How the UVC help purify air and water by eliminating pollutants?

Various human activities liberate the concreteness into the biosphere; some of them negatively affect the environment. The toxins emitted into the atmosphere can pile up in the water, air, and soil. Chemicals dispense into the water and air directly impacts the surroundings, which is commonly known as primary pollutants. And sometimes, when the primary pollutants react with the chemical disinfectants, it produces secondary pollutants.

Cleaning Of Primary Pollutants
Cleaning Of Primary Pollutants

Some several chemical disinfectants and organisms excrete into the oceans, rivers, and lakes daily along with the industrial waste have significant collision on the quality of water to the downstream as well as in the immediate area. 

What Are Actual Air Pollutants?

The air pollutants have eight classes: 

  1. Sulfur and nitrogen
  2. Volatile organic compounds
  3. Suspended particulate matter
  4. Oxides of carbon
  5. Hazardous air pollutants
  6. Radioactive substances
  7. Photochemical oxidants

Oxides of carbon: The oxides of carbon include carbon dioxide ( CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO). Further, carbon monoxide is the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels present in cigarettes. This gas is poisonous to animals due to odorless air-breathing; this gas causes headaches, nausea, dizziness, and drowsiness at high absorption, which leads to death, whereas carbon dioxide completes the ignition of fossil fuels. This gas contemplated as a greenhouse gas because of its infrared radiation, and excess use of carbon dioxide can lead to global warming. It can also react with the water and cause slightly acidic rain. 

  • Air Purifiers

We all keep air purifiers to maintain the top-notch air quality. Cleaning the air purifiers needs professionals like LuxUVC because they know the appropriate way with essential tools. Routine cleaning and replacement of the depleted part ensure that air purifiers can work at peak efficiency. 

LuxUVC, a janitorial service provider, offers the cleaning services to the top-rated air purifiers.

What Items Does LuxUVC Use?

  1. New HEPA filter
  2. Vacuum
  3. Screwdriver
  4. New activated carbon filter.

LuxUVC-Process To Clean An Air Purifier.

There are several air purifiers which have an indicator that alert or notify the user that it’s time to replace or clean the filter. Those air purifier that doesn’t have signs then the better way is to change the screen of those air purifiers after 3-6 months or depend on the specific manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines. 

Air Purifier
Air Purifier

If you were cleaning the air purifier on your own, then be careful that the device is unplugged when you proceed with cleaning, always clean or replace the filter by removing the electrical cord. So, below are the sterilization steps that LuxUVC uses to clean your best air purifier.

1) Start With The Outside Pre-Filters Cleaning

Our well-experienced workers always start the cleaning with exterior pre-filters debris with the soft cloth, fibers, and dust bunnies, or with the vacuum. These pre-filers are parts of the purification process on various air cleaning element.

2) Locate Air Filter Access Panel

The air filter access panel is the most convenient panel for air cleaner—this panel located behind the air purifiers. Our well-trained workers usually have screwdrivers with them because to access the filter compartments, large models need a screwdriver. If you are cleaning on your own, you may face trouble in locating filter panel, but LuxUVC’s experienced workers have proper knowledge of how to remove the filter cover.

3) Detach The Air Filter

Grimed filters are the one which accommodates much nasty stuff, so our cleaning crew always pays focus when removing the old air filter. During changing the air filters, our workers have a plastic bag. The bag used to put the soiled filter to steer clear. 

4) Dump Of Old Filter

The air filter that had been replaced by our cleaning crew can dispose of in outdoor waste receptacle. The manufacturers designed a variety of air filters with different configurations, including HEPA filters and activated carbon, and each design has a different method for disposing of and recycling. Our cleaning staff always follows the EPA guidelines when it comes to destroying the plastic or glass. 

5) Insert New Air Filter

If our cleaning crew changes the older air filter, then before the installation of new, our team analyzes the airflow, arrows, or slots because all the air filters design is not universal. There is some air filter design that is not accessible and isn’t available anywhere else. When it comes to replacing the part with band new or whole brand new filter, then LuxUVC has much experience.

6) Put Back Air Filter Cover

Our team always replaces the air filter cover carefully and affix at a secured place because the plastic tabs on the air filter cover meet the corresponding guide holes.  In case you need to access the filter compartment, then remove the screws after reinstalling.

7) Test The Cleaned Filter 

Ones are time is finished up with the whole cleaning process, then they plug in to verify that the machine acknowledges the new air filter and reset the control as per the performance. This test made to ensure that proper installation works or not. Since some devices do not accept the improper installation and need changes as per features.

  • Water Purifiers

You always want to have a new sterilization glass of water that makes you more confident. But if the filtered water provides you benefit, then it comes up with some drawbacks also in which the prime one is cleaning and maintenance of water filter. Not paying proper attention to water filters can lead to complete breakdown hygiene. Apart from this, it will also eliminate the benefits and torment of the quality and purity of your water. 

LuxUVC uses various sterilization steps to make your water filter debris free. Follow the step by step guide:

1) The Cleaning Of Osmosis Filters

The water filter worked on two levels. The first is membrane osmosis filters, and this is the central part of your water filter. The second one is a pre-filter composed of activated carbon. Our cleaning crews always pay proper attention and follow personal protective equipment when cleaning water filters such as washing hands and wearing gloves. 

Reverse Osmosis System
Reverse Osmosis System

Proper steps to clean the reserve osmosis filters discussed below:

  1. Our workers liberate the water from the tank or filtration system and close down the faucet attached to the system.
  2. Then they take out the reverse osmosis membrane along with pre-filter with a wrench.
  3. Our workers also use some chemical disinfectants to sanitize the filtration system. 
  4. They pour some chemical disinfectants on the pre-filter housing for deep cleaning, afterward open the faucet where water runs through and remove all the build-up.
  5. For the membrane, our workers wipe or wash them with cleaner. The cleaning staff cleans the layer until the time the chemical disinfectants remove correctly.
  6. Then the team reassembles the system and restart to test, and the worker performs this step at least once annually. 


If you have any appliance at home, may that be air filters or water filters, and you are new to those then consult the commercial cleaning company before performing any severe maintenance. Cleaning a water purifier as well as air purifier regularly or twice a week will extend the life of the machine and keep you healthy. Water purification will improve your immune system, whereas air purifiers will well maintain the indoor air quality.

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