Trade Show Booth Ideas to Stand Out at the Experiential Event

Can you think of the scarcest resource on earth?  The answer may surprise you- it’s not oil, gold, or some type of rare gem.  In fact, the rarest and most coveted resource these days is attention. If your brand is seeking ways to expand your audience, increase sales, or generate buzz, experiential marketing can help you meet your event goals and then some!  Our trade show booth ideas on creating shared, memorable experiences to help your audience relate to your brand or product.

The sky is the limit for how you actually create these experiences but they all share one common theme- the experience needs to somehow grab your attendees’ attention.

Great experiences should show, not tell, how your product or brand is fantastic (nobody wants to be told why your widget it better than the other widget a few booths down).  This can be as simple as allowing your audience to try or experience your product first hand in a new and exciting way.  For example, if you’re a clothing brand, consider hosting a mini-fashion show at your event rather than setting up dress forms with your garments.

Experiential events should also use social media to their advantage.  Connecting with your event attendees both during and after your event can have a lasting effect on your brand, so make sure you provide a clear channel for communicating with and about your brand.
Trade Show Booth Ideas Attract Visitors

If you’re stuck brainstorming experiences that would fit well with your brand or product, consider the following Trade Show Booth Ideas:

1. Gamification

Turning your brand into a game can earn you some serious bonus points.  Gamification makes experiences exciting, memorable, sharable, and potentially competitive.  You don’t need VR headsets, HD screens, or controllers to incorporate games into your event.  Gamification can be something as simple as setting up an event-wide scavenger hunt for a prize, checking in to various locations at the event or attending different sessions to earn points towards a reward.

priscilla du preez iM9 Qu5tCZQ unsplash

Keeping the focus on your event goal can help you determine the best gamification strategy. Are you trying to promote awareness of your brand, encourage attendees to interact with a particular individual, or accomplish some type of task?

2. Demos

Demos are a tried and true method for getting attendees to interact with your brand.  Experiential events are about making an honest connection with your audience, so if you find that giving your attendees a hands-on experience featuring your product is the best way to meet your event goals, try to re-invent your typical demo.  Remember, it needs to be memorable and exciting, not just informative.

3. Geofencing


If you’re having trouble getting attendees to stop by your booth at a trade show or find yourself losing out on foot traffic in a particular area of your event, consider taking advantage of Geofencing.  This lets you put a virtual “fence” around a specific area and send push notifications to any attendee within the area, effectively capturing their attention from afar.

Some Geofencing tactics include:

• Inviting attendees to giveaways

• Sending notifications about live performances or demos happening at a specific time at your location

• Sending an invite to download an event-specific or brand-specific app

• Pushing an event-only promo or discount code

• Sending requests on various social media platforms

4. Charging Stations

Cell Phone Charging Stations

A custom charging station is a great way to catch any attendee’s eye from across the room.  Not only is it an amenity every event attendee craves, it automatically gains you some face time with your attendees as they charge their devices.  It also shows your audience that your brand is in touch with what they really want

Our charging stations can be outfitted with custom wraps that seamlessly match your branding as well as eye-catching HD screens to display your content.  If your product doesn’t demo well, consider putting together a multimedia presentation and incorporating it into a charging station.  Your attendees will get to interact with your content while they charge and will have a fully charged phone so they can get right to posting and sharing their experience on social media!

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