Mobile Fast-Charging Market Continues to Grow

Fast charging is the most reliable technology that manages the faster delivery of currents or enhances the flow of voltage to the cell phone batteries, reducing the cell phone charging time. The quick charger is on the proprietary technology of Qualcomm, Turbo charging, and Adaptive charging, which are based on the respective standards of Motorola, Samsung, a supercharger of Huawei, and Vooc flash charging of Oppo, among others fast charging enables the charging of batteries is rapidly and efficiently.

Here are the benefits of fast charging technology:

While charging your cell phones with fast charging technology, it provides the following benefits:

Improves the usages of the mobile devices:

Nowadays, people use tablets or smartphones more frequently as compared to laptops or their PCs as they can carry them around due to their better computing capabilities. However, with the higher computing powers, these need higher power requirements as they have the specifications of resource-intensive hardware due which most of the devices do not last a day ever after their moderate to heavy usage.

Fast Charging Technology

Fast Charging Technology

Mainly, people suffer from low battery anxiety when their tablets and Smartphones run out of charge and they look for ways to enhance the life of their cell phones for their long use. If you are looking for the better storage capacity of lithium-ion in your devices then these are not the better options due to the safety considerations. The fast charging technology is convenient as it takes less time to charge the battery but these are severely affecting the batteries by shortening their life. Moreover, few power banks or portable battery packs have fast charging features and these devices have improved the mobility and usability of mobile devices.

Support the batteries with higher capability:

Most of the tablets and Smartphones are available with higher battery capacity as compared to the counterparts due to their large displays and better hardware specifications as compared to any other devices.  However, most manufacturers also include the batteries with higher capacities in their products to enhance their marketing by increasing the values to the products.

The biggest problem with devices equipped is the capacity of the battery is higher than the average due to which it takes a longer time to fully charge due to which the people avoid waiting for hours to charge their cell phones completely.

Furthermore, when the time is critical, most of the users prefer to unplug their cell phones from an outlet and use the partially charged batteries. Nevertheless, the fast charging battery technology delivers the fast charging features by consuming the less time to charge the cell phones. The new technologies are also making the batteries with higher capacities that enhance the battery life of the cell phones.

Includes Hardware and Software Failsafe Mechanisms:

The best benefit of the fast charging technology is that it includes the mechanisms of hardware and software that protects the integrity of the batteries and makes them last longer. They are essential for protecting against the power surge and overheating that can damage the batteries and even causes explosions. Furthermore, various adaptive changing standards from Samsung fast charge battery pack illustrates to charge or discharge the cell phones until they reach a certain charging percentage and after reaching at a certain percentage the technology then turns to the normal charging mode. Various systems have already an in-built heat detection mechanism that mainly reverts or suspend the complete cell phone charging process when the batteries or devices reach a certain level of temperature.

Fast charging features

Fast charging features

Tips to Enhance the Cell Phone Battery Life

The battery life is a combination of various factors, that’s why there is not a single solution to rule them all. Apart from this if you are using smartphones intelligently as well as have the right equipment then all these good practices help to save you from a ton of frustration with your battery. You can check the following top tips:

Get a right plug and charger 

The fitting of the android chargers is universal; it doesn’t mean that they all are the same. When you are planning to charge your phone with the laptop then it is a bad idea because it takes too much time to charge your phone: a USB 2.0 port chucks out only 2.5 watts of power and USB 3 port delivers 4.5 watts. The speed of the wall charger is much more than this. So you should charge your phone through a wall charger if you want the speediest charging. Few modern Android phones support fast charging and can deliver a whopping 15 to 18 watts; therefore you can get your cell phone fully charged with a speed.

Such phones endorse fast charging, which does not mean that the device came with a fast charger or the most powerful charger for that phone. You can buy your own.

One should not use wireless charging even if they are in a hurry as the wireless charger cannot deliver the power quickly and you can use it when you have enough time to charge your cell phones. The cable charging from a wall socket is much more effective then wireless charger and USB charging is less effective than the wireless charger.

Put it into airplane mode

The lesser you will use your cell phones while charging, the faster it will charge the cell phones. The airplane mode blocks all wireless radios on your phone as well as reduces the capabilities of the phone and hence affects the functioning for your cell phones.

The best method for fast charging is to turn on the airplane mode of the mobile phone. But you won’t receive any call and message, Apart from this; it’s worth having a device that’s going to remain on for the next few hours.

Turn it off 

If you will turn your phone off then it will help you to recharge your phone fast rather than putting your cell phone on airplane mode that in turns takes less time to charge your cell phones fully. Few notifications are missed when your phone is switched off, but if you want your phone to last until you get home again, you’ll have to deal with that. 

Use a battery-saving mode

Since Lollipop the android devices have a battery-saving mode (usually Settings > Battery > Battery Saver), so you should turn this on to conserve power when recharging your cell phones. When you turn on the battery-saving mode, it prevents other apps from consuming battery that can lessen the life of your cell phones battery percentage. 

Need to Switch off unnecessary features 

The users should regularly check that the unnecessary features, such as Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi, are on or off, all of which could use the battery power, lessening the life of your cell phones. Users must close all the apps and stop automatic backup as well as to deactivate the automatic update from the Google play store. Switch off the features when you are not using it.

