Keep your Groceries Clean and Disinfected

The vast majority of cases of COVID-19 hampers the outing of people. The folks are resisting going out to public areas, but staying at home come up with few exceptions like shopping of groceries. Almost everybody is concerned about the cleaning of grocery stores. Many grocery owners hire janitorial services for in-depth cleaning of the store. The reason for hiring the janitorial service is they have various disinfecting solutions and use as per the surface requirement. Like to clean the grocery store LuxUVC use the uvc led disinfection system, whereas, for homes, LuxUVC uses whole house uv disinfection systems.


Cleaned Grocery Store

LuxUVC offers quality services that make your store look unique. Our well-trained workers, cleaning process, will prevent you from falling ill from foodborne gastrointestinal or GI viruses like hepatitis A and norovirus. Due to this lockdown, some of the grocery stores are temporarily out of specific stock, but countrywide there are no shortages of food. To avoid the insecure situation, many grocery stores and many other stores, have reshaped their hauls, operating hours, store more stocking, and proper cleaning. In some areas, where senior citizens or risky individuals come to shop our workers providing flexible hours for cleaning.  We understand that foods are an all-time necessity. But due to the pandemic outbreak of coronavirus that causes COVID-19, several folks face so many issues as well as have questions about safely shopping. No such confirmation comes out that edibles and food packaging connect with the transferral of coronavirus. To follow these below discussed ways related to buying and cleaning.


Effective Ways To Shop Safe.

1) Focus On People Not On Food.

Many people went to grocery stores to buy needed stuff and do not pay proper attention to the folks inside the store. So always pay attention to people instead of food because experts of NPR suggest that the most significant risk of getting affected by flu is when people come to shop food and present inside the store with other people who may be infected.

The majority of transmission is through respiratory droplets. When an infected person coughs or sneezes on the grocery items, the healthy person caught the infection, which leads to death prone disease.

2) Avoid Going To Crowds

Always go to the grocery stores, which have limited numbers of shoppers and allowed to go in at one time because it’s easy to maintain the six feet gap to practice the social distancing in the store. 

And ones you enter the stores, be as quick as possible, buy the needed stuff, and come out to minimize the risk. Be respectful to other people; maintain the social distancing while going out also.

3) Cover Your Face

Recently the person infected before showing the symptoms; this is why the centers of disease control and prevention suggest covering the face in a public place with masks. Some of the stores make it compulsory to wear masks not only to protect you but protect other people from you in case you are infected.

4) Went Out Alone

It’s always the best suggestion that LuxUVC provides you, go outside alone if possible. Because taking out the whole family is putting everyone’s life in danger. That potentially raises your household infection.

For example, you have three family members living together, and all of them went out, which increases the risk. Meanwhile, if only one family member goes out to buy groceries, then family members have a low risk of getting infected. 

5) Wipe Off The Hands And Carts

Always enter the store by sanitizing the door handles and wiping off the basket or cart. In current situations, many stores sanitizing with uvc led disinfection system for customers. But as per LuxUVC guidelines, carry the disinfector solution with you and wipe off the bacteria’s from baskets, trolleys, and door handles by own. Please do not touch any of the surfaces until you do not sanitize it with your hands. 

Disinfecting The Trolleys
Disinfecting The Trolleys

Avoid using your mobiles when you into the store because cell phones are a great way from where you touch your face.

6) Avoid Using Gloves

Covering your hands with gloves is not a hygienic process; it does not make you invulnerable but can affect you more harshly. Once you touch any dirty surface with gloves, then contamination is on the gloves. LuxUVC suggests that if you want to wear gloves that make you satisfied, then use whole-house uv disinfection systems sensitize your hand before donning gloves and sanitize it after wearing gloves. 

Many people prefer to go out in public wearing gloves and do a lot of activities without sanitizing their hands even once, and those activities are like eating food and talk on their phones. Instead of gloves, prefer to wash your hands before entering the store and after coming out and arriving at home. 

7) Make A Space Between You And Cashier

Never get so self-centered while stepping into the store; the workers are at more risk because they interrelate with customers daily. Secure them while making 6 feet difference between the cashier and you. 

Follow the social distancing rules, whether you are using self-checkout or a cashier. Some of the stores set up plexiglass counters between a customer and a billing counter. Laying out plexiglass minimize the cashier risk, especially if customer and cashier cover their face or wear the mask.

8) Pay Online When You Can

If you know paying online from Google pay or Apple pay, then go ahead with this; if not, later, you can pay with a credit card machine with a chip reader. In this situation, avoid the cash payment as much as you can because cash currency has a lot of microorganisms. Nobody knows the duration of coronavirus on the cash, so avoid high-touch areas and pay online. And if you can’t follow these processes, then keep on sanitizing your hand after the transaction.


The Steps To Clean The Grocery store When You Back Home

  1. Ones you completed up with buying food and came home then, place your grocery bags in your decontaminated area, take off your shoes, and wash your hands at least for 20 seconds.
  1. Avoid taking your dirty shoes into the sanitation station.
  1. We always get packed items that can decant easily. If you have a pretzels box, then unbox the pretzels take of the mini bag and place it in the clean area. After that, immediately wash your hands before touching your face. You can also disinfect the items with spray and mob the cardboard with soft fabric cloth.
  1. Do not use soap water to clean the fresh plant because soapy water can leads you irritation in the stomach or intestine. You can also affect diarrhea. Always wash your vegetables with lukewarm water and a vegetable brush. Dry it with a paper towel.
Cleaning Of Vegetables With Fresh Water
Cleaning Of Vegetables With Fresh Water

Fortunately, the virus cannot stay long on the plants, so eating with clean hands did not make you sick.  


Food is a source of energy that acts in nourishing you and your family. So to avoid the virus, have a keen focus on four steps.

a) CLean

b) Separate

c) Cook

d) Chill

LuxUVC hopes that the suggestion might help you to stay safe and healthy. Keep on buying groceries with great care and confidence.

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