Roam Free with a Battery Powered Charging Station

Most charging stations require an external source to generate power.  This typically isn’t a problem for indoor venues, but it can be a real pain for outdoor events or venues with large, open floorplans.  Limited access to power outlets means limited placement options for your charging station, which can detract from the whole point of having one in the first place.

We’ve taken this common power issue into consideration and are proud to offer our Battery Pack charging solution!

Our Battery Packs use cutting-edge lithium ion technology to run two Flex units for 8 hours – perfect for events where there are no power outlets in sight. These batteries are 70% lighter than most battery solutions making them easily portable. If your event is outside or at a space where you’ll be charged extra for a power source, our batteries provide a cost-effective way to offer mobile charging at your event.  Battery Packs can also be configured to power your other appliances and décor if needed.

Still wondering if our Battery Packs are a good fit for your next event? Here are 4 pitfalls you can easily avoid by using a battery-powered solution over a corded charging station.

  1. Tethering yourself to the closest outlet
    We know all too well that the right location can directly influence your charging station’s success. If you’ve ever felt tethered to the closest outlet, using a battery-powered charging unit will give you the freedom to choose the best possible location for your station.
  2. Having to dress or hide power cables
    Running power cables can be a challenge if you don’t have much space to work with. Using a battery pack alleviates the issue of having to run power cables in walkways or in areas where event attendees may trip over them.  This gives your charging station a sleek look and ensures the safety of your staff and attendees.
  3. Competing with attendees or vendors for an outlet
    If you’ve ever attended an event where your battery died, you know all too well that finding an open outlet can be a challenge. Between vendors using outlets to power their displays and other attendees looking to charge their phones, a spare outlet can be a rare commodity. Save yourself the hassle by switching to a battery-powered charging unit and let everyone else duke it out for the remaining power outlets.
  4. Buying extension cords at the last minute
    While InCharged provides a power cable for each of our charging units, you may not know how far you’ll be from the closest outlet when you get to your venue.  Save yourself the headache of shopping for extension cords at the last minute by choosing our battery-powered option instead!

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