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How to Disinfect Conference Rooms?

The conference room plays a vital place in every workspace and cleaning that regularly helps to destroy all the bacteria. Whether we are conducting weekly meetings, presentations, or business events, cleaning of the conference hall is essential for any workplace. If things are messy and unorganized, it may harm the productivity and success of the meeting. Following are the various tips provided to make your conference room always ready for the meeting:

Conference halls disinfection

Tips for cleaning your conference room:

Clean up all the messy things: 

After the busy meeting, all the things like notes, pens, food, and drinks lying after the session should be adequately cleaned. It is essential to turn off all the electronic devices like computers, speakers, projector, and camera, and then put back where it belongs. Every employee must clean up their area before leaving the room. If they bought anything that does not belong to the conference hall, ask them to take back after the meeting ends.  If anything left, the meeting leader must clean the space thoroughly and make it ready for the next presentation. 

Disinfect the surfaces:

Always use disinfecting wipes to disinfect the conference hall after the meeting, as cleaning alone will not be effective in controlling the virus or germs that can cause severe illness.  Use 70% alcohol-based sanitizer to disinfect or clorox disinfecting wipes all the shared equipment made up of metallic surfaces like door handles, security locks, keys, etc. You can also use a clean cloth, detergent, and water solution to remove all the dirt from the other area (for example, walls, picture frames, and bookcases). 

Turn off lights and equipment:

Once everything is completed, every employee must turn off all the devices before leaving the conference hall. It would help the company to save money as well as conserve energy.

Wipe windows and surfaces:

In today’s scenario, sometimes you have to do online meetings, and the dirt on the surface of windows and computer screens can affect your health or visibility of the screen. So to avoid it you should do proper cleaning of windows, mouse, keyboard, down the table and higher touched surface areas with Clorox disinfecting wipes.

virus cleaning
Meeting table disinfection

Include Regular cleaning:

The conference hall is not much-visited as an office, but it is still essential to disinfect the area and clean the bins regularly. All the fabric seats should be vacuumed daily, so you should inspect the scraps and use the right disinfectant to get rid of the germs. The best choice is to hire the “janitorial services” that provide outsourced services to the customers. They can provide cleaning, taking out the trash, mopping floors while also promoting a happy and healthy environment to the employers. 

Difference between Cleaning and Disinfecting

Both terms are used to control the infection, but there is between them.

  • Cleaning mainly refers to removing all the germs and dirt from the surface. It only removes debris and is the first step of the disinfection process. 
  • Disinfecting is the process in which chemicals are used to kill or deactivate the bacteria or germs—deactivation results in stopping their reproduction or growth. Several common areas can be disinfected, such as doorknobs, keys, security locks, taps, tables, and electronic devices. It can be done by using bleach, chlorine, and alcohol-based products.

Disinfecting Agents:

  • Alcohol: Mixture of both water and alcohol are more active than absolute alcohol. It is one of the inexpensive methods that can be used and does not leave any residue. 
  • Chlorine Gas: It is mainly yellowish, and at high-pressure, this gas becomes liquid. It is mainly used as a water disinfectant and plays an essential role in removing all the pathogens from the surface. 
  • Electrostatic Method: It is the method that is mainly used for spraying disinfectants, sanitizers, etc. This process mainly helps to increase the effectiveness over a standard spray by 30%. In this method, when the chemical exits, it gives a positive charge; the droplets get attracted to the surface and get negatively charged. It is the new technique used to clean the desktop, floor, and walls and helps reduce the time. It improves infection control and helps to kill the germs and bacteria. 

Benefits of Disinfection

  • Free from allergy: The disinfection plays an effective role in reducing the cause of allergic problems. Deep wipes disinfecting of office hall is necessary to make the employers and the visitors healthier. 
  • Lower Health problems: The risk of transfer of diseases can also be lowered by disinfecting your workplace, which is one of the preventive measures for reducing the risk of health problems. Therefore minimizing the spread of illness is essential for keeping the workplace healthy.
  • Clean the quality of Air: The air quality can also be improved by cleaning the dirty area, which can cut down many respiratory problems.
  • For staff and Visitors: The cleanliness in the workspace helps to make better health of staff and visitors. A safe and healthy environment helps in improving employer efficiency and productivity.
  • Professional and Clean look: For example, while walking in the conference hall, the furniture, walls, and carpet full of dirt can leave a negative impression on the visitors. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the room clean and hygienic to create a fresh impression in front of clients and customers and to send positive vibes to them. 
  • High Cost of Effectiveness: While regular disinfecting services may save a bulk of the money, for example, if proper cleaning of furniture is done, it saves them from getting wear and tear. The superior quality of deep disinfecting of carpet, the chair ensures that these are safer to use, so there is no need for the replacement of the furniture.

What to consider when choosing an Ideal Disinfectant?

  • Is Safe: Some disinfectants may cause many problems like an irritation to eyes, skin, etc., and some have odor smell. By considering all these things, you should choose the disinfectant or the clorox disinfecting wipes that is safer and pleasant for staff and does not harm the worker who is cleaning the surface. 
  • Not to harm any Assets: Many types of equipment and furniture are expensive to repair or replace. Some disinfectants can affect the surface of expensive assets, which causes unnecessary damage. 
  • Check Kill Time: It tells how quickly the disinfectant kills the germs or bacteria. If you want to kill the germs the disinfectant, make sure to keep the surface wet for the entire time for making it work. It only requires thirty seconds to five minutes to eliminate the bacteria. Still, if it will take long about 10 minutes, it means the product itself contains solvent or alcohol that will evaporate quickly. 
  • Ease to use: Disinfectant should be available in convenient and multiple forms, durable enough to work efficiently and reliable enough to dry out quickly. You can choose the one available in convenient forms such as spray, wipes, and refillable containers.  
elevator cleaning
Disinfecting the conference area

It is recommended to every company that by using the criteria mentioned above, we can easily protect our employers and business from getting rid of the harmful virus. This is the best way to disinfect our workspace and kill all the germs and bacteria in the cheap and best way. A meeting leader should follow the rules and guidelines so that their work should be clean and disease-free, helping them increase productivity.  

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