, and Meetup have partnered with Google for the initial launch, but more event websites are being added as developers integrate this feature into their own platforms.  Event organizers who are in the market for a new event management or registration software may want to consider if their potential new tool includes this useful perk.

This intuitive Google feature can mean a huge boost in sales, especially for potential customers just looking for “something to do in your area.”  It can also reduce the need for event organizers to hire an SEO company specifically for the purpose of managing the search results related to your event.  This can free up some room in your budget for other items, such as additional performers, beefed up security, a photo booth, or custom branded charging station!

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