Using Mobile Charging Stations as a Safety Precaution

In the event of an emergency, the last thing anyone should have to worry about is a dead cell phone.   While it seems dangerous and tragic situations are happening more and more at concerts, events, schools, and businesses, its important to remember that having a way to get in touch with loved ones or emergency responders can be crucial, no matter where you are.

Venue and business owners of all types should consider investing in a way for their attendees, customers, and employees to easily keep their phones charged.  This can be done in a number of ways- from sleek, unobtrusive charging lockers to custom branded charging tables or stands.  Offering a way to stay charged can benefit both your business and your customers’ safety.  It provides a commodity people usually need in a public space, but also acts as a vital amenity in case of an emergency.

Some schools have no cell phone policies in place, but many students still find a way to use their phones or, at the very least, have their phones on them at all times.  While encouraging cell phone use in class isn’t the best idea, incorporating charging lockers help solve the pesky problem of cell phone distraction in class.  Students get to lock their phones up for the class period in a secure locker, and teachers can do their job knowing that students won’t be looking down at a phone screen.  This also makes sure students have a way to communicate with the outside world in case of a lockdown situation.

If you run events, you know just how much attendees rely on their phones.  There’s the GPS or ride sharing app running before they get to the venue, the mobile E-ticket that needs to be accessed so it can be scanned, and the event app that’s opened and closed the entire time they’re there.  Lets also not forget the texting, browsing, and posting on social media that’s going on the entire time.  By the time the event is over, a person’s phone battery can be on its last legs.  Even if there is no direct danger to attendees, giving them a way to communicate with other attendees and people not at the event gives them a way to reach out if needed or stay updated on anything happening at the event venue.

Providing charging stations that fit your unique event can help your attendees arrange a place to meet up with friends or help safely find their ride home.  You’ve done such a good job planning the entire event, so make sure the hassle of leaving at the end doesn’t leave a bad taste in their mouth!

If major catastrophes won’t convince you, consider an all too common problem for venues and bars- getting patrons home safely after an event. They’ve gone out, enjoyed your event (and the drinks they had at the event), but they aren’t in a state where they can safely drive home.

Some venues or bars will help arrange transportation for inebriated guests, but this isn’t always an option.  Arranging transportation after hours can be a nightmare without a phone. Keeping your attendees’ phones charged helps them make safe choices and prevents a potential night in the drunk-tank, a DUI, or much worse.

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