Step Up Your Merchandising Game with a Social Vending Machine

A socially-powered vending machine is the most reliable option to gamify your marketing and enhance the engagement as well as the experience of the customers as everyone loves to play. If you want to keep your audience engaged with something fresh and fun, then these social vending machines are a great way to keep the audience’s lining up to play. You can encourage the audiences to post on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags you want.

The incorporation of Vending machines for venues

The incorporation of a social media activated vending machine to any venue or office has its immediate and obvious benefits as it adds convenience and low overheads and various other benefits that do not come to mind while exploring various vending solutions for your business. You must not be aware but a vending machine is a great way to motivate the staff and improve the efficiency of the company in a positive way. However, you only need to restock and maintain the machines but these do not need any staff who can handle the working of the machines and hence you can rest assured.

Social Media Vending Machine rental

Social Media Vending Machine Rental

Staff Satisfaction

The impact of the vending machine on your company or venue is clear as it can leave your employees as well as attendees happier and satisfied. The incorporation of vending machines leaves the staff or customers with the positive thinking that the company has their best interests in mind and by adding the convenient and accessible source or beverages or food helps create an efficient working environment.

Low overheads

The main benefits of a social media activated vending machine are their low maintenance features, which as a result lowers the overheads. You don’t have to hire the staff to serve the customers, which means there will no need to assign the day or night duty and the vending machine can operate 24 hours a day.

Benefits of implementing vending machines in your business

If you are looking for the simple and most efficient solution to generate more cash for your business while keeping your employees happy and satisfied, then social media powered vending machines are the most reliable option. These vending machines provide various benefits for the business and no matter which vending machine you choose, your business and its employees can get endless benefits.

Determines the best placement and products for your business – When you work with the vending machine providers who are efficient in handling their work, they will take over the maintenance of the machine. You get reliable guidance regarding the placement and products for your business that ensures your machine is always stocked and running very comfortably. The most effective benefit is that with the vending machine, you don’t have to worry about keeping your employees satisfied by fulfilling their needs. It allows you to handle the work with efficiency, without worrying about the restocking and maintenance of your new vending machine.

Vending Machine

Social Media Activated Vending Machine

Different types of vending machines

While incorporating the vending machines you don’t have to worry about the size of your business or the industry in which it is operating, you only need to choose a suitable vending solution for you. With full service vending, your business can have various machines that can fulfill the needs of the employees and these vending machines cater to the wide variety of tastes and can feed various people.

If you are looking for something more comprehensive, then a micro-market vending is the most suitable option for you as it allows your employees to stay in the office and brings a huge product to them. These vending machines provide a complete look and feel of a grocery store or small market so these can assure your employees or staff to be satisfied with healthy and nutritious snacks.

Keep Employees Satisfied and Alert

As an employer, the worst nightmare is having unsatisfied staff, as mainly when the afternoon hits the staff rush to the canteen to have lunch but if they are not satisfied then the working can be affected. With the incorporation of vending machines in and around your office, you can rest assured that your staff is satisfied throughout the day. When the hunger strikes in the middle of the day, your employees can simply walk towards the vending machines and get what they want to have. However, vending machines provide the convenience of fast service and prime location to ensure the quick service of snacks or beverages.

Saves time and other costs

The most efficient benefit of implementing the vending machines in your business is that it provides convenience to the staff. Rather than making your staff run out for the food and beverages, you can make available everything they need in the office. It allows your employees to focus on their work without worrying about leaving their workplace to get food or beverages they need.

How vending machines can help you greatly in productivity?

While handling the operations within the organization, you must ensure that the employees and customers are satisfied so that you can achieve your goals of gaining reliable profits. No doubt, various ways help you to do this but vending machines are among the most suitable solutions as when you use these machines you can get various choices of foods and beverages, which makes the vending machines more convenient than ever. When deciding about the incorporation of the vending machine at your business, you need to consider some of the benefits –

Increase employee satisfaction

If you want to keep the employees happy and satisfied in the workplace, it results in gaining great success rates while working hard. So, while keeping your employees satisfied with their work you need to provide convenience as they can get snacks, rather than leaving the office to get snacks. Additionally, most of the businessmen are working hard to keep the employees fully satisfied by providing them the products in one place.

Ensure the productivity

Besides, keeping the employees satisfied, the vending machines also boosts productivity as when the employees get their snacks and beverages in one place, they do not spend more time getting work done. Also, productivity gets affected when the employees are not getting facilities that they need so you should incorporate the vending machine to keep staff healthy and happy.

Social media powered vending machine

Social Media Powered Vending Machine

Builds stronger bonds

The vending machines are a great way to enhance the interaction as when the employees take their break, they grab a snack which builds an opportunity for them to interact with those who are from other departments. It creates a suitable company culture between the employees, which also leads towards a better working environment within the organization.

Customer Satisfaction

Besides, keeping the employees satisfied, the vending machines also provide a greater benefit to the customers by serving them in a better way. However, if the customers are getting snacks and beverages, they will stay for longer, which surely increases sales and keeps them satisfied with your service.