Don’t touch it

If you want the battery of the phone to be charged fast then you should not use the phone every 30 seconds because the screen is the biggest battery drainer. When you wake up your phone again and again, then the battery drains rapidly, so instead you should not try to check every notification when your phone is charging and as a result it can reach the desired level much faster.

Keep it cool

In terms of technology, temperature matters a lot and it’s not good when the battery gets too hot. This doesn’t mean you’re sticking your phone in the freezer while charging. Evicting heat is safer than causing extreme cold.

Moreover, you can charge your phone at room temperature or in a cool area, instead of leaving your phone in a hot car or direct sunlight. You must keep one thing in mind while using a portable battery charger that doesn’t charge your phone in your pocket. When you are avoiding getting your battery too warm then this thing rewards you with the slightly fast charger.

Need to buy a portable USB charger 

The portable USB charger helps solve the problem of having a low battery and not sufficient time to charge it entirely so it’s not going to charge your phone any quicker. However, these charging stations have the features of smaller size, easy to carry, lightweight, and inexpensive due to which most people prefer to go with these options. 

Fast Charging Battery Technology

Fast Charging Battery Technology

Various ways to extend the usage of mobile phones

When you have the same smartphone from the last few years then the battery probably is not what it is used to be so if you want a better life of cell phones then you can buy a new battery or a new phone. On the other hand, if you want to save the cash then there are few tips from your current device to get some extra juice from it.

Switch on battery save mode in Mobile:

This is quite obvious that most people don’t think about switching to the battery saver mode until the battery of their cell phones is about to die. In Apple’s phone the “Low Power Mode” automatically switches on when your phone hits 20 percent. Furthermore, you can also go to Settings > Battery to turn it on whenever you want to connect it to your control center to make it easier for you to use. This feature is common in android phones that can be toggled at any time, which also helps your phone to conserve some battery and keep it working throughout the day. 

Charge Smart:

When your handset needs to be recharged then there are few precautions that you should take just to make sure that you should not degrade the cell phone battery more than necessary. The first and most important thing is that you should use only fast charging technology when you are in a rush, which is among the most essential things to keep in mind while charging your cell phones but it can drain the battery faster than the regular charging. If you have enough time then it is better to use your old charger. Second, you should not charge your phone overnight because it only takes a few hours to get a full charge, and if you plug in the charger on the whole night then it will hurt the life of a battery in the long run.

Turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use:

When the Bluetooth and WiFi is turned on but you are not connected to anything then the battery of your phone is wasted trying to find the connection. Try switching off the Wi-Fi the next time when you’re out of the house to keep your battery running a little longer and you can do the same with Bluetooth, when you are not connected to a wireless speaker or headphones, you can disconnect them from your devices. From the setting menu, you can control the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so extra battery life can swipe away. 

Use Wi-Fi when it is available:

If Wi-Fi is available then you should use it as Wi-Fi not only save data, but it also uses battery life rather than a cellular connection. Furthermore, you should not forget to switch on Wi-Fi when you are at home to prevent your cell phones from draining. Moreover, don’t be ashamed to ask for the password of the internet when you are at a friend’s or relative’s place.

Turn on Airplane mode:

You should consider switching on the Airplane mode when your battery is starting to run low then this will automatically turn off a bunch of features that use up power, Including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Apart from this if you need these features to turn on then you can turn on at back without leaving the airplane mode.

Lower down the brightness of the screen: 

The worst culprit that causes the cell phone batteries to die faster are the displays with full brightness, so whenever you turn on your screen you lose the precious power of your cell phones. You can adjust the brightness of your screen from setting the menu for a long battery-run. They automatically adjust the screen lighting feature in so many phones, so you may have to do this whenever you just switch on the screen. 

Turn off the location tracking for apps you are not using:

Few apps ask about your location, mainly Google but some of the apps probably work without any need for location settings such as Facebook due to the privacy concern, so you should turn off the location of these apps just to extend the battery life of your phone. As your phone isn’t going to work overtime to watch where you are but in an iPhone, you just need to go to the settings then choose a privacy option after that select the location services for checking which apps are tracking you and toggle off those with which you do not want to share your location. The Android also offers the same feature so you just need to head to settings then choose the security and location and after that switch to the location to use the app efficiently. 

Battery Charging Stations

Battery Charging Stations

Avoid using visual effects, live widgets, or live wallpapers

No doubt, widgets, and live wallpapers enhances the look of your smartphones but they also waste the life of your cell phone battery so if you want to enhance the life of your cell phone batteries then you should switch to a simple still background image and delete the widgets that are updating automatically. Furthermore, you can also remove the visual effects by going to Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce motion and if you have an Android device then you can go to settings>developer options and then disable all the scales for window animation, transition animation, and animator duration.

You should turn off the option for background refresh:

The background app refresh is just another thing that wastes the life of your cell phone batteries, which is not the worst offender though as it allows the applications to automatically download in the background so that they are ready to go when you need them. No doubt, it is the worst thing that happens at ideal times mainly when the wi-fi is turned on so the best thing you can do is to keep the wi-fi off when not in use. You can go to the settings and choose the general option and after that select the background app refresh to switch it off completely as it is a little difficult to pull this off on android devices depending on the versions. 

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