Five Things You Get With a Cell Phone Charging Station

With the development of technology, the perception of a cell phone is changing continuously as these are not only used for making calls or sending texts but these are a great way that connects users and people all around the world. Usually, people experience low battery anxiety when their cell phone batteries are low or dead as the dead cell phones can restrict their cell phone activities. When cell phones are about to die, people start to panic and search for a charger station all around to charge their cell phones. It’s not always easy to find a power strip or wall charger.

Cell Phone Charging stations

Cell Phone Charging stations

As a business person, you may want the maximum involvement of your customers so you should consider the needs of the customers to have them stay for a longer period of time. However, the incorporation of the charging stations is a great way with which you can do so, and these are an effective solution for the dead cell phone anxiety. Nowadays, there are cell phones powered by cycling for which you have to do paddling for a few minutes to charge your cell phones effectively. Those nifty ideas paired with fast charging technology help attendees and patrons stay longer in your event or establishment.

  • It increases the dwell time and engagement of the customers

A dead A dead cell phone takes away the interest of the customers leaving them worried all the way, mainly when they have to send important emails or are waiting for the important calls. If your venue has cell phone charging stations then it can help your customers on the spot, solving their dead cell phone issues. However, it makes your customers stay longer at your venues and you get the opportunity to gain their attention when they are charging their cell phones. You don’t want your customers on the floor waiting by a wall charger it would be better if they are all standing near a wall mount charging station with your branding.

  • Boost in sales

When you can make your customers stay for a longer period, it not only enhances their engagement, but it also improves your sales. Furthermore, if there will be no charging station, your customers will leave your venue to search the charging stations and you will miss the opportunities to gain the leads. Our Docking station has the power to increase dwell time and can also look sleek with custom branding.

  • Improve foot traffic

The charging kiosks also attracts new customers to the venues as the people will dead cell phones will desperately look for the charging points and power outlets. Once they become aware that your venue is providing the cell phone charging station then the guests will run towards your location for a charging dock. Along with enhancing the engagement of the people, these charging stations are also a great way to attract them towards your brand as while charging their cell phones they show their interest in your products.

  • Improves customer experience and enhance their loyalty

Most of the people avoid the incorporation of the charging stations as they think that they will not get the direct ROI and do not see any benefits. However, instead of focusing on enhancing the revenue, you should think about the customers and how they will appreciate it. If you will incorporate the cell phone charging stations it can improve the overall experience of the customers as they are more engaged and you can make them more loyal by enhancing their engagement.

  • Brand affinity

Whether you are organizing the events or it’s your location, you can buy the cell phone charging stations to improve brand awareness and its recognition. However, you can accomplish the branding goals by incorporating the charging stations that represent your brand as these are a great way that you can use to get sponsorship opportunities. Adding custom branding will really kick it up a notch.

Things about Cell Phone Charging Which You May Not Be Aware

Cell phone charging is a daily activity for which people plug their cell phones to charge, but you may not be aware of certain facts about the emergency power and ways to optimize your time accurately.

  • You can charge your cell phones for free

Cell phone charging only involves a little bit of charging cost but if you want to avoid such costs then you can charge your cell phone batteries with the sun. Solar chargers use solar cells and a battery for storing electricity and you also get the backpack that is available with the built-in solar charger. You can charge your cell phone batteries by keeping them in direct sunlight for some period to attain a reliable charge. Wireless charging station is one of the new additions to our line including solar charging. Our phone charger has the option of custom branding  and adding a portable battery so its a wireless charger.

  • Some phones can charge other phones

If you want to get the longest battery life then you need to have the larger batteries as these devices come with the extended backups. However, you can use the spare power to charge another and less equipped cell phones but you need to use the USB host adapter and the USB cables to charge other devices.

  • You can charge multiple devices at the same time

Mostly during the events or festivals, people search for the outlets or plugs to charge their dead cell phones and during that situation wall sockets will be in short to charge the cell phones.

You can use the charging stations that charge multiple devices at the same time without affecting their interaction with the outside world through social sites. Our fast charging phone charger is both portable powerful and a fast charger.

