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It is essential to maintain the health of the phone battery to enhance the overall experience of using cell phones, as no one wants their phones to run out of batteries in the middle of the conversation. If you are heading out for the Halloween party, it is more necessary to have your cell phone charged whenever you get the chance.

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However, there are some wrong ways of charging the batteries that can kill your phone batteries over time and if you are still curious to know about how to charge the mobile phones to save the battery throughout the party, you need to follow these steps.

Factors that affect the stability of your mobile phone batteries

When you buy the new cell phones you will get efficient results from the batteries but the enhancement or the decline of the batteries depends on the habits of using the phones. Here are some important factors that can affect battery life:

  • Charge or discharge cycles

Phone batteries usually have a specific amount of charge or discharge cycles that you need to replace more often, but when you use the phones, the batteries release the charge in the form of electricity used to power various other components that include the screen or the speakers. Usually, the life of the batteries decreases with every charge cycle, resulting in changing the battery life with every charge.

  • Temperature

It is among the most powerful enemies that decrease the lifespan of the batteries, mainly, if they are placed in a very hot or biting cold area. 

If you use mobile phones regularly, you will observe the faster decline of the batteries when they become hot. When the cell phone batteries get hot, they start swelling and sometimes explode and on contrary charging your phones in the cold environment can cause the phones to charge very slowly. You should be aware that charging the phones in cold places can make the batteries to lose their capacity over time. 

  • Charger

It is the most essential factor that you need to consider while charging your phones as today there are a lot of chargers that tend to provide the fast charge. 

However, you should avoid using those chargers as they can lower or exceed the voltage to your phones that sometimes damage the batteries. You should charge the batteries at specific rates to prevent excess heat and battery life. It is recommended to use the chargers that are suitable for your cell phones to extend the life of your cell phones’ battery.

Things to avoid while charging your phones

If you want to save the battery before heading out, you need to know the things that you should avoid while charging your cell phones. Here are some common charging habits that can make your cell phones to drain with time.

  • Using cell phones while charging

If you use your mobile phones while charging, the battery will drain quickly causing overheating. It reduces the life of the batteries with time, and your cell phones remain in the process while you use and charge them at the same time. It not only causes overheating but also damages the battery, so you should avoid using cell phones while charging.

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Happy Halloween Cell Phone Charge

  • Allowing your phone to completely die before charging

If you don’t want to replace your cell phone batteries after a few months then you should not wait for the batteries to die to charge them frequently. If you will let your mobile phone batteries drop to zero before charging then it can shorten the lives of the batteries. You should charge your cell phones when they reach 30% and remove them from charging when your cell phone batteries are 80%, it will enhance the longevity of the cell phones.

  • Overcharging the mobile phones

Overcharging your cell phones are among the most common causes that shorten the life of batteries, so you should charge your cell phones more than the necessity. If you are among them who always charge their cell phones after the use then you should know that it can damage the battery. If you will charge your cell phones for longer, then it can cause the temperature to rise affecting its durability.

  • Plugins of your cell phones

The cell phone batteries are much better if you charge them occasionally instead of charging them at once when they are empty. However, if you will charge your cell phones when you are dead affects the longevity of your cell phones, so it is recommended to avoid such situations. The occasional charge of the cell phones maintains the efficient performance of the cell phones and it keeps it adequate throughout the day.

Charge your cell phones

Charge your cell phones occasionally

  • Avoid using any other charger

Always charge your cell phone with its charger as your Smartphone uses the universal charging interface for happy Halloween cell phone charge, the micro USB port, it does not mean that you can use any charger. However, other chargers can affect the performance of the batteries so if you want to enhance the life of the batteries, you should use its original charger. Make sure that the voltage and current matches with the adapter or is certified by the manufacturer.

  • Avoid using third-party battery apps

You should not use the third-party battery apps as most of them negatively affect the life of the battery due to their constant use. These apps constantly perform their functions, shutting down the other apps, use the lock screen to load advertisements, and even recommend the apps that further optimize your Smartphone. So, you should avoid installing these apps as it slows down the performance of your Smartphone and affects battery life.

