How to use the UV light sanitizer to Clean The Closet?

It’s but obvious that, if you have maintained or organized closet then every stuff is easier to find. This implies that you know the exact location of your stuff such as where is your favorite sweater and your pairs of socks, jeans, etc.  

Unorganized Closet
Unorganized Closet

Everyone has a different way to assemble the closet depending upon the space as well as the size of the wardrobe. LuxUVC is a janitorial company that provides the closet cleaning services along with the cleaning of commercial and residential properties. To avoid the bacteria’s’ from congested space and small boxes is a difficult task, which cannot properly disinfect with normal water and soap. LuxUVC has innovative products that are only manufactured for closet cleaning and these products are UV light sanitizer and UV sanitizer wand.

If you doing a basic cleaning without hiring any commercial cleaning services then follows these following basic steps.

  1. Before cleaning congregate all closets have essential supplies such as tape measures and filing basket.
  1. Unoccupied the wardrobe with all the contents like closet organizers, clothing, and shoes, etc.
  1. Unsoiled your closet.
  1. Dejunk your closet and the items you don’t use any more such accessories, clothing items, and shoes. Donate to sell, or recycle.
  1. Assess the vacant spaces of your closet and organize the contents according to spaces.
  1. Group the similar items together such as clothes, accessories, and shoes in an individual closet box set.
  1. Always emerge with an effective plan when organizing the closet. So it never turns into decluttering again.
  • And to perform these basic key steps you need to have the following items:

Before you dive into organizing your closet ensure that you have equitable supplies and tools. To keep on organized your closet for a long time, you got to do prior preparation work. The little prior preparation takes 2-3 hours for the process. The following are the items discussed that you need to have in your closet organization toolkit.

  1. Tape Measure: To take the measurement of your hanging space and shelving the tape measure is required. Always carry a notebook to jot down the closet measurements.
  1. Shopping Bags: Strapping bags to shift the clothes to tailor, dry cleaner, and donation center it is very vital to have boxes and bins.
  1. Catch-All Basket: The catch-all basket is used to keep your paper, loose change, hair clips, wads of cash, important receipts you find in pants pockets. During organizing your closet keep a thorough check about small items you find to keep them aside in basket.
  1. Full-Length Mirror: The full-length mirror is used to accommodate your entire images in the order you keep or hurl.

Additionally, if you have no idea about your clothes, shoes, and accessories, you get rid of ahead of time then consistently choose one option from three given options: trash, donate, or consign. Every time you donate and consign the items you don’t wear. Meanwhile throw or repair the trash items.

What Professional Methods LuxUVC Use?

  1. Conglomerate Zones Are Trouble: If you want to remove the confusion then leave some empty spaces into your closet. It doesn’t mean if you find any unoccupied space you put random stuff. LuxUVC suggests that separate the closet items into groups like keep the pants with pants and shirts with shirts. This way there will be no confusion about where to find the commodity you need.
Categories Stuff
Categories Stuff
  1. Racks Should Be Flexible: If you have more storage capacity means if you have twelve inches of space between the racks then you can add one more extra shelf. This will cover more storage.

For Instance: If you have more folded boots or more folded clothes then you can store these in extra shelves. Always put the folded clothes down so the stacks don’t become unwieldy and topple over.

3.  Classifications Are Key: Arranging the clothes categories wise is very stress free but before that LuxUVC disinfects your closet with UV sanitizer wand to remove the germs, bacteria’s’, and other microorganisms. After that when it comes to assembling then group the items like dresses with dresses, color code, tops together, and pants together. You can also classify the stuff into season-wise like if you don’t require the woolen top for six months then place the piece on another winter spot.

4.  A Sheepskin Mat Can Instantly Turn Into Storage Space: To gain an esthetic pleasure from your storage space a little texture of rug can turn your space into a respected place as your room gains in the house. These small initiatives can give your storage space decorative touches and gives you a sense of delightfulness. 

5. Consistency Is Vital: If you organize your closet with matching containers, shoe boxes, and hangers then the look motivates you. 

Whenever you buy an extra pair of hangers or returnable items to dry cleaner place them aside. This consistency will abolish the visual clutter from the spaces and instantly free the spaces.

6.  Expand Your Closet: Moving outside the confine boundaries of your closet walls is the most convenient idea. Set up nearby wall space or nook, dressing area by placing a small table and mirror. And if you see some items are not adjusted in the closet then place under the bed storage but after cleaning with UV light sanitizer.

7. Divide Closet Into Zones: Always spilled the closet into a designated category such as a separate place for gym clothes, accessories, and shoes. This will stress-free you and you can quickly find each item. Dividing the drawer and racks with rods can arrange each of the zones.

8. Wardrobes Are Like Houses: Your closet is the place where your everyday life occurs. It acts as the main floor. So, assembling the closet by dividing them into two parts with rods can easily store your accessories, store clothing, and shoes. On the upper shelves you can keep the unusual used pieces and souvenirs.

9. A Ladder is an Important Part: To put the things away immediately a slim stepladder with closet is crucial. Place the ladder in the corner of the house and use it when you need it. A stool with a maximum of two steps is what you need to the highest corners of the spaces. 

Stepladder Along The Closet
Stepladder Along The Closet

10. Organize The New Closet: Whenever you organize the closet put the clothes, shoes, and accessories like with like. The often you organize the closet the less time it will take to find stuff. To re-organize the closets just go through your wardrobe once a month and for full re-organization process twice a year. 

You can organize the cleaning schedule either go with date wise like New Year’s or Birthday wise or go by season. So if you did not apply this cleaning process then it’s a good sign for your next re-organization. 


These are the professional secrets that LuxUVC use by UV light sanitizer and UV sanitizer wand. To get the germ free closet do follow the discussed points and for professional deep cleaning you can hire the LuxUVC services. We provide quality services that too in budget. Contact us we feel happy to serve you.

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