Increase the Efficiency of your Display Advertising by Turning it into Experiential Marketing

Display advertising has been around as long as businesses have – it encompasses something as simple as just putting a sign on your door and as complex as skywriting. But in the modern world, consumers are inundated with media – how do you get your marketing messages through the noise?

One way to keep your display advertising relevant is to turn it into experiential marketing. Experiential marketing can be as elaborate as a flash mob – or as simple as attaching your brand to a genuinely appreciated service.

“Experiential marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing which leaves a positive impact of the brand on the customers…the aim is to add value to the brand which plays a vital role in brand promotion.”
-Akash Srivatava, CEO of Redwing Solutions

Experiential marketing can also be extremely cost-effective. The first thing you need to do is discover a service that your customers will find valuable. For example, a hair salon provided free blowouts to concertgoers at a recent festival – they used their booth space to offer a service was likely cheaper than promotional items, and definitely more memorable than a tchotchke that would probably soon be discarded anyway.

But what if you don’t have the budget to rent a tent at a festival? What if you can’t really provide your goods or services to a huge amount of people for free? There’s another option: attach your marketing messages to a service that will be genuinely appreciated.

Experiential Marketing with Cell Phone Charging Stations

With a cell phone charging station, you get the best of both worlds: display advertising and experiential marketing. Our cell phone charging kiosks provide your customers with the fastest, safest, and most efficient charge on the market – and the HD screen is a perfect place to showcase your business with gorgeous animations and graphics. We can even shrink wrap your cell phone charging kiosk with custom graphics to blend in with your decor and match your branding.

When your customers see that you offer free cell phone charging stations, they’ll be more than happy to engage with your marketing messages while their smartphone is charging up – and your business will remain front of mind as one that puts their needs first.

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