Batteries are essential for the Smartphone and the wrong charging practice can decrease their efficiency, so you should avoid the above-discussed points to gain the healthy life of your cell phone battery.

Tips to increase the useful life of your Smartphone batteries

Your Smartphone performs the functions of portable computers, calculators, cameras, or the trainers that you carry everywhere, and keep them safe. However, when it comes to charging you avoid various things that are necessary to charge the cell phones, so here are some of the tips that you can follow for charging:

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Enhance the Life of Smartphone Batteries

Tip 1 – Avoid temperature extremes while charging

Extreme temperatures can have severe effects on battery life, so if you want your batteries to last longer, you should avoid batteries to get hot as much as possible. Sometimes when you charge your cell phones, they get warmer than usual but if you think your phone is heating up then you can take your phones to the cooler places to charge them. There are various ways to keep your battery cool while charging your cell phones:

  • Remove your phone from the pouch, if you are using – Pouches not only add to the weight of the phone but they can cause severe heating problems, but overheating can reduce the life of the cell phone batteries. If you use the phone pouches, you should buy the one in a bright color as the darker colors absorb most of the heat and can overheat your cell phones.
  • Avoid charging your phones in poor ventilation environment – Make sure that you should charge the phones in the places that are cool and dry to avoid overheating as a well-ventilated room keeps the temperature low.
  • Keep the airplane mode on – The most efficient way to extend the life of your cell phone battery is to keep it on airplane mode when not in use or while charging. When you turn the airplane mode off, it turns off the mobile data that can cause battery overheating.

Tip 2 – Charge your cell phones more often and partially

Most of the users prefer to charge their cell phones up to 100% whenever they put their cell phones on charge. While most of you want to keep the level of your phone battery high throughout the day but it is not good for the battery as if your phone will drain to 0% before charging, then it can reduce the lifespan of the battery. 

Charging your phone partially or more often is the most reliable way to save battery life as well as to maintain a suitable charge or discharge cycle.

Tip 3: Charge your cell phones halfway

If you are thinking about the ways to charge your phones frequently while saving the batteries when you are not using the phones then you can charge your cell phones till halfway. It is because when you leave the batteries low, it causes the battery level to drop considerably and making it difficult to charge them again. Besides, make sure to charge your cell phones in the cool or dry place to avoid any damages and preserve the battery life.

Tip 4: Dump your fast-charging devices

Fast charging does not involve how to charge the cell phones to save the maximum battery but various fast-charging products promise the speed of charging your cell phones adequately. However, you should use such products unless your phone is designed for the fast-charging, so it is better to avoid such products to maintain the favorable temperature of the batteries.

Tip 5: Remove the chargers from the plug after charging

Nowadays, various batteries-saving apps make people think that trickle charging can make the batteries last longer but they do not affect the life of the batteries. It would help if you will not leave your phone overnight for charging, instead, you should charge your  phones partially or more often to avoid any damages to your phones.

Tip 6: Avoid charging your  phones with power bank more often

In today’s busy life, power banks are becoming a necessity, but it is not good to charge your cell phones with them if you are using them more frequently. Besides, various poor quality power banks can affect the charging of your cell phones and do not provide better protection during the process of charging. Furthermore, some of the power banks make your phones disconnect automatically before charging and damages the battery when used for a longer period.

Tip 7: Avoid overnight charging

Charging your  phones overnight shortens the life of your cell phones and the battery temperature raises automatically causing the excess heat and damaging the capacity. If you plug in your cell phone before sleeping makes sure to check the working of your Smartphone and the efficiency of the charge.

overnight charging

Avoid overnight charging

Today, Smartphones are the necessity of everyone and the users keep on looking for cell phones providing better battery life. Today, everyone wants their cell phone batteries to last longer even after playing games, watching videos, managing appointments, and doing every activity. However, to meet such demands, charging is improving and provides better and most efficient results to make the batteries last longer with phone charging.

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