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Night Clubs / Bars

Custom Cell Phone Charging Stations For Your Guest

Longer Visits

Your spot has the perfect ambience, great drinks, and a cool crowd. Smartphone cameras flash while your guests take selfies and post them online - but what happens when their batteries die? Believe it or not, 84% of people* say they can’t go a day without using their phone, and often will head home to recharge rather than enjoy a night out.

Additional Advertising

You know that the longer your guests stay, the more they purchase. What if you could provide an additional low-cost amenity that could keep your guests staying twice as long? Cell phone charging stations are a simple yet elegant solution for the connected consumer - and they also provide valuable advertising real estate for your business. The InFuse Flex features a 20” HD screen perfect for advertising specials, promoting upcoming events, and displaying menu items. You can even sell the advertising space to sponsors for an additional revenue stream.

Customized Technology

InCharged is the leading cell phone charging station manufacturer in the nation, with limitless possibilities for customization. The flagship InFuse models come in tabletop, wall-mounted, and free-standing options and can be covered with artwork of your choice. The smaller InBox is a great option for those looking to provide cell phone charging with minimal ambient interference because it can be discreetly mounted to just about any furniture. But if none of these phone charging solutions meet your needs, the InCharged team is happy to integrate their industry-leading technology into a completely customized solution. A premium service at an affordable cost - what better way to make your guests feel like true VIPs?

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