Table Manners: Keeping Your Attendees Engaged with the InBox Cell Phone Charging Table

During the events, everyone wants their audiences to stay connected with them and if you want to enhance their engagement even in a better way then you can incorporate the cell phone charging stations. InCharged provides charging stations that are fully customized from top to bottom and also includes a digital screen that is used to display advertisements. Furthermore, these are a great way to improve the attendee engagement and a better solution to enhance the dwelling time of the attendees that also provides you an opportunity to gain their attention while they are charging their cell phones.

Usually, it happens when the batteries get low, the event attendees rush towards the charging ports, whether they are in their cars or they need to go to the homes. They prefer to leave everything behind to charge their cell phones to get rid of the low battery anxiety, but if you want to keep your attendees for longer, then cell phone charging stations is the most relevant option. The cell phone charging stations that you can use during event planning and management

Enhance Attendee Engagement

Glass Power Charging Station – These charging stations are fully brand able and are the most relevant solutions that every attendee search in the venue and the event organizer want to enhance the engagement of the visitors. These are the suitable options to gather the attendees in one place and enhance the attendee engagement when they are charging their cell phones as you get the opportunity to gain their complete attention. Furthermore, you only need to plug your charging tables and they are ready to go, so if you want to enhance the engagement of the attendees then these are the simple ways to enhance the engagement. These are the great ways to show your brand in a style as their concept is what everyone wants for their event and every attendee wants to relax during the event. No doubt, events are incomplete without tables, in the same way; attendees can suffer from low battery anxiety without charging stations so these charging tables are a great way to make the life of the event organizers as well as attendees simple and easier. 

Charging tables – Make your tables a place where every attendee wants to sit for longer and the charging tables from InCharged are the most suitable options due to their scratch-resistance features. When attendees are charging their cell phones, you can gain their complete attention and the best thing you can do is to make the tables the place that everyone wants at the event. No doubt, events are not less than a hectic task but if you want to get rid of such busy schedules then you can consider the incorporation of cell phone charging stations at your events and the charging tables are the most suitable option that needs only a few minutes for their set-up. These are available with 12 charging ports that can charge various cell phones from Apple to Android and are mainly available with the strong and durable material that is scratch-resistance so you don’t have to worry about their break-down. These are the great options when you need to show off your brand to the sponsors as you can use the space in an innovative manner that can leave a lasting impression on the on-lookers.

Flex – These charging stations are everyone’s favorite and every event organizer wants these charging stations to enhance the visibility of the brand. These are available with a 20″ digital screen that you can use for branding purposes as these are a great way to use the images and videos that also enhances the attendee engagement in a better way. These charging stations have light-weight features that are mainly designed for the event and mainly take very few minutes for assembling and striking effect. These charging stations support 12 charging tips and provide efficient charging features that support various devices from Apple to Android and allow the attendees to stay out of low battery anxiety.

PowerMethod – These charging stations have powerful as well as affordable features that are the most relevant options for enhancing the engagement of the attendees. Furthermore, these are a great way to gain the complete attention of the attendees due to their lightweight and free-standing features that allows you to show off your brand with style. No doubt, you have to spend much more while organizing the events but the PowerMethod charging stations are the most affordable option that you can choose to provide charge to your attendees. The best thing is these are available in different designs and you can choose the one that is more relevant for your event as well as attendees and these can support various cell phones from Apple to Android due to their compatibility features.

InBox – You can use these charging stations to turn any space into the cell phone charging stations due to their portable and powerful charging features. Events can be hectic but if you want to keep them simple then you just need to plug these charging stations in a power outlet and they are ready to go. These charging stations are available with built-in-cords that support various cell phones and tablets and have the ability to charge various cell phones from Apple to Android. The sleek design of these charging stations has a built-in premium aluminum that protects any damages to the cell phone charging stations and can be placed on any existing surface or tabletop.

PowerMethod Plus – These charging stations are a great way to make the event better and the attendees can leave their cell phones while charging to attain the complete attention of the audiences. These charging stations are also redesigned to make them sturdier and easier than ever before and the best thing is you can use these charging stations for fast and easy installation situations, mainly while arranging events. Due to their compatibility features, these charging stations can charge various cell phones from Apple to Android and everything in between, you just need to plug your devices for charging and they can charge up to 8 cell phone devices with their 8 charging ports.

Enhance the Engagement of the attendees with Social Media

The engagement of the attendees is the most essential way to achieve the end goal for any event and if you are looking for the new as well as exciting ways to enhance the engagement of the attendees at your event then you should make a relevant plan. Beyond the sessions, networking events, and other details, you should look for ways to keep your attendees interested and engaged as it can result in gaining better returns and event success. You can use social media for sharing event-related information before, during and after the arrangements for which you surely need a cell phone charging stations if you are scheduling everything online.

