How to Prevent Your Charging Station From Becoming Obsolete

Some people have reservations about leasing or purchasing a charging station due to the rapid rate at which mobile technology continues to grow.  With new versions of smartphones being released each year jam-packed with new hardware, it’s understandable that some people may be concerned about investing in technology that could be obsolete within a year.   We understand that you need your investment to keep up with the latest technology while continuing to directly benefit your business, which is why our charging stations offer plenty of features that protect against your station becoming obsolete.

From our secure charging lockers to our tabletop and standing models, you can rest assured that InCharged provides the most current hardware the industry has to offer. We’re the only company to offer fast cable swapping technology. Unlike some of our competitors, you can instantly replace cables on your own rather than sending the entire unit back to the manufacturer.  Now, if a cable breaks or needs to be swapped out for a different type, you can make the change in mere seconds.

We’re also proud to offer an industry leading 5 year Warranty that covers all internal parts and manufacturing defects. We’ll even upgrade your device if new charging technology is released to the public while your device is under warranty. If this sounds unnecessary, just think about how much phone charging has changed over the past 5 years alone.  If Apple decides to change the design of their charging port again or if the industry develops a new USB standard (unlikely but you never know), our Warranty will help you upgrade your unit accordingly.

Our warranty also includes complimentary custom rewraps.  This gives you the freedom to update your brand, change your décor, or tailor your station to different locations without worrying about the cost of rewrapping your station to match.

Whether you’re upgrading your charging cables to a newer version or replacing a broken cable, InCharged charging stations give you the power to make changes on the fly. With loads of add on features, a comprehensive 3 or 5 year warranty, and an array of different charging solutions to choose from, investing in an InCharged charging station truly puts the power in you and your customers’ hands!

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