InCharged Cell Phone Charging Station Goes Green with LADWP at the LA Auto Show

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) are hosting an interactive booth at the 2014 L.A. to draw attendees’ attention towards the presentation simulating an environmental fair within a park setting. The exhibit highlights the enhanced electric vehicle(EV) charger rebate program that is now simpler and more accessible to businesses as well as the department’s most essential sustainable programs in water conservation, residential solar, and energy efficiency. InCharged cell phone charging stations provide the most efficient charge on the market – our partner LADWP will tell you about it at the LA Auto Show!The main motive of the display is to educate the attendees of the Auto Show, mainly the EV drivers and enthusiasts that is the country’s largest municipal utility’s commitment to sustainability, and with the aim to educate the auto show attendees, especially the EV drivers and enthusiasts, about the country’s largest municipal utility’s commitment to sustainability, and encourage them to take advantage of LADWP rebate programs that fit their lifestyles. 

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electronic vehicle charging is an essential aspect of EV ownership and with power rating, type of connector, the requirement of cable, and specification of vehicles, here is a step-by-guide that covers key aspects of EV charging. Mainly, it is of three types – rapid, fast, and slow which represent the power outputs and charging speeds that are necessary to charge an EV.

  • Rapid chargers – These are of two types – AC and DC, the Rapid DC units can charge the majority of vehicles in about an hour while Rapid AC uses tethered type-2 connector and are better than Rapid DC. These charges are also known as Tesla superchargers, while the Rapid DC chargers are compatible with Tesla Type 2, CCS, or CHAdeMO.
  • Fast chargers – These include those that provide power from 7kW to 22kW that can charge an EV in 3-4 hours and are the common fast connectors that are a tethered type 1 or type 2 sockets.
  • Slow units – These are the most reliable chargers for charging overnight and take between 6 to 12 hours for Charging EV that charges on slow devices with the use of a cable that connects the vehicle to a 3-pin or type 2 sockets.

Electric car charging – What you need to know?

When you buy electric cars, there are various things that you need to know for which you need to follow these tips while charging your vehicle.

Level 1 – Every electric car has a charging cord that is available with a conventional plug and these are compatible to any of the wall socket with a connector for the charging port of the car and a box of electronic circuitry. It is the slowest type of charging that if there will be plug-in hybrids that have smaller battery packs then these can be enough to recharge in a few hours to overnight. The charging cords test the circuits when you plug them in as they are grounded properly and the current is strong enough to power the charger.

Level 2 – These are the most dedicated home and public charging stations that operate at 240 Volts and are available with the cables that connect the standard charging port in your car.

Level 3 – These are also known as DC fast charging that uses direct current rather than the household alternating current and is very high-powered. It means that only public sites that are dedicated to DC charging are practical that provides a higher cost of the utility with the installation of high-power lines.

Where to charge your vehicles?

Home – Nowadays, various recharging is done at home by keeping them overnight to charge and it is mainly done when the electricity is suitable. If you have a battery-powered electric car then you should install a charging station in your garage for the suitability of charging.

Work – Charging at work is gaining huge popularity as it is the most effective way for corporations to cut their carbon footprints, and these are not at all expensive to install. So, if you want to gain a positive image for your business then you should install the car charging stations for the employees as their perk.

Public sites – The incorporation of charging stations is increasing day by day and mainly all the public sites provide level 2 charging and few of them provide DC fast-charging as well. Most of the charging stations are free while various other sites impose fees using different and incompatible networks that need membership upfront.

Things to consider while charging your car

While charging your cars at public charging ports, you need to take care of the few things to charge your cars effectively:

  • While charging at homes – There is not any shortage of electricity, which means charging is essential if you have off-street parking and you can park your car in the drive and plug them in at any domestic appliances. You should check the wiring all around that can take the extra load to reduce any damages to the appliances while charging your cell phones. You should install a proper home-charging point that can charge your car faster than the standard 3-pin plug and it is also deemed to be safer that will ensure the accurate working of cables.
  • Charging at public points – If you want your vehicle covers more driving time then you will need public points to charge your electric vehicles while going on your way. If you have the electric car charger at your workplace then you should avoid incorporating at your homes.

InCharged Cell phone charging stations

Branded cell phone charging station at trade show event with digital screen

Today, cell phones are the necessity of every attendee who attends your event, so if you are looking for a better solution to enhance the engagement of the audience then you should incorporate the cell phone charging stations.

Flex – These charging stations are the choice of everyone, as these are easy to set up and easy to brand which takes only a few minutes for assembling. These are available with the 12 charging tips that are the most efficient choice for those who need last-minute charge due to their hidden USB port. The standard charging tips support various devices from Apple to Android that can charge any mobiles safely and quickly due to their fast charging features.

PowerMethod – These electric phone charger stations are the most preferable choice to enhance the interest of the audiences as these are the perfect ways to make them engaged. These are lightweight and free-standing charging stations that take only a few minutes to assemble and strike and are the most suitable choice to choose when hosting the event on a budget. These charging stations have 10 USB ports that can charge up to 18 cell phones at a time and keeps your customers engaged throughout the event.

PowerMethod Plus – These charging stations are the most compact, powerful, and affordable charging stations that are a better means to enhance the engagement of the audience. The electric phone charger has 8 charging ports that can charge various cell phones simultaneously, as well as these, are much easier to set up. These are a great way to make the customers satisfied throughout the event as they need to have their cell phones fully charge to build the memories.

PowerMethod Plus cell phone charging station for baseball stadium fan engagement

PowerMethod Plus

InBox – This electric phone charger station is the secret weapon of every event as these can turn any space into the mobile device charging stations due to their portability and powerful features. These have built-in cords that support various devices from Apple to Android that can be placed on any tabletop or surface that can turn any display or location into the branded cell phone charging station.

PowerBox – These charging stations are wireless with battery-powered features that can make a lasting impression on the attendees with a custom branding and a sleek design. If you got a multi-day event, then these are the charging stations that you need to charge your cell phones effectively due to their 8 USB built-in ports. You can place them on any of the surfaces to turn them into the cell phone charging stations as these are the most preferred choice for those who need the fastest and most efficient cell phone capabilities.

6 Chamber locker – These are the perfect charging stations that provide charge as well as a sense of safety while charging the cell phones. These charging stations are available with 3 cables in each chamber that makes it convenient for the attendees to charge their cell phones simultaneously. These are also a great way with which you can maximize branding as these have a graphic panel in which you can use them to enhance your branding. The best things are with these aluminum chambers you can keep your cell phones secure and prevent them from theft without worrying about cell phone theft or losses.

8 Chamber lockers – These lockers are secure and easy to access that provide the safest place to recharge cell phones and a peace of mind to the attendees. These lockers are easier to use as you only have to use pin as your code to keep your phones securely while going away. So, if you are looking for the charging stations that can enhance audiences as well as keep them engaged throughout the event then these charging stations are a great option that you can choose.

Glass power table – In an event, you need to arrange tables for the attendees and the audience need charging points to keep their cell phone batteries fully charged, so these are the perfect option that you can choose. These charging stations are available with 12 charging ports that are the ideal option for cell phone charging due to their durable features. These are the perfect option to charge various cell phones from Apple to Android as these are available with the ready to charge options and you only need to plug your cell phones for charging.

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