How LuxUVC Disinfects Your Every Type Furniture?

When it comes to cleaning the furniture then it’s the most laborious task because wooden furniture is the expensive things one can buy for home, shops, and corporate.  It comes up with marvelous designs and great bones. It is very important to know the appropriate wood furniture cleaning. Many people prefer to avail of the janitorial services to have a deep cleaning because they don’t want to take the risk by applying the harsh solutions on expensive properties.

LuxUVC is the best janitorial service provider company and has well-experienced workers in the team. Along with the deep cleaning facility our company also provides wood polishing service whether you decide to go with a mid-century modern or traditional, dark or light finish. As per your demand, we furnish your furniture. 

Furniture Cleaning
Furniture Cleaning

For Instance: Suppose you buy an expensive wooden cupboard. To keep the pieces in good condition you have to do a few things. Because the genuine cleaning and care towards the cupboard are vital way to maintain the beauty of the piece (Cupboard) for years.

People usually take wood cleaning tasks as a simple approach but they are wrong. Only the commercial cleaning companies know the process, just with the simple technique they perform best. The wood also has various types then why it’s hard to have a one-size-fits-all approach to clean the wood furniture. 

 LuxUVC has its own procedures for cleaning. Our cleaning crew uses the proper disinfectors to make the furniture beautiful. Keeping away the wooden item out of sunlight and from heat sources can make your pieces of furniture paint finishes, rot upholstery fibers, and leather to dry. If you ever notice the stain or watermark behind your favorite chair or top of the desk in your drawing room then LuxUVC can help you to clean your wooden item and keep it look like new. 

How LuxUVC Provide Proper Care And Cleaning to Kind Of Furniture?

The furniture is divided into five categories and they are painted furniture, wood furniture, leather furniture, upholstered furniture, and wicker and cane furniture. LuxUVC offers appropriate care and cleaning as per the category.

  1. Cane And Wicker Furniture
  • Daily Care: Wicker and cane furniture carry natural fibers that tend to try the furniture. LuxUVC’s well-experienced workers keep the items of furniture out of the sun and away from heat sources along with that use the germicidal UV cleaning. Every day our crew sweeps or vacuums the dust out of the cracks in the finishes.
  • Superior treatments: To reinstate the flexible nature and condensation to natural fiber seating, our cleaning staff places the piece in the warm water bathtub or drizzles the spray with a hose outside. This process is used to strengthen the life of your pieces.
  1. Upholstered Furniture
  • Daily Care: To fade the fabric our cleaning staff put the upholstered furniture direct in sunlight after that they sweep the surfaces on a weekly basis. Our trained workers overturn the pillows and cushions so they dry evenly from both sides. To remove the spots, stains crew apply Scotchguard.
  • Superior Treatments: If LuUVC’s cleaning crew sees the spills and spot, they wipe up.
  1. Leather Furniture
  • Daily Care: The leather cracks and dries easily so our cleaning staff keeps the leather furniture at least two feet away from direct sunlight and heat sources. The workers clean the piece with a soft cloth or sponge or with germicidal UVC light and dust every day.
  • Superior Treatments: If the leather furniture has excessive soil our cleaning crew takes the soft cloth and pours the solution (1/4 cup of vinegar with 1/2 of water). Along with this, with the saddle soap, they wash the leather and with the dry soft cloth they dust the furniture.
  1. Wood Furniture
  • Daily Care: On the initial stage it is not important how to clean the piece of furniture the important parts is which type of finish the product as on it. Our cleaners first analyze the disinfectors as per the texture of the furniture. To maintain the beauty of the furniture our workers polish the furniture with the lint-free cloth on a regular basis. It will maintain the furniture shine. LuxUVC’s quality of work is we always choose the same type of polish and to avoid the smudges or cleaners use either oil or wax-based polish. And if you buy an antique piece then you might not know what special cleaning a classic furniture demands.
Antique Cleaning
Antique Cleaning
  • Superior Cleaning: If the wooden furniture piece has built-up wax on it, then our workers do special cleaning while using synthetic turpentine or mineral spirits on a lint-free soft cloth to remove the wax. Our workers not only clean the soiled area but the entire piece.
  1. Printed Furniture
  • Daily Care: Printed furniture is the easiest item to keep clean. Our worker on a weekly basis, dust off and the mob with the wet cloth or use the germicidal UV cleaning. Our cleaning crew waits till the time furniture gets dry because if any water spots left on the surface that could lead as permanent marks.
  • Superior Cleaning: When the painted furniture carries any visible stains and scratches on the surfaces or nicks then our workers do special cleaning like repair the damaged item. Carefully remove the mars by taking care not to damage the painted finish anymore. Smoothly clamp and glue any loose joints. The paint wood item already carries our workers match the paint as best, if they don’t find the exact paint then they select the new color of paint with some oil in it for the entire new furniture. 

How LuxUVC’s Clean the Fabric Sofa?

As we prefer fabric sofas because of their coziness but cleaning them is a major nightmare. But by the time they need cleaning. So, if you adore your couch with beautiful plastic cover then go through the points and know how to clean a fabric sofa.

  • Fabric Sofa Cleaning – Factors To Consider

1) Follow The Prefabricate Instructions

Before cleaning it’s very important to check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Because mostly wood furniture items carry warranties or exchange deals. Failing in following manufacturer’s instructions or attempt to remove stains from the sofa can destroy or ruin your couch.

2) The Tags Can Remove Your Various Cleaning Questions

If you fail to find the manufacturer’s instructions then don’t worry. The tag on the sofa cushions provides you a clue about the material whether it is a wipe or water-soluble. It’s important to note that one of the tags represents the cleaning of the sofa cover while others will present the information about washing the cushions themselves. Thoroughly check the tags before you clean.

Upholstery Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning

3) Benefits Of Reading Cleaning Tags Save A Lot Of Grief.

If you thoroughly read the cleaning tags then the four letters you find means like:

  • W- The capital W denotes that you can clean the material with water.
  • S- The capital S denotes that you cannot wash the item with water you have to buy the special solvent-based cleaner.
  • WS-The capital letter WS indicates that you can clean the material of your sofa either wit water or with a solvent-based cleaner.
  • X- The capital X symbolizes that you cannot wash the material with water nor with a solvent-based cleaner. You can only do a vacuum.  

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