Five Smartphone Facts: How to Effectively Advertise on Smartphones

  1. There are about 1.4 billion smartphones in use on the planet
  2. 6% of people in the world own tablets and 22% own smartphones
  3. Since 2012, there have been more smartphones per capita than laptops
  4. Smartphone penetration is still accelerating while PC growth is slowing
  5. There are an average of two smartphones for every 9 people on earth

Effective Smartphone Advertising

Since smartphone usage has been on the rise, so has mobile advertising – and consumers are becoming increasingly desensitized to on-screen ads. How can you effectively reach your customers without being part of the noise? You have to think outside the box: instead of relying on small screens to convey your marketing messages, provide a mobile-related service associated with your brand. 

Are you trying to reach out to the target audience with the help of smartphone advertising? While it might sound immensely innovative, it is still a challenging task to achieve the same effectively. Businesses in the modern era are increasingly making use of the revolutionary mechanism of ensuring smartphone advertising for effectively promoting the respective products & services. 

With almost 80 percent (accounting to as much as 4.3 Billion Internet users) of the world’s population having access to the smartphones, you can imagine the overall magnitude of your advertising campaign when you leverage the potential wisely. Moreover, as per the latest stats, it is estimated that by the year 2025, around 72 percent of the total Internet use will be from the smartphones. With so many people having access to their smartphones 24/7 across the world, it would be an unwise decision to neglect the decision of exploring this new horizon in the coming era. 

In this post, we aim at unraveling some of the top smartphone hacks to leverage the immense potential of smartphone advertising for your brand. Here are some of our top picks:

Utilize the Cell Phone Charging Kiosks

Branded hi-top cell phone charging table for US Navy

Smartphones have become an invaluable part of your customers’ lives, so help them utilize them more effectively: provide a much needed and genuinely appreciated service by placing your branding and advertising messages on a custom cell phone charging station. At InCharged, our custom branded cell phone charging kiosks increase foot traffic and lag time and do wonders for your brand perception. Get in touch with us to learn how a cell phone charging station can boost your business!

  • Initiate a Response with Effective Smartphone Advertising: Some of the types of advertisements that are unique to the concept of smartphone devices are SMS messages, in-app advertisements, push notifications, email marketing, and so more. Most of the advanced smartphone advertising campaigns are also known to support access to the web-based apps that have been conventionally designed for PC-based systems, including banner ads. 

While you might come across a wide number of advertisement formats for your smartphone advertising campaign, still it is recommended to start over with a programmed response once a user has engaged with your brand. For instance, click-to-download advertisements will help in routing customers to Google Play, App Store, and other types of mobile-based storefront pages. 

When it comes to smartphone advertising, click-to-call ads are capable of automatically dialing a particular number without further initiation from the customer’s end. There are other types of advertisements that might launch a separate browser window for routing the users to the mobile-based web page.

  • Make the Brand Mobile-friendly: By brand, we imply your online presence. A recent study report by Virtual Assistant Philippines reveals that 80 percent of Internet traffic is known to come from the mobile devices, including smartphones & tablets. At the same time, mobile e-commerce is also on the rise significantly. This is the reason why you should not neglect the importance of smartphone advertising campaigns as far as your brand marketing efforts are concerned. The first thing you should attempt at doing while promoting your brand is to develop a comprehensive mobile marketing campaign. The key to ensuring the same is by designing & developing a mobile-friendly online presence.

While designing your online presence or website, it is important to make sure that the content & menus on the web portal display well before the end users –even while accessing the same through their smartphones. This can be easily achieved when you are making use of the WordPress platform. The best thing about this platform is that it allows you to design a mobile-responsive website easily while also providing access to a wide number of free themes. In case you do not wish to make use of the free theme, you can consider going for the option of the WPtouch mobile plugin for making your website mobile-compatible seamlessly. 

  • Present Your Brand to the Mobile Users: In the fast-paced era that we live in, brands cannot undermine the importance of effective smartphone marketing strategies for their overall progress. Therefore, it becomes imperative for you to present the brand to the mobile users in case you are new to the market. Whether you are starting out or a seasoned player in a specific industry, it is important to reach out to the target audience with the help of the right smartphone or mobile marketing strategies. One way to ensure the same is through running your brand-specific mobile advertisements on various social media platforms & other channels at the same time.

