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Event Marketing tends to be integrated hand-in-hand with the technological advancements of the era. Coupling this with the popularity of social media and hashtags, has allowed businesses to build a stronger physical and digital presence than ever before. Certain apps can even measure consumer engagement to pinpoint their likes...

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While planning for events, consider your booth design for your company and what you will offer. Potential customers need to see your brand and engage with the products and services you sell. If you provide value at an event, then your brand will project it as well, encouraging more...

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It’s no secret that budgeting is one of the tasks event planners dread the most.  Crunching the numbers may not be fun, but it’s a crucial step towards understanding how you spend money on your events and where you might be spending too much or too little.  Think about it,...

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Are you struggling to find sponsors for your events?  Key partnerships can boost your ability to manage and promote your event, but securing them isn’t always easy.  Whether you’re looking to grow your exposure or just increase your bottom line, a stellar lineup of sponsors can make planning easier...

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If you attend or organize events, you know that phones seem to die quicker at events than in everyday use. You’ll find event attendees using any spare outlet they can find to keep their phone charged, but it’s very likely that only a handful of these people showed up...

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