How to Conserve Battery Life

As a mobile phone user, everyone wants their phone to have enough battery life to last the day, making it easier to handle the daily tasks that are done on mobile phones. However, the older the device, the more frequently the battery will drain leaving you with low battery anxiety. The amount of battery life mainly depends on two factors – the usage of the cell phone on a particular day, and its usage in the past days.

 Most of the smart phones do not provide easy access to the users for their batteries and it includes iPhones and various Android devices. The official battery replacements are expensive and inconvenient, but if you want to extend the lifespan of the batteries, then these points will help you to understand the reasons for drainage.

  • Understand how your battery degrades

You must be aware that with every charge cycle your mobile device battery degrades slightly, and if you want to extend the lifespan of the battery, you need to slow down these charge cycles. 

Therefore, if you will lessen the use of your phone, you can prevent it from draining or charging frequently, to enhance the lifespan of the battery. 

However, it is common that if you have the phone, you surely want to use it, so if you want to avoid such situations, you can balance the life of the battery and the longevity of its usage by knowing you frequently you need to use it. You should prevent cell phones from getting extreme cold or hot, to make them more energy-efficient, and keep the screen brightness as low as possible.

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Battery Life

  • Avoid extreme hot and cold

If your phone gets very hot or cold, it can affect the battery and shorten its lifespan, so it is essential to prevent your mobile devices from such situations. You should avoid leaving your phones in the cars, or the hot or sunny weather or the freezing winters.

  • Avoid fast charging

The quick charge of the cell phones stresses the battery, so it is necessary to avoid the fast charging unless you need it. If you will charge your mobile devices slowly, the better lifespan they will gain. You should not charge your cell phones with a computer or with the smart plugs, as they can limit the current, resulting in slowing down its charge rate.

  • Prevent the battery from getting 0% or charging it up to 100%

Phone batteries are suitable if you keep them above 20% and while charging you need to be sure to keep them below 90%, and they are extremely precise, they are happiest around 50% capacity. The older rechargeable batteries have battery memory, as if you will not charge them to full and discharge them to zero then they are remembered and reduces their useful range.

  • Charge your phone to 50% for long-term storage

If you want to have the healthiest charge for a battery then it should be about 50%, and if you are going to store your phone for a more extended period then charge it 50% before turning it off. The battery continues to degrade and discharge if the phone is turned off and not used at all, and if you want to keep your battery reliable then keep your phone on for several months and charge it up to 50%.

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Charge your Mobile Device

  • Turn down the screen brightness

A Smartphone’s screen is the essential component that typically uses most of the battery, and if you will keep the screen brightness low then it will save energy. With the use of auto-brightness, you can save battery for most people as it automatically adjusts the screen brightness, and does involve more work for the light sensor. However, if you want to save your battery you can do so by managing it manually and fairly by setting it to the lowest visible level whenever there are high lighting levels.

  • Reduce the screen timeout

If you leave your screen without using it, then it will turn off automatically after some time, maybe in one or two minutes. If you want to save energy, you can do so by reducing the timeout time of the screen which is known as auto-lock. You can set the timing according to your needs, but it will be accurate to set it up to 1 minute or 30 seconds.

 On the contrary, if you will reduce the auto-lock time then you will see the screen dimming frequently when you are tarot reading something, so it is up to set the time according to your needs.

  • Choose a dark theme

If you will have the black display on the screen it uses no energy, and mainly the darker colors use less energy than the bright colors such as white. Most people prefer darker themes as they are easier on the eyes, and prevents eye strain or unnecessary pains.

  • Look for the apps that waste battery

You need to look for the battery settings for other apps that use excess energy and delete, disable, or restrict permissions where it is possible. If you don’t want to restrict permissions, then there are some light versions of some popular apps that take space, use less data, and a little power, so you can download them for the convenience.

  • Learn how to turn on the phones’ energy saving

Your phone has various energy saving modes that can limit the performance of the CPU and the other features, as a result, you will get the irrelevant performance but better battery life.

