Cell Phone Charging at EAMC 2014, New Orleans

The Event & Arena Marketing Conference is hosted for talented professionals for marketing, publicity, promotions, group sales, and live touring shows which are attended by the people of the entertainment industry and by those who represent these activities.

During the events, it is merely difficult to find the electrical outlets and the Wi-Fi networks are usually loaded, due to which attendees prefer to leave the conferences. The cell phone charging stations are a great way to gain the attention of the attendees as you while attending conferences or events, the batteries drain more frequently. It has the following benefits:

Keeps the buyers on the show for a longer period

As an event organizer, your main motive is to keep the attendees for longer and to make them participate in the conference. However, incorporating the multiple charging devices on the floor ensures that no one can leave the show in between and enhances their engagement while charging the cell phones.

Shoptalk Flex charging station at trade show with digital screen

Trade Show Charging Stations

Placement of the stations

The floors of the conference or events vary in size and structure according to the type of how, but placing the multi-device charging station is always easier. You can place the trade show charging stations at:

  • Entrance – When the buyers enter through the doors in the event spaces, the cell phone charging station makes them feel relaxed. They don’t even have to worry about losing battery as they have the option to charge their cell phones frequently while keeping their interest in the events.
  • Demo stations – Most of the events have educational sessions or demonstrations that occur throughout the day, so you should grab the opportunity by incorporating the charging stations. These areas can attract various people, providing them the space to charge their cell phones while paying attention to the ongoing event.
  • At the center – You should install the charging stations at the center of the event shows as it engages the interest of more people and make them to enhance their participation.
  • Near restrooms – It is essential to incorporate the few mobile device charging stations near the restroom to gain more interest. Attendees can charge their cell phones when they are already taking a break to make their way back to the show floor; it prevents the attendees to head back to their rooms.

Phone Charging Station Basics

No doubt, Smartphones simplify our lives but a dead battery can ruin the interest of the attendees that is where you need a cell phone charger stations. With a dead cell phone, you cannot send emails, texts, or make calls but with the trade show charging station, you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Everyone incorporates cell phone charging stations with a common goal to enhance the customers’ experience and make it good as possible. If you are thinking to incorporate the cell phone charging station at your events or shows then the following guide can help you to choose the best suitable.

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Cell Phone Charging Stations

  • The cell phone charging stations are of two types – one with the built-in cords, and others without any cords.
  • You have the option to choose the charging stations with lockers to provide a sense of security to the attendees, while others don’t have any locker.
  • The locker units are always available with the key or code to prevent the chances of unnecessary theft or losses.
  • Nowadays, the charging cables come with the charging tables that can handle both the tasks of serving the guests as well as furniture arrangements.

Below are the charging stations that you can use for the events:

Flex – The Flex charging station is among the most preferable charging station that most of the people choose for their events. They have the features of easy setup, easy branding, and easy to experience that makes them the first choice for the events or trade shows. These trade show charging stations are available with 12 charging tips with a 20″ HD screen and can be assembled and strike within few minutes. These Wi-Fi enables stations has a hidden USB port that can provide the last-minute charges.

PowerMethod – If you are looking for a solution to enhance the attendees’ engagement in the trade shows or events then PowerMethod is the perfect choice to prefer. When attendees are charging their cell phones on the stations, you can gain their attention towards your trade show. 

These are lightweight and can be assembled within a few minutes with multiple charging stations that support cell phones from Apple to Android. It can charge up to 18 devices with its 10 USB ports and 8 surge-protected outlets that included cables built into the units.

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Mobile Phone Charging Stations

InBox – Turn any space into the charging stations with these portable and powerful trade show charging stations. These InBox cell phone charging stations are the perfect option for those who want the fastest and most efficient solution for their cell phones. You can place these charging stations into the tabletop or bottom of the table due to their small cutting-edge technology that can integrate into your environment.

PowerBox – These are the battery-powered wireless charging stations that are the perfect choice for the multi-day events, as these last for longer hours. The PowerBox charging stations are available with 8 USB built-in ports that can be placed on any surface and lets you charge your cell phones whenever needed. You can use the display of these stations for branding purposes with your artwork, logos, or colors.

6 chamber locker – It is among the smartest cell phone charging locker that you surely want to incorporate in your events or shows due to their safety features that provide charge and peace of mind to the attendees. Furthermore, providing a secure phone charging locker to the attendees is a perfect way to build trust, and make them remember you.  These cell phone charging stations are available with 3 cables in each chamber that can charge up to 2.7a each and supports every device from Apple to Android.

Glass Power tables – These charging stations have 12 charging ports with 2 A/C outlets that make them the ideal charging station for laptops and tablets. These glass power tables are strong, durable, and constructed with the glass that makes it convenient for attendees to watch the show while charging their cell phones. These tables come equipped with 9 Smartphone charging cables that have 6 open USB ports with 3 A/C outlets that allow recharging multiple devices simultaneously.

How Events and Charging stations go hand in hand?

The attendees go to your event to know about the culture of the show, and it’s probably the live show that makes the attendees to record the moments to share them on social sites or to keep them in the memories to last forever. People share various aspects of their lives including photos, videos, and their overall experience that makes their batteries used up and die faster than normal cell phones. 

The attendees with the dead cell phone batteries start withdrawing their interest due to low battery anxiety and their disconnection with the social media. If you want to keep their interest in your live shows, you need to incorporate the cell phone charging stations in the areas from where they can watch your events while charging their cell phones. InCharged provides secure and more efficient ways to charge cell phones at venues and enhance the engagement of the public by prolonging them to share their experience during the concert.

The dead phone batteries not only create the inconvenience but these also possess the security issues that can make the people suffer through cell phone anxiety. Most of the attendees rely on their cell phones to head back to their homes safely, so they use cell phones to make a call for the Uber, Taxi, friend, or family member to pick them up, but dead cell phones can create chaos.

Having the charging stations at events or venues can keep their cell phones charged, and enhance their engagement, ensuring their safety and satisfaction. You can choose any of the charging stations from above-discussed products of InCharged.

Tips to take care of your phone battery during the events

People always search for the methods to enhance the life of their cell phone batteries and every time they hold their cell phones, the battery percentage is the first thing they look at their screens. If you want to take care of your cell phone battery, it is a little trickier as you don’t want any changes until it starts declining. It is essential to take care of your cell phone battery if you want it to live a long and healthy life:

Keep it charged above 10% – Most of the batteries are of lithium-ions that use chemical reactions to hold a charge, and these are more comfortable if they are between 10% to 99% and the lifespan of the batteries decreases when they become 0%. You should never leave your cell phone with a dead battery for a longer period as they can explode if left ideal, so you should charge them frequently to avoid such disasters.

Keep it at a comfortable temperature – The batteries prefer to stay at a comfortable temperature as if your cell phones’ batteries gets too hot or too cold, then can affect the lifespan of the batteries. So, keep them at a stable temperature to avoid any disaster or losses to the batteries.

Lexus branded tabletop cell phone charging stations at outdoor event

Charge your Cell Phones

Only trust certified chargers – No doubt that fast charging is convenient, but it can greatly affect the batteries if they are not certified by the manufacturers. Most of the charging cables send more power than the capability of your cell phone chargers so these charging stations powers up your device fast only if your phones can handle them safely.

If you are looking for a way to attract more attendees towards your event or trade show, then you can introduce the cell phone charging stations. Sometimes, when your customers have to choose between you and your competitors then the charging stations can play a greater role to influence the decision of your attendees in favor of your show.

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