Event Management

Share information on social media before the event

Mainly, during the event, the attendees prefer to use social media platforms for tweeting, sharing snaps, or posting on Facebook and Instagram. However, various attendees and the event organizers start talking about the event even days and weeks before the event which builds up a prime time to enhance the engagement of both potential attendees and those who have registered. If you want to make the attendee engagement even better, then you need to follow some tips including the information regarding the ways that top brands have used to handle the pre-event social media marketing.

You should reveal about the special guests in a creative way – Due to the anticipation and excitement, most of the attendees prefer to share the posts on the social media announcing about the event and it is mainly shared through tweeting or posting. The event organizers even post the countdown for the big day and post them on weekdays so that the people can make plans for attending the events. You can build a buzz among the large audiences on social media by revealing about the special guests or you can create small videos to use them as a teaser and images to enhance the excitement among the attendees. Furthermore, you can post your countdowns for the events or the bonus points if others are sharing your posts on their social accounts, which is a great way to share the information.

Post about the early deadlines and registration windows – You must do posting about the event ticket sales as once you are posted about it, the attendees will convince their friends to join them at the event and the most popular way to gain their interest is to post the information across social media. You can motivate the attendees to use the purchased tickets, and do posting for the ticket sales or provide the information regarding the closing date of the registration.

Create opportunities for doubtful attendees – Attendees who are not sure about attending the event mainly have fear of missing out the opportunity but you can calm their fear by creating new opportunities for them to attend the event. You can offer the discounts to the followers on social media, or arrange social media contests for tickets or traveling. You can even go beyond with VIP access giveaways but make sure to share the posts to enhance your reach to the large audiences.

Share the behind-the-scene pictures before the event – These are a great way to enhance attendee engagement as it makes them excited to know about the things that are going to happen during the events. When you share your moments of preparing the event you make the attendees get a feeling of an insider and these glimpses can build a personal connection with the attendees.

Share on social media during the events

The highest posts for social media builds during the event planning and management itself, as these are the days when the attendees or the event organizers have a lot of pictures or videos to share across social media. You can look for ways to make your attendees post their experience during the events –  

Incorporate a photo booth – You can incorporate a photo booth area, and pay attention to the little details that you can use to make great shots for Instagram or Snaps for Snapchat. However, the photo booth allows attendees to click their pictures and share their funny images to let everyone know about their experience during the event.

Share content from speakers – If you are hosting an event with the speakers for conferences or fundraisers then you can tweet or post the relevant quotes from the speaker to encourage sharing across the social media platform. Furthermore, you can tag tagging with the post and use the hashtag of event and mention the speaker to spread his content to the large audiences both with the event attendees and anyone who is not physically present.

Upload the backstage picture with your social media followers – If you want to create an engaging post that you can share during the events while sharing photos or video about the people who are taking care of the things backstage. The best strategy that you can use to enhance the experience of followers is to share the essential highlights of interviews with attendees of the events or you can share about their views or speech while making the video. Photos are a great way to share the moments across social media platforms and these create excitement among people to join the events.

Enhance your Interaction with the audiences by asking questions and through polls – You can ask questions and do polling during the event to know about the viewpoint of the attendees regarding the performer, booth, or speech for which they want to provide their positive feedback. You should always have someone with you who is expert to answer the queries or respond quickly for the questions, issues, or comments that people send during the question-answer session. If you are planning to create interactive content, you should think about the questions that you want to ask and the type of content you want to produce beforehand. Furthermore, it can greatly impact the quality of the content that can result in gaining positive reviews that you are putting out and it also helps to enhance the engagement of the audiences by lowering their stress level on busy days.

Incorporate the cell phone charging stations – During the events, the attendees use their cell phones for taking or sharing the images or videos due to which they suffer from low battery anxiety that even makes them leave the event frequently. However, if you want to keep the attendees for a longer period at your venue then you should incorporate the cell phone charging station with digital lockers that are also a great way to enhance the engagement of the attendees. These solutions allow the attendees to keep their cell phones fully charged and leave them satisfied as well as engaged throughout the event.

Enhance Attendee Engagement

Share the experience after the event

If your event is over it doesn’t mean that your online conversation has ended as it continues for a longer period in which people share about their coverage and feedback.

Press coverage – The media coverage is the largest portion of the event as while sharing your views regarding after the event experience, you can talk about the goals you have accomplished or you can share all the great press that was there at your event. If you want to get better coverage even after the event ends then you should look for the journalist who can help you to share your experience with the offline audiences or who haven’t attended your event as these are the great way to share your experience regarding the event.  

Ask for feedback – The post-event conversation depends on the positive and negative feedback for the event and you can share or reveal the positive feedback, but don’t forget to consider the negative feedback. You can thank them for letting you know about your thoughts regarding the event and consider their feedback while planning your next event. If you want to use the feedback in a more innovative manner that can enhance the interest of the audiences then you can use the negative feedback from your current event and use it for your next event to make the attendees excited to see the changes and to gain better feedback during that time. You should share every little detail with your followers regarding how you have made changes by considering their feedback to make them excited to buy tickets for your next event.

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