Tips to conserve the Battery

 Conserve Battery Life

You can conserve the battery of your phones with these tips.

  • Turn off vibrations

Vibrations are great to get the notifications about the incoming calls or messages while you are in the meeting, library or other places where you have to keep your phones in silent mode. However, vibrations use more power than the ringtones, as the sound that arises from the ringtones is the tiny vibrations in the Smartphone’s’ speaker that consumes very little power. So, it is the better way to conserve the life of the batteries, or you have the option to lessen the magnitude of the vibrations.

  • Dim the screen

It is among those that affect the battery life severely and if you want to reduce the power consumption of your smartphones, then you need to dim the screen while using your phones. If you check your emails, or notifications every few minutes, then it will consume the battery, so keep the setting to auto-brightness while conserving the battery life.

  • Keep the screen timeout short

If you want to minimize the power consumption of your Smartphone, you need to keep the screen timeout short, as it will decide the longevity of the screen. Most of the people do not lock their phones after they are done with it, and they just leave it to light out by itself, so if you will keep the timeout duration short, it will ensure that the phones do not waste power when you are not using them.

  • Switch off the mobile when inactive

When you turn on your mobile devices, it takes more power than unlocking the phones and if you will keep your phone switched off for a few hours than it can save more battery than leaving it on airplane mode.

 However, you do not use your phone when you are attending a meeting or sleeping so it would help if you will keep your cell phones switched off during that period. You must be thinking that why you need to bother about the level of the batteries when you have a charger with you, but the repeated charging lowers the volume of the batteries. Therefore, the best way to prevent such situations is to conserve the life of the batteries as much as you can.

  • Close all the unnecessary apps

Most of you open various apps, at the same time, and avoid closing them even if you are not using them, but it is the main reason that the battery life gets drained quickly. Leaving the apps open makes the batteries to drain quickly, so if you want to conserve the battery life you should close the apps when not in use.

  • Disable GPS

Various apps on your mobile devices use more battery than others, mainly the apps that use the GPS to track the location. In case, your mobile device has a GPS that allows you to send or receive the signals to and from the satellites to determine your location then you should use them effectively to conserve the battery life. 

Make sure to turn the GPS off after using it, as most of the apps send and receive signals continuously if left on and utilizes most of the batteries. Hence, you should ensure that to close such apps if you are not using them and disable the location services to slow down the efficiency of these apps.

  • Turn off the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or mobile data when not in use

Your cell phone batteries consume energy while they search for the signals, whether it is Wi-Fi, mobile data, or Bluetooth as your phone continues scanning for a good connection. However, if you keep these signals off when not in use you can save the battery life by enhancing its lifespan. The most convenient way is to keep your phone at ‘Airplane Mode’ or switch off the phones when you are not using your phone or when you know that you can’t get any signal.

  • Minimize the notification

When you turn on your mobile data, you get notifications – the updates of the latest news, emails, messages, new apps, and much more, but you open only the text messages or sometimes the news. Such notifications make sound alert or vibrations when they light up your screen, so it is essential to manage your settings well to save the battery power.

  • Maintain the cool temperature

Most of you must have observed that your battery drains faster when your phones are warm, so it is essential to avoid leaving your Smartphone in the direct sunlight, or any hot places. The battery performs in a better way if the environment is cooler, so you should look for such places to prevent your cell phones from unnecessary and excessive heat.

  • Conserve Power

Most of the cell phones provide you with an option of power-saving mode that automatically adjusts the settings to use less battery, enhancing its lifespan. Mainly, the low power mode shuts down all the features that are not useful or necessary, resulting in conserving more battery life that keeps the phone functioning.

Mobile Device Power

Finally, if you are still not satisfied with the life of your mobile device battery, you should check the battery usage of your Smartphone to eliminate the issues. You need to go to the settings, and then to the battery to check the list of issues that are restricting the life the battery and you can delete them according to your necessities.

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