Social Vend
A black box with a whole lot of Bling

A vending machine that gives out swag
in return for social media interactions


Social Vend
Social Vending Machine

A vending machine that gives out swag
in return for social media interactions

The possibilities are endless.
See what you can do with
The Social Vending Machine.

Build your database by collecting
customer information, and improve your social media
visibility by getting your guests to share online!

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About the Social Vending Machine

Vending Made Easy

Swag is great – and getting guests to share your messaging is even better! The Social Vending Machine is powered by social media interactions, and it can dispense just about any small item you can imagine – even something as fragile as a champagne bottle! The social vending machine is novel, effective, and fun to use – guests love using their online “street cred” as currency, while you get to grow your marketing database and online visibility.

Tailored To Your Brand

The Social Vending Machine connects to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram via WiFi or Ethernet. The 46” touchscreen interface can be customized, and we can also cover the entire machine in a skin with your artwork. It holds over a thousand items – you determine what they’re worth, and when guests complete actions, the machine gives them swag! For example – a follow on Twitter might vend a coupon, or a share on Facebook might be worth a water bottle. The sky’s the limit!


The Social Vending Machine is a rewarding marketing tool that engages directly with your customers creating an enjoyable experience.

Weight with cooling826 lbs
Weight without cooling727 lbs
Stock Capability8 trays up to 10 channels
Max item size11.8 x 7 x 5.5 in.
CameraIntel RealSense Camera
Monitor46” HD Touch Screen
Payment SystemCashless payment available
Print SystemYes
Working Voltage110v / 230v
InternetWired connection RJ45 Ethernet Port
Processori5 Intel
Connection2 x USB

Social Integration

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Holds over 1000 items


We can cover it with a skin,
and 46” touchscreen can be branded too

Social Vend In Action

See what the Social Vend looks like at live events and view samples of custom branding as well as potential placement ideas for your next event below.

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