How can you save your house from the COVID Virus by using UVC disinfection Method?

Since the COVID-19 is a liquid situation right now and has touched all aspects of distortion to the society and economy. Businesses on the other hand have been in the process of re-opening the daily operations which call out employees to re-shift back to the office working orders which supervene stressful and unusual circumstances and risk for fatigue would be increased. Besides, there are health workers and other essential services which are serving the frontline since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus who need to follow strong preventive standards to protect the families while restoring back to their home. While the risks are essentially required to be dealt with without any incomprehension and to move on gradually, we might bring fear and anxiety to our families. Commuting to work and forcing people outside of the home for a period of time while keeping the family’s health into consideration isn’t easy as it sounds. In a household where people are in close connection, you can track the risk of exposure while anticipating the order of how the family interacts. Setting up the priorities straight on encouraging the additional steps in your lifestyle could bring the necessary change in combating the evolution of the germs or virus.

Sanitizing the contaminated surfaces
Sanitizing the contaminated surfaces

However, general measures depending to reduce the likelihood of spreading COVID-19, one can help achieve a cautious and healthy work environment when resuming activities and getting back & forth to the homes safely as well.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting your home often with chemically induced liquids which include objectively cleansing doorknobs, keys, switches, phones & surfaces or the best thing is to use UV Room Disinfection.
  • Washing clothes regularly and changing off as and once the shifts over in order to harbor the spread of germs & viruses by the touch. Consider keeping the clean clothes in the disinfected area or where there is no exposure.
  • Touching your face or the faces of other family members could cost a heavy price and grow the infection further.
  • Avoid sharing food and drinks to inhibit the infection among your family at home.
  • Washing hands on regular events with water and other products of the family before bringing into the ultimate use.
  • Practicing social distancing and less physical connection with your own family can protect the home from exposure.

Still, the narrowness of the above minimal in comparison to the atrocity of the problem has left the workers anxious working for the health care centers and other essential services. Workers are not entirely at accountability for all the stress that health care workers are undergoing, and the risks they are bringing home to the families. The one essential factor that plays a huge part in keeping the workers and their families safe is depending upon the sanitization supplies available at a wider space now.

Benefits of Using UVC Disinfection Method;

Kills Bacterial Reproduction 

Well, possessing the broader end protection, few ever emerging and evolving tools to decontaminate home surfaces and other materials are grounded and installed at the homes in order to leave the stress over the exposure of the micro-bacteria at home. For a long time now over from 20th century, UVC radiations are extensively overused to slow down the replication of the germs and the new forms of viruses including SARS & Novel COVID-19 by destroying the DNA structure of the nuclei cells. UV sterilization is rapidly growing for preventing the infections acquired from public places including offices, hospitals, and transport working spaces. While keeping control of the infection at the workspace, it can manage a healthy environment at homes as well with specially designed UVC light devices.

Act as a specialized tool for Decontamination

UV sterilization can kill over 99 percent viruses, bacteria, and germs in an extremely short amount of time have been found to be intensively effective. Due to their effectiveness, various types of UV treatments specialized devices for decontamination have been developed. It can act as a supplemental control strategy for almost any situation such as disinfecting germs on the body, surfaces, and other spaces accessible to the infection as well. Installing UV devices at home in the form of lamps and lights can disinfect the other areas of air circulation, eventually saving the family even when one member finishes off outside chores and returns back to the home as it improves the air quality and the effectiveness to damage the viruses.

Chemical-free and Drug-Resistant 

In addition to water treatment carried for a long time, UVC light has now added another dimension to the safety of the homes too. Room UVC Cleaning is different and a physical process with no harmful secretion of residues alike manual cleaning disrupts the DNA of harmful micro-organisms making them unable to reproduce further. Researchers have also concluded that the expose of UVC light to the microbes inactivates microbes and set out as a competent method for no-touch disinfection. As the world runs to find vaccines and cures for the disease, disinfection, and decontamination are the few ways that we are adopting. UV disinfection provides a low cost, residue-free, and favorable way to sanitize personal and health spaces.

Easy Installation and Safety to the Body;

LuxUVC provides Room UVC Cleaning which is enough to install easily around the homes keeping the safety at hand especially when the air quality is poor killing bacteria and viruses within a short period. It is perfectly safe for use at home and in the office without damaging skin or eyes. With an added precaution, the products come with protective glasses and layering.

Disinfecting of the surfaces
Disinfecting of the surfaces

Optimum UV wavelength;

In contrast to the acknowledged human safety issues, LuxUVC products are integrated at an optimal level of 250 nm that doesn’t appear to be exposed and damage human tissues and cells. Since, being the superior conventional disinfection method, it removes the germs and viruses over all the areas including hidden surfaces and all the materials available at home right from the apparels without any special training and virtually destroying the pathogens in seconds. Members who are steeping outside for work 

 purposes could bring the breeding grounds for colds, flu virus and more making home a perfect environment to reproduce quickly however with the introduction of UV light for air purification promotes health and wellness for the workers and their families.


For the people struggling both at office hours and at home to ensure safety, UV Room Disinfection tools provided by LuxUVC are designed to kill bacteria and mold growing in and around indoors. While enhancing the airflow, it also maintains the silent operation cleaning the air clean and germ-free. Besides these advantages, few other benefits supplement better sleep and blocking the airborne microbes. The allergens present in the work environment and outside places can make people sneeze and cough however these can be eliminated by using UV specialized tools by LuxUVC. With the proper and easy installation of UV products at home by our professionals to ensure efficiency, can make a living a complete healthier package in these difficult times of COVID arisen time. So, for a healthier and cleaner house environment after the exposure and, knowing the essential households are free from viruses and germs, choosing these right devices could demonstrate well suited investing.

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