Keeping Your Charging Station Up To Date With Current Technology

If you’re looking to lease a charging station for an ongoing event or purchase a charging station outright, you may be concerned with making an investment in technology that could be obsolete by next year. As the mobile phone industry continues to innovate at a rapid pace so does mobile charging technology, so we understand the concern of wanting your investment to keep pace with the industry while continuing to benefit your business.

From our secure charging lockers to our tabletop and standing models, you can rest assured that InCharged provides the most current hardware the industry has to offer. We’re the only company to offer fast cable swapping technology. Rather than sending the entire unit in for servicing (like some of our competitors), you can instantly replace cables on your own if a cable breaks or needs to be swapped out for a different type.

Charging Station

We’re also proud to offer an industry leading 5 year Warranty. Not only does the warranty cover all internal parts and manufacturing defects, but it covers all cable swaps and complimentary rewraps. We’ll even upgrade your device if new charging technology is released to the public while your device is under warranty. If this sounds unnecessary, take a look at how much phone charging has changed over the past 5 years alone:

Whether you’re upgrading your charging cables to a newer version or replacing a broken cable, InCharged charging stations give you the power to make changes on the fly. With loads of add on features, a comprehensive 3 or 5 year warranty, and an array of different charging solutions to choose from, investing in an InCharged charging station truly puts the power in your (and your customers’) hands!

Incharged Cell Phone Charging Station

The mobile revolution not only changed people’s lifestyle but it also deeply impacted multiple business sectors, one of which is cell phone charging station business. As mobile manufacturers and operating system providers kept changing the technology in their mobile phones, updating phone charging stations became of utmost importance as well.

The phone charging business is also divided into three categories

  1. Companies that provide and keep innovating mobile batteries.
  2. Companies that provide pocket power banks for emergency charging.
  3. Companies that provide cell phone charging stations.

The third category of business is ours.

Mobile Batteries Manufacturers

Research is already going on for introducing batteries to replace the traditional Lithium-ion batteries, which are durable, safe and efficient.

Pocket Power Bank Manufacturers

The challenge in their business is to reduce the size of the battery still offering full charging capacity and support wireless charging. If the new alternates of Lithium-Ion batteries are in the market, they have to work it out in their power banks also.

Woman using Lyft cell phone charging station at Newark International Airport (EWR)

Phone Charging Station Manufacturers

That’s where we come in. The cell phone charging stations evolved with time depending on the need of the end-customers.

Initially, companies manufacturing cell phone charging stations thought their end customer is the people who don’t want to carry the power bank. The charging stations were made to help those people charge their phones in public places. Hence, the invention of the cell phone charging stations.

People used to plug in, charge their phones and leave, that’s it. Soon the business owners realized that people are spending a significant amount of time on the charging stations. If they find the passive use of charging stations, they can add more value to the product.

Updating phone charging stations became a necessity. And, the idea of advertising on cell phone charging stations was born.

The Issues Faced

Like every other business, this business sector also had its ups and downs, which helped the companies improve their products for the better.

  • There were issues of keeping the station safe from hackers.
  • There were issues of keeping the phones safe in case the user leaves it on the station. This usually happens in a private property.
  • As these stations charge multiple devices at a time, there is a need for the proper ventilation system that allows heat dissipation keeping the device from overheating.
  • It was very difficult for the phone charging station owner to install the system and customize it.
  • People didn’t find it worth spending on a charging station for a three-day event.

InCharged cell phone charging station tackled the issues

  • From keep the charging stations safe from hackers, InCharged offers an easy process of changing the charging cables. The owners can easily replace faulty charging cables. In some models, there’s also an option of using your own charging cables.
  • Some of charging station models by InCharged have safe lockers that come along with the keys so that if the user has to leave the station for a while, they can leave their device in the box there. This is useful in the restaurants and cafes where the user is not sitting by the cell phone charging station all the time while the phone is getting charged. This does help in the corporate environment also where multiple employees work.
  • InCharged phone charging stations don’t let your phone catch the heat. The models that have enclosed cabinets dissipate the heat well.
  • The easy customization and branding options in InCharged phone charging station allow the advertisers to modify the labels on the charging stations as per their needs. It is done without any hassle.
  • Those who don’t want to pay permanently for the charging, they can get it on rent for their 2-3 days or a week’s event.

InCharged solved all the issues by updating phone charging station and this revolutionized the whole industry of cell phone charging stations. Eradicating the issues improved the product for the better.

InCharged took another step in the evolution of the cell phone charging, which is going beyond the charging stations. InCharged offers Kiosks, charging tables, glass power table, 6 chamber charging locker, 8 chamber charging locker, PowerMethod, PowerMethod Plus, InBox, and PowerBox.

Places where the cell phone charging stations don’t go well, InCharged has all the other options for those places. By installing any of charging stations, tables, boxes, the store owners have seen in increase is walk-in customers and repeat customers. The additional benefit of advertising on the charging stations is also allowing people to get one for themselves.

The event organizers, however, are getting these stations on rent.

InCharged keeps on updating phone charging stations as per the needs of the customers.

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