Cell Phone Protects Man From Bomb Shrapnel in Paris Attacks

We’re all aware that in a time of crisis your cell phone can be a lifesaver- but for one man, this sentiment was all too literal.

The world was shaken on Friday evening as multiple attacks in Paris caused mayhem and carnage throughout the city. Attacks on the Stade de France and Bataclan Concert Hall left over 120 dead and many more injured. One soccer fan, who has been identified simply as Sylvestre, was present at the Stade de France when one of the bombs went off in close proximity.

Sylvester was holding his Samsung phone to his face when the bomb went off. Because of this, most of the damage that would’ve been dealt to his face and head was instead taken by his phone.

With shrapnel shattering and boring a hole directly through his phone, Sylvester is lucky to be alive. He states that on top of the initial blast, he was additionally shot in his foot and had a bullet graze his abdomen.

We here at InCharged offer our sympathies to those killed or injured in the attacks as well as to the victims’ friends and family. Attacks like these are a reminder that our safety is never truly guaranteed, but in cases like Sylvestre’s, it’s comforting to know that technology continues to be on our side.

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