The Right Way to Disinfect your Vehicle

While the whole world is in lockdown due to the Covid-19, essential services staff such as healthcare workers, police, delivery service providers, and others have to step out to complete their duty. It means that the vehicles in which they travel are highly contaminated with germs, including viruses that need thorough cleaning and disinfection services to remove the trap. Some people prefer to avoid disinfecting their cars as they think that car is a closed space, so there are not any chances of contamination as compared to two-wheelers or buses. No matter which vehicle you had, you should sanitize the surfaces effectively with car disinfectant before using them. 

Car Cleaning disinfectant
Car Cleaning disinfectant

Clean the surfaces that are highly-touched

You touch various surfaces more frequently, such as steering wheel, doorknobs, switches, screens, and various other things. Make sure to clean these areas with the right car interior cleaner that can clean your surface efficiently. 

Note the grey areas

The window glasses, and the headliners, are part that does not come in contact frequently, but you should clean them in a while to disinfect the whole vehicle. The essential parts to clean are the interior and exterior door handles that you mainly overlook, including the car key. 

Vacuum clean the cabin.

It is merely essential to use the portable vacuum cleaners or car disinfectant for cleaning the cabin thoroughly, and if you don’t have the one, you can do scrubbing and washing of the carpets or floor mats. Use the disinfectant liquid on the wheel, gear-lever, and various other contaminated surfaces, and rub a cloth that is coated with the disinfectant liquid on the seats to make them less contaminated. If you don’t have the disinfectant liquid, you can also use the soapy water for completing the task effectively and relevantly.

Steps you can follow for cleaning the cars

  • Choose the supplies for cleaning your car interior

The foremost step of cleaning and disinfecting the car interiors are to choose the cleaning agents and material that can deliver the best results you always want for your vehicles. The cleaning agents are of different types, and you can choose the most suitable according to your car interior material of upholstery. Make sure to choose the disinfectant that is safe to use on most car interior surfaces as the cleaning agents can kill the germs, remove stains, and residues that can affect the quality of the cars. 

  • Clean leather interior

Cleaning of leather steering wheels, seating, and trim require a mixture of water and soap as it is a safe and sufficient way to clean the vehicles and disinfecting them from the virus and harmful germs. Avoid scrubbing hard when cleaning your leather interior and avoid excess suds and water to prevent your car interior from getting affected. Hand washing is also recommended as a primary way for protecting yourself against the harmful effect of COVID-19 so while washing your cars, make sure to sanitize your hands well. 

How is it done?

  • The car interiors are merely durable, and if you will do hard scrubbing or use a rough cloth, then these can cause scratches or even affect the color of your cars. You can use the car disinfectant for wiping the hard surfaces of your cars that are contaminated of the dirt and give a gentle circular cleaning on your upholstery for the best cleaning results and maintaining your car interior. 
  • It is also essential to avoid using more water on your seats as it can affect the quality of the seats, so the best way is to use sufficient quantity. If the upholstery is of clothing material, it can soak the water, and it can get into the cushion beneath, which causes the mold growth and musty smell that will make you leave the car. 
  • While washing your seats of the cars, you can wet cloth or sponge with soap and water, then wipe the seats carefully, and if you do not want to leave excess soap and water, then make sure to dry them completely.
  • You can avoid the disinfection process regularly if you are not sick or a person who is sick has never been to your car, but the cleaning process will provide you peace of mind. 
  • Before you start with the cleaning process and end with the thorough cleaning, wash your hands frequently to avoid the contamination of the germs, and reduce the chances of virus-making in your vehicle. The steering wheel is among the dirtiest places in your car as you touch them frequently, so make sure to clean them thoroughly for keeping them in good condition.

The outbreak of coronavirus has become a serious cause for concern over the past few months that is affecting people severely and making them ill. People are doing social distancing and maintaining proper hygiene for keeping everything well-maintained. No doubt keeping the surroundings and the workplace sanitized is essential, but it is equally important to keep the surroundings neat and clean. Here are some of the things you can do to stay protected from the COVID-19 threat by traveling in your own personal vehicles. 

Vehicle disinfection system
Vehicle disinfection system

Exercise personal hygiene

Mainly, it is the most challenging to practice personal hygiene, but it is also the most crucial even for your vehicle to keep them disinfected. You can wash your hands before heading out for a drive, preventing the vehicles from getting contaminated. Make sure to rewash them when you are done with your trip to ensure the safety of others who are using your vehicle. Coronavirus mainly spread through the respiratory droplets, so you should cover your mouth correctly when you cough or sneeze. You can also keep a box of tissues in your car and a trash bag to maintain safety and hygiene in your car, also don’t forget to keep the sanitizer. 

Clean your cabin thoroughly

Respiratory droplets can also infect the surfaces where the virus can leave for a few days, so make sure to clean them effectively. Before starting with disinfection, it is essential to note that the disinfectants can work only when they are free of dirt and grime, so clean the surface at first. 

Service the air-conditioning system

It is always a better idea to get rid of viruses or germs from your HVAC system as these can severely affect you when you use the same. You should service your system with the professionals, or you can also do it by yourself, but remember to clean the air filter and spray the disinfectant in the AC vents to kill the germs.

After your homes and offices, it is mainly your vehicles where you spend most of your time, and if you or anyone is traveling in the car, make sure to disinfect it. It would help if you sanitized the vehicles regularly to ensure the safety of your passengers from coronavirus that can affect them severely as it is the only way you can use for minimizing the risk of harmful bacteria. If you are looking for the right product to disinfect your vehicles, choose the products of LuxUVC for vehicle disinfection system for getting the right disinfectants you need.

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