How To Make The ATM Machines Germs Free?

Cleanliness is essential for a healthy life, and it will protect you from spreading and catching harmful diseases. It even gets more crucial due to the current scenario of coronavirus (COVID-19). Appropriate cleaning and disinfecting steps are taken to put a stop on the outspread of bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms from person to person. 

ATM Cleaning Services
ATM Cleaning Services

It is essential to regularly disinfect COVID rooms like an ATM and the surrounding space because it will protect the customers against hazardous diseases and give off a good impression to your customers. The reason behind in-depth cleaning is ATM attracts the germs like a magnet.

The right way to prevent the spread of germs

Centre for disease control and prevention suggests that the germs from the flu virus can stay on hands for a limited time (three to five minutes). Whereas, germs can be visible for three days on the other surfaces as per the materials like keypads, ATM screens. LuxUVC’s experienced workers were assisting in preventing the spread of germs. They mentioned the guidelines according to the current scenario of coronavirus. LuxUVC focuses on washing hands for twenty seconds for multiple times in a day.

For instance, the ATM machine is the high touched surface. It’s imperative to keep on cleaning multiple times a day because that can host these germs as everyone is focused on washing hands but meanwhile don’t overlook sanitizing commonly touched surfaces that contain dangerous viruses.

How Cleaning Proves As Best Practice?

If you want to remove the COVID-19 viral illness, the cleanliness should be on top. All the commonly used surface and public areas should be disinfected with proper disinfectants. It’s high time to reframe the cleaning process of your ATMs. The branch manager should educate the adequate ways to there employees and customers to protect against the infectious viruses, meanwhile protect their ATMs from potential destruction caused by contagious viruses.

How Important To Clean The ATM?

  1. ATMs Are High Touched Surface

The appropriate process to stop the spread of coronavirus, it is necessary to clean the ATMs. To cease the contagious, disinfect the ATMs that people frequently touched. Disinfecting door knobs is also essential because of many individual touches. 

Apart from the surrounded area, cleaning of ATM includes function buttons, receipt exits, touch screens, pin pads, and card entrance. Do not use the alcohol disinfectant solution or wipes to the touch screens; it may damage the screen. Always clean or sterilized the touch screen as per the manufacturer’s instructions. 

  1. Touch Screen

Those ATMs that have anti-glare film should be cleaned according to the proper instruction given by manufacturers regarding disinfection. Avoid using alcohol-based disinfection or use less then 70 percent isopropyl alcohol disinfectant. In case you use the alcohol-based disinfectant with more than 70 percent consistency, can lead to damage the anti-glare film.

Ways To Clean The Touch Screen

  • To clean the touch screen, turn off the screen, or ensure that on-screen cleaning does not cause any damage.
  • Make-sure those liquids do not get inside the device. Spraying directly on it can impair the device. Use a pre-moistened or wet wipe to correct clean.
Cleaning Of The Touchscreen
Cleaning Of The Touchscreen
  • If you need a bright or scratch-free touchscreen, then use the non-abrasive cloth.
  • Do not use the high alcohol concentration disinfectant, undiluted ammonia, or bleach to avoid discoloration.
  • Clean the surface with suitable disinfectant wipe or cloth.

3.  Cleaning Of Keypad And Function Button

For the cleaning of function buttons, use 70  percent or less than 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or clean cloth. Always prefer wipes for the ATM surface cleaning that contains 70 percent alcohol and not chlorine bleach. Whereas, for the keypad cleaning, don’t directly spray disinfectant on the keypad use moistened towel.

Cleaning OF Function Button and Keypad

  • Put the disinfectant on the cleaning towel or cloth.
  • The wipe the card entrances, receipt exits, keypad, and function buttons of the ATM with that pre-moistened towel.

Process To Attract The Customers TO ATM

  1. Get It Wink

It doesn’t take much time to wipe down the cash machine. Always clean with anti-bacterial wipes for every customer’s visit. This will attract the customers, and your banks’ ATM will gain respect with their clean service. The keypad is the central part of the ATM, along with disinfecting COVID rooms. So keep it clean.

  1. Have Hygiene Atmosphere

Always clean the space around the cash machine. Remove the litter and dust because it must be visible on the surface. The messy shop is worse than any virus as it blocks the path that is filled with more cult and objects.

  1. Have Some Accessories On The ATM

Use some accessories to make the ATM shine. Using accessories means promotional posters or signs. It will serve two purposes:

  • Attract the customers, and easy to wipe off debris or more cult.
  • Free advertisement of products. For example, if your customer did not about the ATM service shown them through pasting posters.
  1. Offer Continue Service

As you offer regular cash service to, your customers then don’t provide them inconvenience this way also attracts more customers.

  1. Security Feature

Make the ATM room a security protected room for your customers as there are many malpractice cases are coming out. Remove your customers’ threats and satisfied them by installing security stuff like a camera. Make your customer understand that your bank is noticing every happening related ATM or customer bank account. The chiseler is experts in using the poorly and inefficiently maintained ATM. To avoid this situation, clean the ATM on a regular basis.

ATM Cleaning Guidelines By LuxUVC

  1. Use The All-Purpose Cleaning product For Cleaning ATM Parts.

If you don’t want to spend cash or your pocket does not allow you to spend the money on branded products, there is no need to go out for exclusive product care for the machine’s care. For standard care, you can use the necessary cleaning supplies. It would help if you had a dry or slightly wet cloth or lint-free cloth for appropriate cleaning. 

  1. Regular Clean Cash Dispenser.

In the ATM cash dispenser are frequently used and attracts a lot of debris or dust. To the cash dispenser, appropriately use the compressed air. Make a check on lubricating and rollers and carefully follow the manufacturers’ specific guidelines. 

Disinfectanting The High-Touched Surfaces
Disinfectanting The High-Touched Surfaces
  1. Inspect Your Card Reader For Skimming Devices.

It’s imperative to inspect the card reader for skimming devices; otherwise, these card skimming and other fraudulent behavior can put your customers at risk. So check the ATM for unusual attachments, drilled holes, or overlays. Install the new skimmers internally, then also you find anything fishy, then give an alert to the police if you find no evidence found, then wipe the card with a damp towel.

  1. Keep Check On The Surveillance Cameras.

The customers an only come if you offer them high security in which surveillance cameras are the center point. Regularly clean the camera lens with the tissue. Because if any mishappening or illegal activity occurs at the ATM, the authorities can ease solve the case from the explicit video.

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