Make money

It is among the most essential benefits as having a vending machine at your business is the most essential way to make extra money and a vending machine will surely deliver accurate results. However, you can also gain the benefits depending on the vending machine company with whom you are working, you can make deals that only results in generating income and profits.

Event Trend – Social Media Vending Machine

Over the years, event technology is becoming better and placing newer tools and event solutions for enhancing engagement is a great way to gain more leads. With the development of social media, brand marketers also incorporate social media vending machine rental to the event venues where the audiences mainly come to play and have fun.

No doubt, the process of event management can result in generating huge profits if they are used with the technology and social media and it is the most efficient solution that boost the engagement of the attendees in the event. Among them the social media activated vending machine is the most exciting combination that delivers relevant results and gain more leads throughout the event.

Whether it is a festival or any other event, a social media powered vending machine is the most reliable platform for your brand that enhances the social presence of your brand and is a great way that you can use for the brand awareness while creating a better and satisfactory level of engagement with your target audiences.

The process of using these social media powered vending machines is very simple as you can program these machines to dispense gifts or merchandise when users tweet or post photos on Instagram to their accounts with the relevant hashtag – no matter in which you have programmed it.

For instance, if you have a twitter-activated vending machine then you can program it to provide direction for tweeting, and after following the instructions the machine can deliver a reward to the user. For receiving the reward the user has to tweet something while standing in front of the machines or using a particular hashtag and after completing the task the machine dispenses the gift as a reward.

Everything about Social media vending machines

With the development and usage of new technology, you always get more surprising features, wider campaigns, and better values as these are due to the advancements that take place ultimately after, brief after brief, and project after project. The social media activated vending machines:

Twitter – Sometimes, you need to look at what customers have said that also enables you to look at the message of the customers as it enables you to interpret their messages while searching for the keywords or reliable answers to the questions. The engagement of the users in the platform is changing with time as however, these are the great ways to know about the statements that are made by the customers who are exploring new brands, ideas, or even make new connections.

Instagram – It enables the event organizer to encourage the creation of visual content by customers, which is incredibly popular as everyone has an Instagram account as it is easier to scroll through a series of photos than just reading hundreds of messages. The social media activated vending machines particularly going to be the most essential part of the social campaigns; particularly the brands looking to increase their social media reach.

Facebook – It is again an interesting option as well as a platform of choices for running competitions that are tied in with social vending in a particular way. You can start a competition on your Facebook page asking customers to answer the question correctly and post something or you can engage them with strategies that can trigger samples or rewards from the vending machines. Moreover, it is an interesting option and mainly applicable for the competitions but these have limited reach and are only for enhancing the engagement of the customers.

How to incorporate a vending machine at your venue?

Identify the suitable vending machine you need

Today, various vending machines help you to carry your event efficiently and some of them are –

Food and beverage vending – Currently, the events need vending machines that serve snacks and soda to the customers and if you are planning to incorporate the vending machines in a different location then you need to consider the different items that you need to stock. If you want to differentiate from other competitors then you can offer different types of food and beverages whether they are healthy snacks or beverages.

Specialty vending – These vending machines are different as you can use these machines to stock anything from electronics to hot beverages. Depending on the needs of the traffic, you can keep the products that are demanded by most of the customers.

Find a suitable location for the vending machine

It is among the most critical factors as you need to decide the location for your vending machine where you can keep them. However, you should look for a place where more customers can gather during the event and these spaces are merely near the stage, at the center, or the entrance point.

Vending Machines for Events

Vending Machines for Events

Optimize the Performance of the Event

With setting up and ready to go vending machines, you can see the profits and if you are not done then you need to focus on optimizing your profits. You can use these vending machines to boost the services of your customers for which you need to ensure that your machines are functional, easy-to-use, and deliver reliable performance. You should listen to the feedback from the customers and address the complaints immediately as it is essential to cultivate the relationships with local business owners through networking and business associations.

Choose the Suitable Vending Machine

While choosing the suitable vending machine for your event, you need to do online search or talk to the locals for gaining ideas of the different prices and offerings. You should also consider the price of the vending machine while looking for the most suitable and affordable as these can show the profit margins as you grow as compared to your competitors. Vending machines comes with a wide range of special capabilities –

  • The functionality of credit card reader
  • Capability of large bill processing
  • Accessibility for getting the product
  • Interactive screen

Mostly, the social media activated vending machines are fun and still innovative due to the features of tagging a hashtag on Twitter or Instagram to get a reward in return. However, these are a great way to gather information regarding the customers such as their contact information or any other details relevant to your event. With such information, you can become aware of who is taking part and sometimes you can capture information regarding their thoughts on the brand, products, or events.

The vending machines result in gaining huge benefits for the business as with the correct market research, informed decision-making, and the most reliable strategy you can make everything grow smoothly while hosting an event. After that, you can invest in the incorporation of the vending machines for which you should not invest in providing exceptional customer services to help you create the most reliable audiences and keep them satisfied.

VendX from InCharged has a 46″ HD touch screen that is available with a glass in the front and is the most reliable choice for the events. These are the great ways to show off your brand style and come with well-equipped refrigeration facilities that can provide refreshing beverages to your audiences.

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