Cell Phone Charging Stations in Major Cities

If you’re a business owner in a major city and haven’t considered investing in a cell phone charging station, the following image may surprise you.

Primetime Charging

Owners of nightclubs, venues, restaurants, and bars are well aware of their patrons’ need to charge their phones, but if you’re located in any one of the cities included above, the demand may be higher than other places- especially during certain times of day.

 Cell Phone Charging Stations

When are your peak business hours? If your location has heavy rush hour traffic, or feels the affects of a dinner rush, a charging station may be a great amenity to add. Depending on how you’d like your patrons to interact with the unit, charging stations can increase foot traffic or boost dwell time. On top of that, giving your patrons a way to re-charge as they move through their day may turn a one-time visitor into a repeat customer.

Meet The Demand

A significant portion of cell phone users don’t carry a charging cable or backup battery with them. In fact, most people try to last the entire day on a single charge from home, or rely on free public charging options. A conveniently placed charging station can make a huge difference, especially in cities like the ones included above where users spend much of their day on foot.

Why are charging stations becoming highly popular?

The power stations are used for charging mobile phones along several other electronic devices and have successfully replaced the traditional anode in lithium-ion batteries with the titanium dioxide gel. Generally, Titanium Dioxide is used in sunscreen lotions and has proven to be safe to use and is a known component in the soil. This element has the capacity to speed up the chemical process which enables charging of the phone and makes the process much faster and makes the element suitable for use in the power stations which can be installed in public places where people always look for charging their phone batteries quickly.

These batteries that are used in charging stations have a long life and tend to  perform much efficiently than the ones that contain the composition of lithium-ion batteries. You should go for the new batteries as they have a good shelf life and they help in reducing the amount of toxic waste that is released into the environment due to disposing of dead batteries in the open. This latest technology has been effective especially due to its manufacturing capabilities as you just need to replace the gel in the batteries without making changes in the equipment and procedure.

Why are cell phone charging stations the future technology?

Custom branded glass hi-top charging tables for Visit Knoxville

Phone charging stations are slowing becoming highly popular among the people as you can charge multiple devices at the same time especially when you have forgotten to bring your charger. These stations are convenient and highly desirable for people who wish to charge their phone instantly.  Another thing is that multiple can charge their phones at the same time and there is no need to stand in queues to wait for your turn. Several service providers have started investing into this technology and are building new and improved versions of the models that are available in these stations. They are trying to make the stations as convenient for the people as possible. Here are the biggest reasons for using these charging stations: 

No complex process involved: The charging stations do not require any complex technical knowledge for using them as anyone can use them easily. The stations just need to be installed at a venue and you just plug your devices to get going.

Ease of access: The charging stations are made of highly advanced technology and there is a wide range of similar solutions and designs that are available for the public to use. The stations are accessible, and you do not need to depend on asking for help if you forgot to carry your charger. 

Phones get charged faster: What is better than charging the phones faster than you actually do on a daily basis? You will be impressed with the fast charging capabilities, and would not need to wait for long hours if you want to charge the battery to the fullest in case it gets drained.


How can investing in Charging Stations Help the Businesses?

Locker Charging Station at a trade show with blue branding

Apart from proving to be convenient technology, charging stations are useful for businesses in the following ways: 

1) An effective way for engaging uses 

It is evident that mobile phones are available with almost everyone these days and have proven to be a powerful entity in engaging with clients. If anyone wants to send an e-mail or access the web in urgency, then a dead phone might create huge problems. If you are able to provide with a solution that they can access available whenever they find the need for the same then it might be possible that the customers might get interested in your service. If your venue has phone charging stations then it would be suitable for the customers to stay at your while for a while and know more about your services. Moreover, this would also help in engaging the employees with the customers more effectively.

2) Perfect solution for boosting Sales

With customer engagement comes the ability to boost sales. There are high chances that the customers would want to spend more on your services if you are able to provide them value. If are successful in engaging the customers properly, then they would surely want to keep investing in your services which would eventually garner a lot of sales. 

3) Your venue/kiosk would become preferred destination for customers

If you provide your audiences with something unique such as charging stations then they would surely want to know more such convenient solutions and come back to you for services again and again. In case you have nothing new to offer, then they would rather switch to other services that they usually prefer.

4) Improved Customer Experience & Loyalty

Over time, you will see that your customers have started becoming loyal to your brand if you make them feel special and provide services for their convenience. You need to show that you care for your customers and give them something over the edge so that they would want to respond you back in terms of loyalty and trust. 

5) You will get a competitive advantage

Technology such as that of the charging stations is the latest in the market and it going to survive for a long time. Investing in such a thing would give you a competitive advantage and help in improving your business to a great extent.

6) This technology can solve a major business problem

The charging stations are meant to solve customer problem are excellent in reducing battery anxiety and have something that would support the people’s phone from becoming dead. People often look forward to business solution that solves such problems, and if as a business, you are able to make the lives of the people easier, then it would surely benefit you to a great extent.

7) It is easy to install the stations anywhere

The stations can be installed anywhere and are suitable for public place such as a shopping malls, park, corporate parks, residential complexes, etc. The kiosks that you provide for use in the public will represent your brand and product and solve a lot of problems faced by the customers. Installing wide number of kiosks would mean promoting your product to a large number of people and would increase engagement.

Reasons for Installing Charging Stations in Multiple Cities

Installing charging stations in multiple cities would bring huge opportunities for the service providers would wish to promote their product to a wide section of audiences. Here are a few reasons why you should promote your products on such platforms:

Attract the audiences to the brand

Showing your product at trade shows in different cities and also installing them does not require you to book a conference room to speak about your product or take up a lot of space in the public. You can keep an open outlet which would stand apart in the crowd and garner attention of the audiences instantly.

Improve employee engagement

It is necessary that you booth or kiosk remains attended by someone from your team so that the customers can access the services at the charging stations if they are new to them. Make sure that your team briefs about the product to the people and do not take much of their time as they might not be willing for long conversations. 

Provide necessary information to the attendees

You need be highly convincing to the people so that they become your potential customers and keep them engaged with your brand so that you find them attending your kiosk in large numbers during their regular visits. It is important to build a large network as the more number of people you contact, the better chances you have to get noticed. You should make sure to keep the visiting cards handy in case someone would want to reach out to you for the franchise of such charging stations. You just need to work on customer engagement and marketing; if you are able to do it properly, you will have a brighter future for your company.

Always keep the brochures ready 

It is necessary that you have supporting documents for a product that you are going to launch so that customers can take a look at the services that you have to offer and provide them with information that would be useful. The product needs to provide some value to the customers by solving their daily problems as in that way, they would feel connected with your brand the most. 

On a final note, charging stations are the latest innovation that has made the charging services easy for the people in every possible way. These stations have the capabilities of solving a lot of problems and issues faced by the general people due to a dead phone in the middle of an emergency. In situations like these, they often look out for solutions that would make their lives easier and services that are accessible to them whenever needed. If you are interested in solving such issues, then it is important to come up with innovative ideas to provide their clients with best of services and solve their day-to-day problems. The idea of providing charging stations is one such profitable business that will garner a lot of revenue and profits if you are able to bring value through your brand and products.

InCharged offers a diverse array of charging stations to fit the needs of any business! Got a question? Contact us or use our live chat to get help right away.

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