Is UVC Light Relevant for Killing Germs?

The ultraviolet light sterilization is used to disinfect the areas and surfaces to minimize the microorganisms. To perform, this term disinfection method known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is used. This method is used to kill the microorganisms with short-wavelength UVC. This process destroys the nucleic acids and disrupts the Virus DNA which results in that they cannot perform vital cellular functions. The UVGI device is used to purify the water, air, and food. 

The UVC light is generated from the sun and takes ten percent of UVC light and three to four percent of the atmosphere to reach on the ground. The UVC light radiation becomes weak on the surface of the earth because the ozone layer blocks the harsh rays of UVC. 

Disinfecting COVID-19
Disinfecting COVID-19

UVGI also acts as an ultraviolet light sterilization and filtration system to sanitize water and air. The UVGI is primarily used in medical work facilities. Now, UVGI has been renewed as an air purifier application.

Does The UVC Disinfection Work?

The crystal-clear picture from various studies reveals that the biological organisms disclose UVC light in the range of 200 nm to 300 nm absorbed by proteins, DNA, or RNA. The protein can break the cell walls and kill the organism. This absorption of RNA or DNA through thymine bases is known as inactivation of DNA or RNA helix strands. If many dimers are created in the DNA then the replication process is disrupted, and the cell cannot replicate.

What Happens TO The Cells That Cannot Replicate And Cannot Infect?

This is the real fact that it is not necessary to kill pathogens with UVC light, but can apply enough UVC light to prevent the organism from replicating. The UVC doses are used to prevent replication to reduce the germs and stop spread on the infection.

 UVC Light And Health Effects

The electromagnetic radiation UVC range carries the radiation spectrum from 10 nm to 400 nm that also depends on the wavelength and time exposure,the UVC light proves to be harmful to the eyes and skin. Although the UVC spectrum is divided into four parts:

  1. UVA ( 315 nm to 400 Nm)
  2. UVB (280 nm to 315 nm)
  3. UVC ( 200 nm to 280 nm)

How To Get Ensure That Surface Is Completely Inactivated?

To ensure the disinfection that can be quantified by inactivation rate and Log Reduction Value (LRV). It is a simple mathematical term that shows the relative number of live microbes that kill by disinfection. The UVC doses are used to see the intensity is the amount of UVC radiation where the microbes get their intensity of exposure time. There have been several studies that have come out with the result that typical UVC dose requirements focus on the microbes I disinfection. For instance: To reduce the 3 log reduction of B.Subtilis requires the 60 mjcm2 doses. 

What Would Be The Biological Effect Of UVC Light?

As UV bands discussed above ( UVA, UVB, and UVC) in which UVB causes radiation harmful effects to human skin and leads to skin cancer. These UV bands create a different risk to humans. UVC radiation has 280 nm wavelengths which is quite short, which can absorb in the atmosphere and no other UVC radiation approaches to the earth’s surface. We have artificial sources of wavelengths such as mercury lamps and UVC LEDs. 

  • If we go to intensity then we come to know the point of sources like UVC LEDs covers the 1 over distance squared and once it starts scattering the length it falls exponentially. Point of saying is:
  • The more humans are away from the UVC source, the fewer doses he is exposed to.
  • UVC radiation has a shorter absorption length in human skin, which means that almost no UVC radiation can reach the human cell and entire absorption occurs in the dead cell layer.

Some of the injuries are temporary such as eye and skin damage which heal within a couple of days For instance: The welder eye is generally known as cornes injury. 

UVC LEDs lead to some safety recommendations from particular open skin wounds and eye radiation from UVC and it has come up with guidelines under the EU health agency’s safety. 

Some studies found that minimizing the health and safety risk regarding artificial optical radiation (2006/25/EC)- albeit combined UV bands.

Disinfecting COVID-19
Disinfecting COVID-19

Is UVC Light Helps To Kill The COVID-19?

There are so many rumors spreading across the world regarding coronavirus. The rumors are like:

  1. Does warm weather really kill COVID-19 really?
  2. How much time does coronavirus last on the surfaces?
  3. The reason behind outspread infectious diseases.

So, yes the sunshine will immediately kill the coronavirus as per some reports and the reason for this report is discussed below:

Sunlight Has Three Types Of UV Bands: 

  • UVA: UVA takes the bulk of ultraviolet radiation to reach the earth’s surface. It affects the skin and gets deep into the skin and causes skin aging, wrinkles to age spots.
  • UVB: The UVB directly penetrates into the skin and damages the DNA, sunburn, and creates a skin cancer. These facts are mostly known by everyone so some good sun creams are available in the market to apply them and then go out.
  • UVC: UVC radiation is the most dangerous radiation. No doubt UVA and UVB damage the skin, but nothing is as damaging as UVC. The UVC consists of the more energetic wavelength of light and easily destroys genetic material. Because ozone protects our fragile skin from the UVC light.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The UVC light can be absorbed by glass, plastic, or clothing. Whenever working with UVC radiation makes sure you cover all your exposed areas and follow the personal protective equipment. Whenever working on the UVC devices take care of:

  • Cover your face with a full-face shield and eyes with UV goggles. Normal safety glasses and prescription glasses do not guard your eyes against UV exposure.
  • Cover your exposed areas of your skin with nitrile gloves, lab coats, or other lab attire.

Does UVC Radiation Contain Health Issues?

Including skin cancer, UVC radiation also causes many health issues to humans. 

  • The major disease the UVC radiation can cause you sunburn, Then it may be from the sun, tanning beds.
  • The exposure of UVC rays can cause you premature wrinkles and signs of sun age. Such as aging sign, actinic keratosis, solar elastosis, and leathery skin.
  • UVC radiation causes you eye problems. The eye problems like one of the front eyes become inflamed or burned. It also affects you as the formation of cataracts and pterygium. These both can impair vision.
  • UVC light exposure can weaken your immune system and thus your body cannot recover the infection quickly. The vaccines will not cure fast and lead you to various health issues.

Some humans have a more sensitive sink that easily affects the UVC radiation and other is mediations that make the skin sensitive to UV radiation that more likely makes you sunburned and these medical conditions can prove to be worse.

Is Vitamin D Helpful For UVC Rays?

Vitamin-D Supplements
Vitamin-D Supplements

When you expose them in UVC rays then your skin automatically makes vitamin D. The vitamin D depends on various things including skin darkness, harsh sunlight, and maturity.

The doctors are not clear at what amount of optimal level vitamin D should be provided in the current scenario. But as per research done in this area shows that vitamin D has many benefits the major one is it will reduce the risk of some cancers.  

It is very important to have a vitamin D or supplements of vitamin d in your food because it leads you to diminish skin cancer.

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