A recent study conducted by Medialets revealed that a higher CTR (Click-Through Rate) –around 0.59 percent, was experienced on smartphones & tablets in comparison to that of the web browsers (around 0.23 percent). Advertisements on mobile devices are known to perform better in comparison to those on the desktops. For using the mobile ads on multiple devices, you should first be aware of the target audience. 

Unless you are some high-end brand, it is not possible to market to any user or entity out there. You should also aim at helping mobile users find you online. This can be achieved by making the right of effective mobile SEO techniques such that the end consumers are easily able to access the respective products & services your brand has to offer.

  • Go Local with Google My Business: The end users on mobile devices are mostly in search of location information or services. Therefore, it becomes imperative for your brand to harness the potential of Google My Business such that your brand is visible to the target audience on the local map. Google allows you to do so easily with the help of the innovative Google My Business feature –beneficial for both desktop as well as smartphone advertising.

Once your brand has been listed on Google My Business, you can instantly observe an overall improvement in the organic search engine traffic. This becomes possible as mobile users out there are able to locate your business locally while searching for some local information or service. It is relatively simpler to get started with Google My Business for any brand out there. 

  • Utilize SMS or Message Marketing: As per the study reports by the experts, it is estimated that around 58 percent of the smartphone users tend to check the respective smartphones at least every hour. By keeping the smartphones handy, the end users are willing to make use of the smartphones for any information or service that they need to access. With such frequency of smartphone utilization, you can try getting into the inbox of the potential consumers to leverage their interest in a particular product or service.

Most of the online entrepreneurs out there are known to utilize the concept of SMS or text messaging as an effective smartphone advertising campaign. As around 41 percent of the global users make use of the respective smartphones for text messaging rather than calling, utilizing the potential of SMS smartphone marketing can be a no-brainer. Some of the potential benefits that you can expect out of SMS-based smartphone advertising for your brand are:

  • Increased interactivity –Smartphone-based text messaging allows your brand to receive feedback from the users instantly.
  • Instant Delivery –There is no denying the fact that mobile marketing is instant. Once you have pressed the “Send” icon for a text message, brand advertising is carried out instantly. You can set up a specific mobile advertising campaign to ensure hundreds of relevant impressions as well as clicks within minutes of sending out a text.
  • Personalization –When you send across an SMS or a text message through the smartphones, it provides a lucrative opportunity to personalize the given message. You can go forward with sharing a brief story about your brand or linking to some valid resource wherein the recipients of the message can go through some case study or insight into your business.
  • Include a Personal Touch: Small-scale businesses out there are known to value the importance of personal touch when it comes to ensuring the overall success of any mobile marketing effort. When you go forward with the idea of personalizing the marketing efforts for the mobile users, it does not imply you have to just about your story or achievements as a brand. It implies that you should be able to maintain a connection on the personal level by putting yourself in the shoes of the end consumers and solving their issues. 

As a brand, some of the innovative ways through which you can consider personalizing your smartphone marketing efforts are:

  • Identify the Personal Needs of the Users: By understanding and catering to the personal needs of the users, you can garner the respect of being a reliable brand. You can go ahead with designing a marketing campaign that aims at solving some specific problems of the users.
  • Sharing a Story: Mobile users are known to feel connected to personal stories of brands or entities that explain their respective success journeys. 
  • Utilizing Photographs: Do you wish to send out a message that users will connect to while sharing the same? You can make use of relevant images that help in engaging mobile users. As per a report by HubSpot, the photographs on Facebook are able to generate increased engagement in comparison to other similar posts. High-quality visual content like infographics, charts, and videos, will aim at enhancing your brand with the help of mobile platforms and social media platforms.
  • Encourage Social Engagement: Engagement on most of the social media platforms is known to derive from the mobile devices. Therefore, you need to harness the potential of the multiple social media platforms to ensure the best results for your smartphone marketing strategy. Some of the leading social media platforms depict higher engagement levels in comparison to standard marketing practices.
    • Pinterest -21 percent engagement 
    • Facebook -71 percent engagement
    • Twitter -18 percent engagement
    • Instagram -17 percent engagement


Whatever might be the niche in which you are operating your business, it is imperative to make use of the right smartphone marketing strategies to increase the overall ROI in the modern era.

Source: Business Insider

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