  • Car chargers supply limited current

Sometimes when you are in a rush to head out, you forget to charge your cell phones and mainly depend on your cars for charging. However, the cars supply limited current, enhancing the charging time so you should keep the portable chargers with you to use them when you are in a hurry.

Most cars dont have fast charging which makes our charger station optimal for on the go charging. Also if you cant remember to charge your phone how are you going to remember to charge your portable battery.

Black iPhone charging plugged into MacBook Pro laptop

Charging Cell Phones

Things to consider while choosing a suitable phone charging station

Charging stations are the great solutions for eliminating the low battery anxiety as these are the medium that provides power to cell phones or tablets. Nowadays, businesses are using them to gain more customers, enhancing their engagement, and to improve revenue as the customers will stay and spend more in the establishments with the charging stations.


The most essential aspect that you should consider is the durability of the charging stations as you may not want to use the things that break down quickly. The charging stations are among the things that most people prefer to use regularly so you should buy the cell phone charging stations that are durable and last long.


While charging the cell phones in public places, people are afraid that their data can be stolen as they are leaving their cell phones behind in a public place so you should incorporate the charging stations with lockers to avoid such accidents. Various charging stations are concerned with these issues so in such situations the charging stations with lockers are the most reliable choice that you can use in public places.

Compatible devices

Most of the charging stations provide wiring for the android and iOS devices and this is among the things that you need to consider while choosing the charging stations. You should check for the charging stations whether they can charge multiple devices at the same time by providing efficient functioning.


The location of the charging station also matters the most, so you need to consider the location where you are incorporating the charging stations and the space where you are going to place them. The determination of the location also helps you to get an idea about the size of the charging station that you can choose for your venue.


The brand of the charging station also matters the most as the branded cell phone charging stations attract more customers to charge their cell phones. However, you need to check the reviews, and feedback from the attendees to buy the most reliable charging station for your venues as these not only attracts more customers but also helps to gain their trust.

Number of Cables and Slots

The slots of the charging stations also vary according to their usage and size, so you should choose the charging station that you think is reliable for your venues and the customers. During the events some of the attendees prefer to sit next to their cell phones while charging their cell phones, while others prefer to leave their cell phones behind for charging, so make sure you have the charging stations with tables and lockers for the convenience of the guests.

Satisfaction of the customers

While choosing the cell phone charging stations, you need to keep the customers in mind and their preferences that they look for in your venues. Commonly, the charging stations will be used by the customers regularly, so make sure that they are reliable enough to meet the demands of your customers. If you have the suitable charging stations at your venues then these can keep your customers satisfied and engaged throughout the event.

InCharged Cell Phone Charging Stations

You need to charge various gadgets regularly and the number keeps on rising so these are not only valuable for the events, business establishments, or hospitals but also our homes. Here are some of the InCharged cell phone charging stations that you can incorporate in your venues.

Flex charging station

Flex  charging stations are among the most preferable choice that is easy to set up, easy to brand, and easy to experience that takes a few minutes for assembling. You can incorporate these charging stations when you need the last-minute charges as these are Wi-Fi enabled with hidden USB port that can fit any space that suits to your charging need effectively. These units have fast charging and optional solar charging. This can also be used as a wall mounts.

Flex Charging Station

Power Method Charging Station

Power Method charging stations are available with 10 built-in charging cables that support multiple devices .And charge them simultaneously which makes them the most reliable option for the events.

These charging stations support various devices from Apple to Android and can charge up to 18 cell phones via usb ports at a time .

These stations  available in a variety of different designs that you can use according to your needs. Wireless charger is optional and so if solar charging.

8 Chamber Lockers

If you are looking for cell phone charging stations and a charging locker that provide charge and a sense of safety to the attendees then these charging stations are the perfect solutions that you can choose.

8 Chamber lockers charging stations are available with 3 charging cables in each chamber that support various devices from Apple to Android to charge simultaneously.

InBox Charging Station

These charging stations are portable and powerful that supports various devices from Apple to Android for incorporating at the homes or offices.

Easily placed on any of the surface or tabletop and can convert that surface into the cell phone charging stations.The Inbox docking station is portable powerful and is a fast charger.

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